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Viral Tik Tok Challenge | Challenge Chalice

December 30, 2019

– Okay, classic mirror.
– (all) WHOAAA! – Howdy there, YouTube.
My name is Tom, and welcome to Challenge Chalice!
Today with me, we have Labib… – What’s up, guys?
– …Eric, Mikaela, and Jair. And we’re gonna be doing
some fun stuff today. Have you guys ever heard
of the TikTok? – On the clock.
– You guys are gonna be recreating three really cringy trends on TikTok. – (Mikaela) Perfect.
– My favorite thing to do. – (Tom) It’s going to be Eric
and Labib versus Mikaela and Jair. – (Mikaela) Okay.
– (Jair) Cool. – Have you guys ever made a TikTok?
– (girls) No. – I bet you have. – (Tom) Ayyy!
– (Jair) Ohhh! Wow!
– Ay, and look where we’re at right now, so… exactly.
– (all laugh) – This happened first.
– The producers are like, “We brought in the big guns.”
– (all laugh) – So, you guys are gonna
be doing the Dissolve Challenge, which involves you guys
in the bathroom. It’s also called
the Thanos Challenge, and one of you will die.
– Oh, great. – You guys ready to watch this?
– Let’s do it. Let’s see. – All right. Get ready,
Labib and Eric. – ♪ I just wanted you… ♪
– Okay, classic mirror. – (all) WHOAAA! – We’re gonna break our legs.
– Oh, cool. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
– Who said TikTok doesn’t take talent? – I know. Jeez.
– Oh, man. Whoa. – Good luck.
– This took an afternoon. – Yeah.
– Holy [bleep]. I’m dizzy.
– Oh my god! – So, you guys think you can do that?
– I mean, I think we’re the perfect team
for this challenge, because he’s trendy
and I’m cringy, so… – (Tom and Mikaela laugh)
– It’s gonna work out. – It’s Tik and Tok.
– Tik Tok. – We’re Ticked Off. (laughs)
– Yeah. – Also, to be honest, I think
we’re the cringier duo than them. – Oh, you want a cringe off?
– Ohhhh! – (Jair) It’s getting hot
and steamy in here! – Okay, all right,
all right. Enough cringe. There’s gonna be enough cringe
in this episode already. So, you guys are going
to be doing a duet with at least three different parts.
Do you guys know what that means? – Are we singing?
– (Tom) Yes. – [Bleep]. – No, you’re not gonna be singing.
– Oh. (laughs) – We’re gonna watch the video.
– Oh, okay. – Okay.
– (man) So, nobody’s dueting with me at all.
– This guy started a video, and then this guy dueted him.
And it’s like, he made it so it looks like
the cord is continuing. And then she dueted that guy,
so it just basically keeps going on
and they keep doing it. Whoa!
– Oh, that’s cool. – Oh, that’s cool!
– This is a baby– – Do they pull a paper?
– I feel like I’ve seen the one where everyone–
– No, they’re moving their camera. They’re moving the camera.
– Yeah. Okay! – (all) OHHHHH!
– So, the catch is the winning team,
we’re gonna buy pizza for, and you’re gonna have free pizza.
The losing team is going to get slapped in the face
by a bunch of pizza. – Can I catch it
with my mouth, like…? – I don’t think that counts.
– They’re planning to lose. You hear that?
– They’re planning to lose! – They’re preparing.
– We have backup plans. – So, we’re gonna be
posting these on TikTok. You can follow us @fbe right there.
Shameless plug. That’s so crazy. So, the video that gets
the most views is going to be the video
that gets a pizza party. So, the losing team is the team
with the lowest amount of views. – Oh, okay.
– (Tom) And they get slapped in the face with some pizza.
BUT if that wasn’t enough twists, there’s going to be one more twist.
I’m going to direct a TikTok with all of you in it,
and if that one gets the most views, then I get the pizza party
and eat it in front of you and you all get slapped.
And everyone’s gonna love it. So, get check out our TikTok
and give my video the most views. Okay! You guys ready to go?
– (girl) Let’s do it. – All right, let’s make a TikTok.
– Okay, so I just got the bathroom key and now we’re gonna go check up
on Labib and Eric. ♪ (whimsical music) ♪ So, what are you guys doing?
– You want a sneak peak? – (Labib) Dissolving.
– We’re watching us dissolve in the bathroom.
– (Tom) It’s almost working. – (Labib) It’s almost there.
– We can’t figure out how to do it. – It’s a lot more difficult
than it looks. These 13-year-olds have evolved.
– (Tom) So, do you guys have any ideas about what you’re gonna do?
