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Vertus incroyables de huile d olive

August 25, 2019

Coucou My loves, if you’re worried
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olive oil which is very often used in the kitchen, for desserts and salads
but in this new video I’m going to present some uses and virtues
unsuspected by this liquid in gold, indeed this is used in medicine
natural for centuries it is incredibly beneficial to your health Without further ado, let’s go to number 8
, you can use this to fight acne thanks to its
antioxidant properties, you to have a perfect ally to repair the skin
, this also helps hydrate, repair and regenerate the sick and damaged
, prepare a
special toner with 10 drops of essential oil lavender
with 1/4 liter of olive oil massage your face every
days In number 7 to get rid of itching
or even ears that buzz take
a small drop of hot olive oil, put in each
ear and let it cover with a ball of cotton In number 6 you lose your hair this product
is adapt, indeed the olive oil allow the
hair follicles to be more relaxed, for that just do a massage on the area
affected with olive oil this will increase the flow of blood
to the area, For this, massage your scalp with
olive oil and cover with a towel during
a few hours after doing your shampoo and rinsing with water In number 5
This is very good for fighting against stretch marks, whether you are a woman or a man he is
very common to have stretch marks on the abdomen or some
chest area to mitigate them, nothing simpler, Before continuing, I will also like to know
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, it will avoid a lot of people to spend crazy money in cosmetics when they
have the solution at hand, So to treat your stretch marks you can
repair a tablespoon of olive oil with a
tablespoon of wheat germ apply this has
your skin and massage gently, the hydration will be complete, it will improve them
everyday, and you’ll see pretty quickly the difference but you have to
do this everyday so that it works better in number four
In case of burns, this heals and is very beneficial for good healing, it
suffice to apply a tablespoon of oil
of olive, however, do not apply it immediately after you get burned because you have to
let the burn breathe for a few minutes minutes first
Then apply the oil, this will moisturize your
skin and relieve pain In number three if you suffer from calculations
gallstones, you will be very surprised, this
cure is effective to get rid bile
For that it will be enough to take a spoon olive oil
Tot in the morning mixed with some drops of lemon, but I talk about it in
a previous video, after a few days you will already see a big difference In number two
This is an excellent anti ride, very beneficial to your skin, you can
smooth out wrinkles with this if you massage your face
every night with a tablespoon olive oil
, add two drops of lemon, your skin
will be brighter and look younger in number for an increase of the turn of
size in just three weeks olive oil is a rich source of
antioxidants and these fatty acids can reverse the damage caused by
free radicals in addition this will help improve the
tone of the skin, for that simply the areas
with olive oil it is an excellent technique to increase your height and your
forms For this simply put olive oil
on your palms and rub them together to generate friction
thermal then ask your palms on your chest by performing
of the massage movements gently for about
15 minutes to increase blood flow and
stimulate cell repair, you can apply this remedy
Between 7 to 8 times a week My loves, we are done,
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