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Vegan fitgirl in progress, maand 4 personal body plan | Het leven van een vegan fitgirl #12|

November 20, 2019

It was legday yesterday, so I’m a little bit afraid. I have to run on the treadmill and first it goes really slow, you feel like an old person But the treadmill goes faster and faster but also steeper and steeper Hi everyone and thanks for watching this new video and the new update of personal body plan. I’m going to start this video with an update about my Measurements and I will show you how my plants are doing When I have to harvest something I will show you of course, But I don’t think that will happen. But now it is time for the results of my measurements in compare with the last month. My weight was 54,3 and now it is 53,7 kilogram. I lost 2cm from my shoulders, Ow I thought I typed 100cm. O I have no Idea, This said that I lost 2 centimeter but I have no idea if I filled in the right measurement. I didn’t lost any centimeter from my chest. It stayed the same size, so I like that. My waist is a little bit smaller it lost 1 centimeter from 71 to 70 centimeter. And my hips are one centimeter smaller from 82 centimeter to 81 centimeter. I’m happy with the results although I noticed that things are going slow now, but it is healthy that way, It has to get slow for long lasting result. Now I will show you my kitchen garden and how it’s going. Here you see my small thee garden. So the fennel is doing good and the chives as well. Also the parsley is doing great. So here are some new kitchen gardens, I plant a few new ones so I will see witch one is going the fastest that I can plant outside. Outside it is going great. My rucola is going fast and also my sunflowers but I can’t eat them of course. So here is my strawberry plant but there are no flowers so no strawberries yet. Here is some fennel, So I will see if that will grow. Here some lettuce, here is an eggplant, broccoli, and here a basket with paksoi, cherry tomato and cucumber. And my herb garden. So those where my plants. And it’s not going to be a medical month only. I’m going to do an experience. this month I won’t fill in what I eat in a day. Now it is really a big part of my daily life, and on one hand it gives me a lot of support and grip. But on the other hand, I won’t say it gives me stress, but I’m the whole day busy with calculating things thinking about the fact if it fits in my daily nutritions. I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life. Checking macro’s and stuff. I just want to eat on intuition. And of course I still want to workout and going to achieve the goal of having a “killer” body and of course to keep that. Because it is not like a finish line when you are there you’re just done and than you can eat whatever you want. No i really want to continue with the lifestyle I created. But then without filling in the calories, so that I’m not busy with that. Hi it is sunday and I’m still in week number 12 but since I’m going to do something fun I thought I take you with me. I’m going to “Land van ooit’ with two friends to picknick over there. But maybe you are thinking but that was bankruptcy. That’s right. But you can walk through the park and see the abandon park. So this is the lovely picknick, I made this salad, and we’ve got bread and Dionne made this amazing coconut cake and here is hummus and cheese but I won’t eat that This is the good life, I have the coconut cake here and I already taste a bit of it. And it taste really good, And I’ve got a piece of bread with hummus and rucola, And some salad. And I’m sitting in the sun so I’m enjoying life. I’t just fit on the plate but I’ve got a quinoa burger with some cucumber and mayonnaise and curry. And here is a cracker with cucumber, I’ve got a lot of cucumber haha. So it is monday and as you can see I had a lovely lunch. And the fun thing about vlogging is that I just finisht editing my previous vlog. I heard myself saying that I couldn’t do all the sets of benchpress with 20 kilogram. But today i could do 4 sets with 25 and the rest with 20 So it is really much fun to see that I’m getting stronger, sometimes I forget that I’m getting stronger, so the vlogs are a good reminder. It is Liberation Day and I was in the mood for random food. So I call this: muzungu kikomando. The official recipe is different but I make my own version of this ugandan meal. So the official recipe is with brown beans and I used white ones so that’s why i called it muzungu, because it means white person. And I put soma parsley and sun dried tomatoes. I think it will be very nice. So it is sunday and I’m going to try out my new protein powder. I have to admit that I already tried it and didn’t like it. But I made a smoothiebowl out of it and this is how it looks like. I add some banana, chia seed, coconut grasp and oatmeal. So I’m going to taste it right now. I spoil It is really tasting chemical. I added some cacao powder at the vanille taste and that was already better. I think I will add some cacao powder as well to this one. The protein powder from orange fit taste better. No I don’t like this one and the worst thing is that the vanille flavour has more protein that the chocolate one. So I will take the vanille one and add extra cacao powder. Hi it is monday and I’m in week number 14. So today the medical part of my video has started I told you already that this vlog will be a medical one and this is day one. I went to the general practitioner and she was really positive, she told me that I don’t look like a person with an heart failure And I noticed that my legs are really strong. Because the benchpress today went so easy. I started with 36 kilogram and I thought this is easy. so I put it to 45 and than 54 but all went easy. And then in the end I put it on 72 kilogram and then I thought oh yeah this is it. So i could do 4 sets of 8 repeats with 72 kilogram on the leg press. I made a soup and It is really a mindset that I’m thinking: do I like cold soup. But I have