– Not make it as good as the others. – And that’s why it’s gonna
be better. It’s special. – It’s gonna be unique to us.
Crappy. – Three, two… – Again.
– Three, two… Three, two…
And then three, two… We can’t get it.
– (Jack) Maybe we just do it so awfully that people are like,
“Look at how awful this is,” and it goes viral,
kind of like the Rebecca Black method. – Nailed it.
– (Tom) All right. Well, you guys have fun.
I’m gonna leave the bathroom. Actually, could you guys
leave the bathroom? I need to use the bathroom. – We’re using it,
more important than everybody. – Yeah. We’re making content right now
if you haven’t noticed. – We’re entertaining the masses.
– (Tom) I’m about to make some content, but I can’t film it.
– ASMR? – (Tom and Labib laugh)
– Okay, now time to go check on the girls.
The guys aren’t doing too hot. I hope the girls are doing better
or else I’m gonna win this, and I’m okay with that actually.
Never mind. I hope the girls are doing just as bad. Heeey.
♪ (whimsical music) ♪ How’s it going?
– We were filming, Tom! – This is a lot harder
than I thought. Okay. – (Jair) Yeah, that’s good.
That was it. – (Tom) This is a waste of Cheetos.
– (Jair) We’ll eat them. – (Tom) So, what’s happening?
– We are throwing Cheetos. We’re throwing Cheetos, and in the last one,
she throws the bag at my face. – (Tom chuckles) But what
was the problem you had? – The time.
Go. That was a good face.
Whoa, that was good. – (Tom laughs) Good face.
– That was a good face. – ‘Cause the first one
has to play the entire time. So, apparently to duet,
we have to actually post it to the account.
So, there’s just gonna be this awkward video
on the FBE TikTok with me just standing there
after I threw a Cheeto. – Oh, well, we have to do mine next.
I have to be catching a Cheeto in my mouth.
– God. – (Tom) How’s it coming along?
– I think we’re on a roll now. I think we’ve got it figured out.
– (Jair) I think we’ve got it. – (Tom) We’ve only had, uh…
37 takes of Cheetos. – (Jair) We’ve got it. ♪ (whimsical music) ♪ – (Jair) So then actually
hit me hard, Tom, ’cause I wanna actually–
– We have video proof that she said that.
– You have to actually hit me, so I can make a genuine reaction.
N- (Jack) Evidence number one. – All right, how’d you guys
think you did? – It was fire.
– Wellll, I think we made it in the bathroom,
’cause we’re the [bleep], dude. – (laugh)
– (girl) OHHH! – That’s all I gotta say about it.
– Or it was [bleep]. – Ohhhh!
– (Tom) How about you guys? What do you think?
– Ours took a lot of math and timing. It was very–
much more difficult than yours. – A lot of Cheetos.
– Yes, a lot of Cheetos. We used props.
– You guys are both gonna lose. You guys wanna see
what you’re gonna lose to? – All right, let’s see it.
– Let’s watch. (laughs)
– Okay. – Except I’m gonna make you guys
look 85,000 times crazier. That’s gonna be you, Labib.
– (all laugh) – Ay, ay, ay.
– Eric! – Oh yeah.
– (all) Oooh! – That’s Tom.
– They got some moves, though. – Oh my god!
– This is the only way that someone could beat me,
if they had a bunch of dogs. – This looks like a girl’s
Snapchat story on the weekend where you go from girl to girl
and they all pose, like “Ayyy!” – Yayy, girl squad!
– So, we’re gonna be doing that. I’m gonna be directing you guys.
But I’m gonna make you guys do the cringiest dance moves
that you know. So, I’m gonna make
the cringiest cringe TikTok. – All of my dance moves are cringy.
– (Tom laughs) Eric’s like, “So, just dance?”
– I got it. – You guys ready to go?
– (Jair and Labib) Let’s do it. – No.
– All right. What’s the cringiest
dance move you know? – I did something like…
– (Jair) Or drop. – We can dab?
– (Tom) I need someone to dab, yeah. I’m gonna start with Eric, yeah.
– Start with the best. It’s a little risky.
– Three, two, one… – ♪ Baby shark, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ ♪ Baby shark, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ ♪ Baby shark, doo, doo,
doo, doo ♪ (laughs) – ♪ Mommy shark, doo, doo
doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ ♪ Mommy shark, doo, doo
doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ – (all laugh)
– That’s gold. This is it.
This is it! This is the winner.
– (Jair) Is that the one? – ♪ Baby shark, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ ♪ Baby shark, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ ♪ Baby shark ♪
– (all laugh) – ♪ Mommy shark, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ ♪ Mommy shark, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ ♪ Mommy shark ♪
– (all laugh) – All right. So, you guys made one.
