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VIRAL Tasty Buzzfeed Recipe TESTED || Was it ACTUALLY Good??

December 6, 2019

Returned any extras to the freezer wait what I don’t understand? Okay whatever? There’s the wing it? That’s what chef would do… hahaha Hello, everyone. I’m here today in my kitchen, and I’m sitting down by the way because otherwise I’m not in frame and today I thought I’d be fun to make a tasty recipe because I watched them a lot like a lot a lot And I’ve never actually made one And I thought it’d be fun to sit down and test out one of their most viral top viewed Recipes and of course if we’re gonna test out a recipe the first one I’m gonna test out is acharibald for ice cream because that sounds amazing Hopefully it’ll be good But we’re gonna find out give it a thumbs up if you want to see more of these Testing of tasty recipes and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every Saturday and without further ado Let’s get into this I actually kind of like this because i can prop up my elbows here I’m just gonna hang. This is how chefs do it, right? So things that we need to make this it will take butter about a quarter cup which we have as well as brown sugar salt water over there flour vanilla eggs Cooking spray and cinnamon sugar ice cream hot fudge caramel sauce they say those are optional But it’s not optional you 100% need those and then a piping bag. I just had that where did it go? Oh, there it is Okay, I found it and then a muffin tin which I don’t have but it’s over there I’ll get it later so now we’re gonna go over to the stove and Laura’s going to help film me attempt to make this so wish me luck. Hope this goes well alright so first I’m going to get some butter get all that butter in there spoons of brown sugar you can see why they pre-measure This in advance that Has to go and be heated until the butter melts totally forgot also needs salts and only half of a teaspoon and now we wait I need a wooden spoon okay, buzzfeed I’m going to get this all over my counters everyone Very chef-y, right Starting to boil and now we’re going to reduce it to medium-low Then add in the flour so I have to do this fast So I’m gonna add in half a cup another half cup. Now I have to stir for about a minute until a dough forms Oh, it is forming a ball of dough I mean it doesn’t look as cute as it does on tasty, but like it’s coming together. Has it been a minute yet, this is exhausting That’s a ball. That is now formed. All right now It’s cooled a little bit So I’m going to throw in one teaspoon of vanilla Boop says also add in four eggs and you have to incorporate them one at a time because otherwise The eggs I guess scramble and stuff Sounds disgusting, so that’s one egg And now I have to do this three more times So I got all the four eggs in you can see this what the batter looks like now It’s kind of lumpy looking but like other than that everything’s combined now It says to have the piping bag already and I have two different types of muffin tins so I have like this one that has like the What is this stuff called Lois is this silicon so come yeah? That’s it, and then I have the regular one? I thought I’d like test out both and just see if one is better because this feels like it’d be easier to like pop it Out cuz it’s just like but it’s still sturdy enough this may be a very long process Oh Good Its aggressive spray, okay, so you can see here it started starting to slide and it’s like coming off on this side right here Which I have to fill in so I’m gonna try and like a degrease it a little bit because I think it’s just too greasy Yeah, so don’t over grease them, let’s try on This one and see if it’s any easier, maybe I’m holding this in a really awkward angle And like I feel like I’ve got a good job that one looks a lot better than this one I feel like this one’s like starting to melt and like ooze all over so I think now I’m gonna do is I’m going to finish up another two on here one on here And then I have to stick them in the freezer for like about three hours or so once they’re all solidified Will be back at it to fry them. Alright we’re back and now the oil is heating up We’re just getting it to temperature and then I’m going to put together the cinnamon and sugar in that bowl because the churro Little bowls have to go like directly in here as soon as they’re done frying Okay, so now we’re going to try and peel some of these off. I did another one by the way I did a jumbo one as well so you have multiple options Boo I thought I could maybe like oh Look that success, now we’re getting some Okay this one’s gonna be much trickier So we’ve discovered that definitely these silicone things are the best because you can kinda like pop them out Anything like this it’s like a struggle because now the issue is it’s starting to be malleable Which makes it really hard to get it off so now we have to refreeze them How many should I put it in at a time? One at a time start with one I guess Okay, so three minutes from now. It says to keep like moving them around just like a little boat Floating in the ocean. Okay it’s starting to get a little bit more golden About one minute left to get off Lop it down. Oh look at that masterpiece pretty good for someone who’s never fried anything before This is why I don’t do any of the cooking get back here little guy not though like that mean guy Now on to round 2 – this time by the way I put these back in the freezer In between because they start to get soft like really fast on the counter so make sure you keep them in the freezer Which is what tasty said, but like I’d have listened try to keep the inside Submerged in oil so that it gets nice and crispy to drain the oil I could be like a pro now the cinnamon and sugar at the bottom a bigger bowl See if that makes it easier Number two so I managed to get the other ones off finally and now they’re cooking I have the big one from the Jumbo one But the problem it like these silicon things are so much better than the regular muffin tins you can see over there What happened to our regular muffin tin one kind of split and it’s now a pancake so we have one done Look how pretty that looks. Oh, just gonna take a scoop of ice cream get in yeah Good luck. Okay, not have to try it obviously mostly. I’m just proud of myself that I didn’t burn myself at all when filming this It was so raw in the middle, there’s no way right, that’s just that’s just ice cream it tastes like churro It’s delicious ten out of ten would make again it was fairly Painless to do I would say the most difficult part was you know incorporating all the eggs and everything But the frying which I was the most nervous about was actually not that bad Let me know in the comments section below if I should do like a dessert next or a meal or snacks I don’t know I think this is a good recipe and I want to do this again So give this video a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every Saturday and now imma go Enjoy this and watch some Netflix, so I hope you have a great weekend. Now I’ll see you all on Saturday. Love you guys.


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