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Viral Dancer Salif Gueye Wows Ellen with His Michael Jackson Moves

December 23, 2019

Hi, Salif. Hi. Am I saying it right, Salif? Yeah. OK. Yeah, yeah. So I saw that video and
everybody was so nonchalant. Everybody’s just
drinking their coffee and you’re just dancing by them. Aren’t people
impressed in Paris? I don’t know. I mean, maybe they
say [INAUDIBLE].. We know him. Yeah, do they all
know you there? Because you dance on
the streets a lot. Yeah, I dance on the
streets everywhere. Yeah, so they’re like
there’s Salif again. [LAUGHTER] Maybe. So– and Michael
Jackson is like, obviously, a huge
inspiration to you. Yeah, since I am
three years old, I mean, he changed a lot of
things and he’s the greatest. He was pretty amazing. Did you go to– did
you take dance lessons? No. No. I learned by myself. Just this is all you? I’ve never seen anything so
smooth as that kind of glide that you did. Even tWitch was like looking at
that like that was incredible. So then you obviously get tips. You make money by doing that? Yeah. What’s the best day you’ve had? The best day I had was
the day before this day. Yes. [LAUGHTER] I was– I lost my phone and
so I danced on the street at Salazar in Paris. And I get paid about 1,400 the
first– one day, in one day. 1,400? I danced alone. Yeah. And after that, I go to a
Apple store to buy a new phone. Now you’ve got a phone. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I say [INAUDIBLE]. So yeah, it was crazy, you know? So what– people give
you other things, though. I heard people don’t
give you only money. They give you some
really strange things. [CHUCKLES] Yeah. Tell me. Because I know what they are. Tell people what they give you. I [INAUDIBLE] with
[INAUDIBLE] sometimes. They give me a [INAUDIBLE],,
or they give me a phone number sometimes. And weird things too. You know when you do something,
you get a date with someone and you need to
protect yourself? Right, they give you those
things to protect yourself. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. Yeah. Yes. They’re like, oh, he’s
going to get a lot. Let’s give him some of these. All right, so I can’t
wait to see you. I mean, just watching you
on that video was just so impressive. So please perform for us. Is that real? Is what real? It’s you? It’s me. Yes, yes. No, no, because you know I– dreams come true, you know? I never thinking I would
be here one day, you know? And wow, It’s very amazing. Yeah, well you’re amazing. I want to thanks for– You’re pretty special, so– Thank you. Thank you for being here. Thanks. All right, you’ll dance? [APPLAUSE] Yeah, yeah, yeah! [MUSIC – MICHAEL JACKSON, “BLACK
OR WHITE”] (SINGING) Don’t tell
me you agree with me when I saw you kicking
dirt in my eye. But if you’re thinking
about my baby, if don’t matter if
you’re black or white. I said if you’re thinking
of being my baby, it don’t matter if
you’re black or white. I said, if you’re thinking
of being my brother, it don’t matter if
you’re black or white. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. [CHEERING] It’s black. It’s white. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Black or white– It’s black. It’s white. It’s tough for them to get by. It’s black. It’s white. It’s black. It’s white. It’s tough for you to get by. It’s black. It’s white. [CHEERING] I mean, come on. What? Thank you so much. What? Oh my god, incredible. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Incredible. Thank you. All right, OK, you keep dancing. We’re going to keep
posting them on Ellen Tube. I want to post every
video that you do. We want to keep you out
there and people to see you. And also I got you something
to wear next time you– so we’re going to
give you this show. Wow. And cash only so people stop
giving you that other stuff. [LAUGHTER]

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