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Viral Kid Drummer Rocks the House

January 18, 2020

That’s a very cool outfit. Thank you very much. So this is your first
time in the United States. Yes. Yeah? And first time in Los
Angeles, obviously then. And what do you
think of Los Angeles? I love Los Angeles. It’s is very, very big. And everyone’s really friendly. And I went on my first roller
coaster, like, proper roller coaster. Which one? Where did you go? You know the theme park
next to the CityWalk? Yes. That one. Yeah. Yeah. Universal. Yeah. Yeah. And you had not been on
a roller coaster before? No, I– just like, that’s
the proper first one. Oh, wow. And it was scary. [LAUGHS] Well, you seem like
you’re enjoying it there. [LAUGHS] And you’re really
a good drummer. And you’re nine, right? Yeah. So how long have
you been playing? When did you start? Four years. Four years. And what made you
choose the drums? Well, on Saturdays and
Sundays, we made pancakes, and I listened to the Beatles. And I saw the drum
kit and Ringo Starr. And he just inspired me to
play the drums because I love seeing him play the drums. Wow. That’s amazing. Because everybody is drawn
to something different. Some people would be drawn
to guitar or whatever, and you were drawn to
Ringo and the drum set. And you scream sometimes when
you’re playing the drums. What makes you want to scream? Well, I can be free, and I
can just let everything out. Then I get really tired. Then I just lay down. Then I go back to screaming and
let it all out if I’m angry. Then I lay down. Wow. I think a lot of us should
start playing the drums. [LAUGHTER] That’s fantastic. But your neighbors don’t
like the screaming, do they? No. Well, they didn’t like
the drums either, so– we used to have a
really, really loud drum set at the front of the house. We had to move it at the back. And then whenever I
came out from school or was walking
out from my house, he would give me
this cranky look. He’d go– Oh, no. Well, now you’re on TV. And now, he– look,
look, here she is. She did it. She’s on TV because
she plays the drums. [APPLAUSE] All right. What we’re going
to do now, Andy, is we’re going to take a break. Right? Yeah. Andy does this when he
wants me to take a break. So we’re going to take a break. And then when we
come back, you’re going to play the
drums for us, OK? All right. [CHEERING] All right, she’s going
to play the drums for us. She’s nine years old. Her name is Nandi. And she’s playing “In
the kids for food. Weather changes moods. Spring is here again. Reproductive glands. [SCREAMS] (SINGING) He’s the one who
likes our pretty songs. And he likes to sing along. And he likes to shoot his gun. But he don’t know what it means. He don’t know what it means. And I say yeah. [CHEERING] Come here. That was amazing. That was amazing. Thank you very much. [CHEERING] Is that what you want to do? When you get older, do
you want to be a drummer? Yeah. I have a feeling we’re going
to see you in a band someday. You’re going to get a gig
as a drummer for sure. You’re really good. But I also know that you want
to learn bass guitar, right? Is that what you asked– I saw our list that
you wanted from Santa. And one of them
was a bass guitar. Yeah. So I’m going to give
you a bass guitar. OK? [CHEERING] [LAUGHS] I want to thank Clint
Eastwood, Sean Hayes. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye.

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