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Video 2 – How I will beat my cellulitis and flaccidity

October 10, 2019

Hello! today I am going to talk about my
action plan to get my dreams. What will I do the steps I pretend to do and my
initial data. I am Maria Nishanbaeva and this is my channel about my fight
against cellulitis and flaccidity. I am slim but I have fat in my legs.
Usually I avoid to talk about it, because the people say that I am crazy that I
have enough good shape and I don’t need to improve anything. The reality of my
constitution is that I can lose weight, I can lose several kilos but fat in my
thighs persists. I started to go to gym three years ago
and now it was sad to recognize that in that three years
I didn’t reduce my fat and I didn’t get muscles. Moreover of sport I did several
things to beat this issue but none of this experiments didn’t have visible
results…. I will not explain now what I did because it’s to long just to be
mentioned here shortly. Finally I understood that it had to be
something specific, maybe something drastic and this spring
I tried one thing according recommendations of my wellness coach. And I really did get to reduce a part of this fat and now I am going to try to
eliminate the rest. So now I will try to do the first step that will consist in
eliminating this fat… it will be difficult as I at the same time I need to maintain my volume in the back and in the arms and
not to reduce, may be gain. And in the second step I will try to take my weight
of now maybe to gain weight but in the muscles. I need to change that fat by
muscles. And how long time I need for each step? My wellness coach says that it’s
much easier to lose fat then to gain muscles, so I calculate the first step
will take me maybe two or maybe three weeks it will be difficult to leave this
three weeks… and the second one maybe two or three months. Really, really, really? I
don’t know she says that I need at least six months to see results but for my
mind it’s too difficult so I hope to see my first muscles before. So now just to show my initial data with my weight, size of thighs hip, waist, breast, and also my
general weight muscle mass and the percent of fat I have right now.

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