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Vegan fitgirl in progress, maand 3 personal body plan | Het leven van een vegan fitgirl #10|

November 22, 2019

I have no idea if you can see it on camera, but I’ve got a wound here and here I can start a cool story about how I jumped into a fight at my work Or that I did the mud-race and had a hard time coming trough the branches. But it is a pity, the story is typical Jetske Hi everyone and thanks for watching this new video. It is the third month of personal body plan. In this video, I take you with me to the common month. I finisht the last video on firday, and now it is Saturday and I’ve got some results. I will tell you the results from week number 0, 4 and number 8. My weight was in the beginning 56, in the fourth week it was 56 as well and now it is 54,3 kilogram And my coach saw my weight and said that I needed more calories so now I’m discussing with him what is wise to do. I measure my shoulders, it was in the beginning 100 centimeter and the last two times 101. So I have no idea if i did a wrong measurement or that they’ve become bigger Then my breast where 89 centimeter, then 90 centimeter and now 87 centimeter. So let’s say I lost 2 centimeter from the beginning. I’m getting more waist, I started with 78 centimeter, then I’ve got 75 centimeter and now I have 71 centimeter. And then my hips and belly. I started with 85 centimeter then i’ve got 84 centimeter and now 82 centimeter, so it is a slow proces but someday it will be fine. Sweat head: CHECK I did a nice run with my sister. I did a 5 kilometer run, so it is not that far but just nice Now I want some water… And I’m going to have a amazing breakfast So this is going to be my breakfast. I made a lot of waffles with some summer fruit and chocolate as topping It is monday and I’m in the ninth week of personal body plan. My new schedule is really nice I have to do bench press. I tried to do it with 20 kilogram. I couldn’t make it until the last rep, but I think it will be fine.. It is Thursday and the workouts are still going fine. But I thought lets tell you the story about my wounds in my face. I have no idea if you can see it on camera, but I’ve got a wound here and here. I wanted to do squats with a barbell and the barbell is leaning on two prop. And you can adjust the prop. And in some gyms you just pull out the pin and then it goes automatically up and down. But this one you have to pull out the pin and detach the prop and then connect it again. I want to adjust the prop so I detach it and then the prop fell in my face. And then I felt that I already had some wounds in my face. You can do two things on that moment: 1. going to the dressingroom or 2. Thats what I did you’re acting like nothing is wrong and you continue the training. Than I had an other awkward situation, because I noticed that I put the barbell to high. for squating So then you can do 2 things as well. You adjust the prop again. or you thing No I can handle it that way and continue squating. So I did my reps and then when I wanted to put the barbell back in the prop I thought: this is way to high. So I had to think fast and decided to put the barbell on the ground. But while I was doing that, three guys came to rescue me witch was kind of awkward and hilarious at the same time. I cant have a better start of my sunday. I’ve got vegan pancakes with banana, walnuts and apple sirup on top. It is monday and I’m in week number 10 and before I show you how my plants are doing. I will tell you how my weekend was. Because I had a wonderful weekend, On Saturday I did as active recovery a little workout in the Amsterdamse “wood” And after that we ate pizza at new york pizza and you can compose your own pizza, so I could eat a vegan pizza. And on sunday I had again an typical Jetske moment. Since I’m really into my kitchen gardens, I wanted to buy some compost But I wanted to get my 10.000 steps per day, because I want to get that goal every day. But I live close to one supermarket So I thought I shouldn’t go there because then I wouldn’t get my 10.00 steps. So I decided to walk to an other supermarket. While I was walking I thought: when I buy 25 liter of compost it But then I thought, No I just walk to the “jumbo” and then I’m walking back to the “Albert Heijn” and buy my composte over there But then I saw that the “Jumbo” was selling 25 liter of compost for 1,50 euro. And I wouldn’t get that at the “Albert Heijn” So I thought it is not that heavy I can cary it 2,50 kilometer. No, but in transit to my home an old lady came to the rescue. She took the compost on the back of her bike. So that was so sweet of her. So If she is watching this vlog: Thank you so much. I was really stubborn. But hey let’s look at my plants because that was the whole reason I bought the compost. So the cherry tomato is doing something and the rest of the plants are not in the mood to grow. Then on the table there are some spices. The Thyme is already growing and this one was already like that. And over here the lemon balm is doing something And the for the rest nothing is happening here I start outside with this crate because this is the whole reason I bought the compost I planted different types of kitchen gardens and some of them are already growing like the sun flower the rucola and the paksoi. And I’m wondering if the rest will grow. So this is a basket full of lettuce, so I hope it will grow fast so I can eat it soon. And I potted the broccoli, so it