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Video 1 – Starting my fight against cellulitis & flaccidity

October 18, 2019

hello my name is Maria Nishanbaeva I am
41 I love challenges and I have decided to do experiment in my improvement my
physical condition the other thing I will try to do is to improve my English
how I am now I am seen I don’t need to lose weight
I have flaccidity I want to eliminate it and I have cellulitis and I have postural a
disorder in in my back. Last year I did several efforts to eliminate cellulitis
and to get muscles and really none of them had visible results so I was really
really very a very deceptioned and that demotivated. I started to think that
cellulitis was something unbeatable if you got it so it was impossible to to do
anything with that. A wellness coach in my gym and she told yes it’s possible
you can get on what you want and all what you need is to eat according my
recommendations she told that I needed to do soft exercises four times by week. I
normally go four times by week without results I would say. I didn’t
believe her but I decided to try. The experiment was 25 days and finally
results were so big and so so obvious. I regretted that I didn’t do videos
from the beginning. This last month I was eating without caring I was eating what
I want in the quantities that I wanted and so now I will start again this
program of this experiment and which will be my proposals so I will try to
eliminate cellulitis. I will try to get muscles in my legs and in my arms. I will
try to improve my posture disorder only doing exercises and getting muscles in
the back if I get good muscles condition in my back I will be
more right straight straight and which will be the rules? So I want to
do a clear experiment eating only natural food not to do special treatments against civilities and not to
take any additional substances to lose weight, to get muscles. So, only trying
to do with natural things eating and doing exercises. So
let’s see how far I can go…

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