You guys made one. I made the superior one.
We’re gonna check back in a week to see which one
got the most views. And that person
gets a pizza party. You know how I said
“that person” and not “people”? – Oh.
– Right. – ‘Cause I’m getting a pizza party,
and you guys are gonna get slapped with pizza!
See you guys in a week. All right, so we’re back
in the office a week later. Be honest. Who saw
the results already? – Yeah, 100%.
– (laughs) – Everyone?! Come on!
I had faith in you guys, that you guys wouldn’t check.
– (sheepish) Sorry. – I love TikTok.
– I did not believe you guys. You guys are on TikTok way too often.
– It’s true. It’s my favorite platform.
– Professional TikTokkers over here. – Well, I wanna see the results,
so I’m gonna look at right now, okay? – All right.
– (Labib) Okay, go ahead. – Okay, so I just wanna
remind you guys of the rules. So, the video with the most views
gets a pizza. The video with the least views
get slapped in the face with pizza. But since I kinda cheated
and I had all of you guys in my video, if my video wins,
then we can all get a pizza, okay? But still, the lowest video
still has to get smacked in the face with pizza,
just ’cause I want them to. – That feels vindictive.
– (all laughs) – We all win
except the LOSERS! Okay, so with 2,000 views… ♪ (drum roll) ♪ Labib and Eric.
– ♪ I just wanted you to watch me dissolve ♪
♪ Slowly ♪ – That’s 2,000 people.
That’s a stadium. You’re welcome. – It’s crazy.
– (laughs) “You’re welcome.” – That’s a real small stadium.
– A really nice small theater. – What is this?
A stadium for ants? (laughs) Okay with 4,000 views,
you guys. – Okay.
– (laughs) ♪ (quirky music) ♪ (loud smack) – I expected more.
– With 19– – We doubled you.
– With 19.1 thousand views… – All of us.
– All of us. – (all cheer)
– Oh, teamwork! – Proud of us.
– See? – Good job.
– Thank you. You guys just needed
some creative direction. – (Jair) Ohhh. Is that what it was?
– Okay, okay. – We all got pizza.
– (all cheer) – You guys get slapped
in the face with pizza, though. (buzzer) Here they come.
– Ooh! – Ooh, la, la.
– Cheesy. – Ooh, baby!
– Oooh, baby. – Oh yeah. Let’s do it.
– Mine already fell off. – (Tom) Oh, baby.
Mmm. Mm. You guys ready to get slapped?
– Not really. – Oh, it’s go time. Sorry, buddy.
– Dude, I’m already greasy enough. Come on.
– (all laugh) – Look at all this oil
from my hair. – (all laugh)
– Eric, are you ready to get slapped in the face
with this piece of pizza? – You know, I don’t think
you can ever truly be ready for something like this. – You ready?
Three, two… It’s like that ride at Disneyland.
– Oh! TOM! – Three, two, one. (loud smack)
– (all) Ooh! – I heard that.
– I feel wet in an uncomfortable way. – Dude, I slapped a hole in it.
– (Eric laughs) – All right, Eric.
You are officially the sauce boss. Labib, you’re up.
You ready, Labib? – No, not really.
– Three, two, one. (loud smack)
– (Labib) Oh! – Yo. Oh my–
– (all laugh) – All right. I had fun
slapping you guys, but they did such a great job.
I feel like you guys need to slap them, too.
You guys ready? – I’ma try to fling it like a Tom.
– Three, two, one, slap! (loud smack)
– Oh! Yo. – Ohhh!
– (Tom) Slap. Slap. – Cheese swung off on that one.
– Yo, she swung off the cheese. Wow, it was so hard.
My face hurts now. – I’m fine with this.
– I know. (laughs) – He’s into it.
– I got food. – Eric’s like, “This is how
I normally eat pizza.” – Eric is like, “More for later.”
– Just people slapping me. – Thank you guys so much
for watching. Thank you guys for–
personally, you guys for getting slapped in the face.
And thanks for being super cringy with me on TikTok. That was fun.
– It’s been an honor. – But as always,
here’s some shoutouts. – Shoutout to Julia Faith.
– Shoutout to Finchi Gonzalez. – Ay, shoutout to Jake Halawi.
I like your name. Halawi. – Shoutout to Iris Quincy Rosewood. – Send in your challenge suggestions
in the comments down below. Like this video
if you liked this video. Let me know what’s
your favorite TikTok. Also, what’s your favorite
time of day? All right, I’ll see
you guys next time. Bye!


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