would be really awesome if those plants will be all big broccoli. So those where my plants and I wanted to walk 10.000 steps so I will walk to the gym and back because I think I have already enough steps then. So I’m going to dress myself and get ready to workout!! Good morning I’m in week number 10 and it is Tuesday and I have no idea if you can see it on camera But my belly is going to be flatter, O yeah now you can see it better I had always a little spinall belly. Now I’m tense my abs. But even when I let it go, I’m not dissatisfied. But it is morning and I didn’t had breakfast yet. Ow yeah even on camera you can see some lines. But like I said, it is morning so maybe tonight it is already gone, But I like already the fact that this is the beginning. To continue the story of my belly. What makes me most proud is ehm… I don’t have to leave anything for that. Friday I had an ice cream on my work, Saturday I ate pizza and yesterday I ate some easter eggs. I ate sometimes candy and “bad” food. But I always check if it fits in my calorie budget or nutritional value. And of course sometimes I eat to much calories, but you won’t be fat if you do it just incidental. Lady’s and gentleman, boys and girls. I’ve got an announcement to make. It is Wednesday the 12th of april. And exactly today… I ate exactly 100 days only vegan food!! Today it is Saturday and I bought a lot of food. Also for the easter brunch, I made a video about that last week. But also for the rest of the week This is for me a sense of wealth a fridge full of vegetables. And I refilled my stock. The most of the things I had already. And last but not least my fruit bowl. I bought some orange to make orange juice and some to eat as breakfast and apples as a snack. It is Monday and I’m in week number 11, and last week you saw already what I eat during the easter brunch So I will tell you how many calories I took today in total. I have to admit that I don’t know exactly how much I ate of all the food. But I will think really hard and tell you the result As I promised I will tell you what the damage of today is. Well it is not that bad. I ate 6 more calories then I should eat. Carbs are 34 more than I should eat, but it doesn’t surprise me since I ate a lot of fruit and juices I have not that much protein, but It won’t surprise me as well since I didn’t eat that much protein rich products. I ate less fat then I should do. And I have to admit it surprised me a a bit. Because I thought avocado contains a lot of fat. And fibers is 5 more then I ate. So it isn’t bad at all. And yesterday i didn’t’ eat that much calories as well. So I noticed that I find more peace with everything. I’m not freaking out anymore if I have a party and eat a bit to much. Like O no i ruined my plan, no not at all. I really had a good brunch I didn’t eat to much and actually I ate healthy as well. Because the sandwiches where with vegetables and I ate a lot of fruit. And also sugar but that’s something that belongs to easter and parties as well. This is going to be a burger. I’m cooking quinoa and I’m going to blend it all together and then I’ve got my bread platter for the rest of the week. Ow yeah looking good! And it goes good as well!! They are not yet broken so I hope they wil end up like this when they go out of the pan as well. Well I have to admit, I’m proud of myself. All the burgers completely in a tupperware. Good morning it is kingsday so that is the reason that I’m going to run in this shirt. It is way to big, but hey! And I have to admit that I will wear a long sleeve above it because it is just 7 degrees today. And this will be the end of the video as well. although i’m not yet finish the video. Because I want to show you how I survive kingsday as a vegan fitgirl. So first I will start this day with a small run and then i will go to “Breda’ for the “538” party I’m ready for kingsday and yes I’m wearing a long sleeve under my t-shirt because it is going to be 11 degrees today. But I wanted to wear my summer jacket because I think this is more of a summer style so since I’m outside the whole day I had to wear the long sleeve as well. I’m going to pack my stuff and take a sandwich with the quinoa burger and then I’m ready to party!! I’m back home from kingsday. And I’m slipping a bit because I’m wearing my night brace. So I brushed my teeth already but I have to remove my make-up and then I’m going to sleep and end this party I took a bit more calories then I should but hey I will take not that much tomorrow. You call that Balance. So with the orange party I end this video. It is already the third month of personal body plan. Next month will be a medical month because I have to visit the hospital to check my hearth. But I will tell you more about it next month. So this is the end of this video. I hope you liked it so please give me a thumb up and please subscribe my channel it is free. and you make me happy So I hope to see you next week for a new video and next month for a new update of personal body plan. So creative greetings and see you.


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    Ik vind het zo leuk om het proces te zien van het sporten! Ik weet nog wel (haha klinkt alsof het eeuwen geleden is) dat je er zo mee bezig was toen we samen werkten. Je ziet het echt goed + nog steeds leuke vlogs om naar te kijken. Keep up the good work :D!

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    Goed bezig?

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