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Viral Piano-Playing Pizza Delivery Guy Performs

December 12, 2019

Hello, Bryce. Hi. All right. So you work for
Hungry Howie’s Pizza? Yes. How long have you worked there? I’ve been working
there for about a year. A year? Yep. And so a year. And when did this happen that
we’re seeing that went viral? How long ago? This was probably a month and
a half, maybe two months ago. Was that the first time you
went into someone’s house to play piano? No, I’ve done this
many times before. [LAUGHTER] But this guy just
happened to film it? Yeah, he just
happened to film it. OK. So what happens? You say, here’s your pizza. And then you kind of
look past them and say, do you have a piano? Yeah. I see the piano in the foyer. Yeah. And I make a comment about it. I say, oh. That’s a really nice piano. And then I ask him
what kind it is. And he says, I have no idea. He says, you want
to come take a look? So he invites me. I play. And he starts recording me. And he’s like, do you mind
if I send this to my wife? And I’m like, yeah. Sure. So he sends it to her. And then I wake up the next
day, and my manager called me. And he’s like, dude. He’s like you’ve got
millions of views. I’m like– Your manager at the pizza place? You don’t have a manager? No. [LAUGHTER] Right. No. [CHUCKLE] OK. I know. I just want to make sure people
know your manager at the pizza place that you work at says
you have millions of views. OK. But I mean people– so what
did he tip you, that guy? I think he tipped me 10 bucks. That’s not enough. I mean, come on. [LAUGHTER] You get pizza and– OK. So you do this. You go into the house, and
that’s not the first time. So when we get cold pizza,
it’s because of people like you playing piano and– Yeah, pretty much. And so you just
do it because you like to show them
that you can play, and you think you’re
going to get a better tip? Or– No, it’s not even about the tip. Every time I see a
piano, I have to play it. Yeah. It doesn’t matter where it’s at. Right. Is that what you want
to do for a living? Yeah, my dream is to
actually be a concert pianist and perform all over the world. OK. Because you’re in
college right now? Yeah. I’m at Macomb Community College. OK. But don’t you play baseball? Yeah. I was on a baseball scholarship. M-hm. They must be thrilled. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. I actually quit because
all the new opportunities that are coming up with this
video and all the views. Sure. I really want to take
these opportunities. And baseball really
requires a lot. Yeah. I mean, because it’s easier to
play piano in someone’s house than say, oh. That’s a nice backyard. Do you have a bat? Because– [LAUGHTER] You know? Yeah. All right. So I can’t wait. Please perform for us. All right. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] [PLAYING PIANO] [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] That was amazing. That’s beautiful. It’s incredible. Thank you so much. All right. That’s amazing. If I had a $10 on me, I’d give
that to you because that’s– I can’t believe that
guy gave you $10. Who are you, Sir? Give him some more money. This is a beautiful
piano, isn’t it? This is probably
better than the one– we saw pictures of
the one that you have. And this is a good one, right? Yeah. Let’s just say the
keyboard in my room, I’d prefer to play
that than my actual– Yeah, I know. We saw the pictures. So we want you to have this. We reached out to Yamaha Pianos. Oh, my God. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] They want– Thank you so much. Of course. This means so much. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] They want to inspire
young music makers. And they hope to continue, that
you play and inspire others with this brand new piano. It’s a beautiful one. All right. We’ll be back. Hi. I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
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that sort of thing. Yaw! Oh! [BEEP] God– [BEEP]

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