to admit it is really not that bad. So this is the soup it is with cucumber, avocado, eggplant, garlic, peper salt. And I eat some crackers with it, but it is a really big cup. So I think it will fill me I really dislike this: I bought the vegan cottage cheese from Alpro. But they added some sugar in it. But it taste better then the vegan yogurt. It is more creamy. But as long as there is sugar in it, I won’t take it anymore. Because If I want to eat sugar I take a candy or cookie or cake. But I don’t want it in my cottage cheese. Hi it is sunday, and I didn’t film for a while because I had a really chaotic week. But unless my chaotic week i still worked out and eat good. I just fit in my workouts in between all the other things I had to do. And now I’m taking a smoothie with cottage cheese and coffee and it is really tasting good. So After the smoothie I will go for a run and then the second performance of the theater play that I directed is playing. And tomorrow is going to be my medical day. Good morning it is monday and i’m in week number 15 of personal body plan. And normally I would lay in bed around this time. Because as I told you it will be a medica vlog. I’m born with an heart failure, my right ventricle is to small. I have to admit that I don’t know what they did to fix it. So that means I have to go for a check up every year. And this time my cardiologist decided to let me wear a holter for 24 hours. So I have to go to the hospital and then I get my holter which I have to wear the whole day. and then I bring it back tomorrow. If you are looking, you won’t see really something. maybe you see already a wire. I was wearing a scarf to cover my holter. So I will take that off. So you see already 2 strips and then here is number one. And then I’m going to undress. So here is number four. And then you see the wire and it leads to…. So I put the holter in my pants because that felt better, but this is it. And as long as there is no light on ore a green light it is good. I’m so happy that the stickers will be removed soon because it is very itchy. But I’m going to do a 4 kilometer run. And then I’m going to remove the holter. Because it won’t registered around 9.23 but It is not a big deal if I will remove it before that time. Good morning it is sunday and i’m a bit tired because I played a game with some friends. And it was fun and it got late, so that means it was fun. And the fun part is: in the old days my issue on these kind of days was: am i’m going to run or not. Now the issue is: Am I’m going to run 4 or 8 kilometer. But I’m really lazy and tired so I think it will be 4 kilometer. Good morning it is friday and almost time for the new measurement. And about that I want something to share with you. Because Yesterday i saw the documentary Embrace. So if it is possible i will put a link in description. And the stupid thing is I saw already a documentary of sunny bergman the dutch maker of “beperkt houdbaar” it is quit the same. It is about how media gives you an imagine of the ideal female body. And this time I was more impressed because I’ve got this channel and I’m busy with healthy lifestyle and working on that killer body. And then I was thinking: wait a minute I don’t want to give the sign that everyone has to have a killer body or a sixpack. Or that I think I’m to fat or ugly. I don’t want to promote the fit and skinny lifestyle. I want to show people that even with a heart failure you can still workout and have an active lifestyle. And I want to show people that you don’t need protein from animals to get muscles. It’s friday and the last day before the measurement. And I have to go to the hospital for my fittest. That’s why i’m wearing this outfit. I’m going to wear a shirt above it because this is not how I’m going outside, but this is how I’m going to run. And I’m a little bit exited. I’m back home from my work and I didn’t film te fit-test because I thought those doctors won’t like it if I’m going to film this.. I’ve got a lot of stickers on my chest and also a saturation meter, that measure the oxygen in your blood and I had to wear a Blood pressure gauge. I wasn’t very happy about the result of the test. Because the thing is I can run 12 kilometer. This test is 10,5 minutes run, so I thought it’s going to be easy… But it goes steeper and faster, and the last time I ran 6 minutes and this time 7,5 minute. So the parents, huh parents I mean doctors said that it was good. But I thought I want to run the full 10,5 minutes., But that didn’t work. My cardiologist was really proud of me, I ran 15,3 mets, I have no Idea what that means but it is really good he said. And the bloodtest was good as well. I didn’t know that he tested the protein in my blood, but he did and it was good! So vegan and power training can go together. And all the results that came out of my holter where good as well. And the points that weren’t positive where not a big problem. like my liver was not so good he said, but it was not a problem. I asked him If I can take care for eat with special food, he said no it’s just something that belongs to your disease. And sometimes my heart makes a transshipment, but as long as I feel good it’s not a problem as well. So only good things and my ego got a boost today! So this is the end of my medical month, I hope you liked to see it. So please give me a thumb up So please subscribe my channel for free and I hope to see you next monday for a new video! Bye bye!!


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    Leuke video geworden!! Koude soep is prima idd en mentaal dingetje. (Heb je een berichtje op insta gestuurd) interresant zoon 24uur controle!! Idd gezond eten en bewegen of je wel of niet een lichamelijke beperking hebt!! Je hebt je conditie duidelijk verbeterd nice????

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    hoi ik ben het selinay je maakt echt hele leuke vlogs ik kijk ze allemaal ik hoop dat je de 100 abonees heb veel geluk byee ??

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