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Viral Dancer Gets a Surprise from Post Malone

December 28, 2019

Our next guest went
viral last week when Will Smith and Post
Malone shared his dance routine on Instagram. Here to perform, from
Jacksonville, Florida, please welcome Mike Alan Court. [CHEERING] [MUSIC – POST MALONE, “WOW”] (SINGING) Cut the roof
off like a nip-tuck. Pull up to the house
with some big bucks. Turn the kitchen
counter to a strip club. Me and Dre came for the– When I got guap, all
of y’all disappeared. Before I dropped Stoney,
none of y’all really cared. Now they always say,
congratulations to the kid. And this is not a 40, but
I’m pouring this [MUTED].. Used to have a lot,
but I got more now. Made another hit,
cause I got bored now. Always going for it,
never punt fourth down. Last call, Hail Mary,
Prescott touchdown, hey. Hunnid bands in my
pocket, it’s on me. Hunnid deep when I
roll like the army. Get more bottles, these
bottles are lonely. It’s a moment when I show
up, got ’em saying wowl Hunnid bands in my
pocket, it’s on me. Yeah, your grandmama
probably know me. Get more bottles, these
bottles are lonely. It’s a moment when I show
up, got ’em saying, wow. [CHEERING] Hi! How are you? Oh, look at you! Oh my god, hello! Look at you! Look at you! Look at you! So 23 million people
have seen this. Can you believe it? How about that? No, no, I can’t. Honestly, I think part
of your initial impetus– a lot of people
thought I was 60. I’m only 43. But honestly, I just
love dancing so much. I have such a good
time in the video, and I think that’s what
people are connecting to. And apparently,
23 million people just want to have a good
time with me for a minute. Right, it’s fantastic. All about it. [CHEERING] Well, here’s the thing. You dance to Post Malone. And just take a look at this. Hey Mike, it’s Postie. I love your moves,
and you kick ass. And I’d like to invite you
out to my show in Arizona this Sunday. It’d be fun to have
you, and [INAUDIBLE].. [CHEERING] Oh my god! [INTERPOSING VOICES] Thank you so much.

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