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Video 5 – 2nd Day of my Fight gainst Cellulitis and Flaccidity

October 19, 2019

Hello YouTube and YouTubers! Here I would like to talk about my experience of second day of my project. Which is my
weight of 2nd day? Have I already lost some weight, some grams? Or may be kilos? In one day? How is my food of 2nd day? And which is
my work out? And the most important, that I’m going to explain, is the essential thing, essential condition that I understood doing these experiment for
the first time. Without this condition it is impossible to get any results in this
kind of projects. You can see my food and my work out meanwhile I am explaining all these things. If you remember a day before my weight was 55.7 kilos, so after
eating only one day, this this kind of food, my weight is 55.4 kilos only one in one
day I have my first result. And here is my first breakfast. Very important to it eggs, at least for me like for first food. and here you can see my second breakfast….
and the third breakfast . My program is made for each day of week Every day is related with the determined food and determined work out. I go to gym Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday. Theoretically I can’t change it. So if for
example, I can’t go to gym on Tuesday and I go to gym on Wednesday and the food I
eat is from the column of Wednesday, it is not correct. What can I do if I
instead of Tuesday I go to gym on Wednesday? The nutrition which is for
Wednesday I consume on Tuesday and the nutrition of Tuesday on Wednesday… so to change it too. Why? Because the days I do work out of shoulders and back I have
more food than the days when I workout legs and gluteus. And if I change
it, I can power fat of legs instead of muscles of shoulders. At least this is
what says my wellness coach. And this is not… And this is not my goal to power the fat I have. As I said in my second video of this channel my goal is to increase volume in arms and back and to lose in my legs.
So, which is that essential thing I understood? So if I want to see visible
results, take maskull’s and lose fat in… it is not enough just going to gym
maintaining the same nutrition. It is very important the combination of
exercises and ingredients and their quantities. This is a simple thing but it
was not easy to understand for me. I really realized it only when I tried to
do to get results one way and second way It was like wow now I understand how it

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  • Reply Raden Afro August 25, 2018 at 3:47 pm

    Привет! Я не особо понимаю английский, но это и не важно, потому что очень хорошо видно насколько классно ты выглядишь!)
    Буду рад если ты тоже посмотришь все видосы на моём канале, где в основном нету слов, так что даже если ты немного подзабыла русский то точно всё поймёшь))

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