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VIRAL TikTok Photo Hacks ft Piper Rockelle *Boys vs Girls*

March 5, 2020

hello everyone I am with Piper Rokelle
and the squad and we are doing boys versus girls viral Tik Tok photo hacks
today I’ve picked out a series of photo hacks I’m gonna show a team the photo
you have five minutes to figure out how we did it do it and get the shot you got
two points if you get it if you need a lifeline if you need my help you get one
point are you guys ready what makes you guys I can subscribe and
turn on his post notification Wow the winning team gets to take over the
losing teams tick tock for a day boys team goes first
see how you get five minutes once you look at it ready set go I think we should step in you guys
either that or they have a hot you’re very wasted a minute and there’s no
glass involved in this one what yeah are they jumping then there’s jumping are
they jumping yes oh I could dig the picture like this
oh here – follow me I’m okay I believe in you good right there oh that was
going three cute water boys early lead
let’s round the girls further I feel like it’s a window or she’s on the it
looks like my own camera go William our window car window yeah she’s on the
windshield and then this is what the black part is and you Photoshop it in
there’s no Photoshop no but maybe we go inside and then take it yeah okay we
need him if I give you a hand it’s gonna lose one point okay okay stay with your
car really yes what can we use somebody
else’s nice nice remember there is a big consequence for
the losing team so stick around go five minutes ten to the police it’s
the car tiny is it it’s a tiny car you need a tiny police car I think we got
put on a Ledge then silicon I think we need better lighting and think the near
flip around okay look at towards the Sun there it’s better if it’s up there how
long good good good right there hold it okay so far the girls are looking like
they’re gonna get the consequence you get a prop the profit is also hitting it
now she’s got five minutes to find the prop and get a cool photo okay go to now okay okay all right
all right so I’m gonna check behind all the pillows because I feel like oh yeah somebody else let me see somebody else
hold it above her above her there right there that’s cool look stay there this
is better outside this is actually really nerve-wracking I got the eye
let’s do lips they’re big loud huh you got two points that’s three and boys
have five next round the next tick-tock photo hack here we go there’s a glass shower there okay let’s
do it we have decided we will put the water on
the camel it looks like a movie poster the more points the point is it really
well this is particularly cool are you guys
ready maybe like something’s over made that you put ice like on drivers over me
we don’t even have a glass table Oh luckily there’s something hidden for you
in the house that’s gonna be cool because there’s no reflection okay gotta
hurry you only have two minutes I should be going out like that details are also on my channel so go
check it out my brother life all right that I think that might be all
we need put your hand up like that I’m giving you three points for that it is
now a tie score because I gave the girls three points because they got that sick
shot well we’re gonna give you each one final photo hack and at the end Frank is
going to determine the winner the winning team gets to take over the
losing teams tick tock for one whole day for your last photo hack I’ve got two
props an orange a spatula and here’s the photo whoa is there like a stick holding
the orange or something I think you just do this we cut the orange in half first
and then we throw it you have your oranges let’s see what happens go it’s so close wait it looks like a
shoelace you go like this and then you make REM to snap it oh they’re looking
for the prop right now see what happens go three two one alright guys so this isn’t working so
we’re gonna go try the basement so here you go
it’s a video against that wall perfect so you gonna take us a couple times then
we’re gonna get it it’s getting there it’s getting there so
the things that go behind these photos you guys should subscribe like how much
I love that yeah I love it too what all right everybody that was sick you
guys nailed it everybody now we have to find a winner do me the favor of picking
a winner girls team or boy seems so you want me to judge
absolutely fricking judgmental oh yeah you shouldn’t have for camp mm-hmm look
at that last one with the light painting all said that fruit thing there that’s
pretty cool you’re gonna watch there tick tock study right now cuz I think
there’s gonna be some really silly stuff on it so make sure you guys like and
subscribe and also go follow all of us and thank you so much Jordan for having
us today oh man this is very cool okay go ahead got him okay Piper you’re in I like it
when you put your hair back like that right there right there hold it okay

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