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Vegan fitgirl in progress, maand 2 personal body plan | Het leven van een vegan fitgirl #9|

November 21, 2019

Get serieus, how amazing is this.. Hi everyone and thanks for watching this video it is the first monday of the month so it is time for an update of my personal body plan It is the sixth of monday and the seond month has just becan Yesterday I did the first measurement and I will tell you what the result is. I’m still 1,65 tall , I dint measure that but I think I didn’t grow or shrunken My weight is still 56 kilogram, but when I was standing on the scale it was 56,6 My shoulders are one centimeter bigger. They went from 100 to 101 centimeter My boobs grown one centimeter as well, that is also nice My waist and hips are 1 centimeter smaller so that is also nice. So this is the result of my first month I just went to the gym and I noticed that the 2 days rest where good for me, because I could cary heavier weights. Not that heavy but more then I could do before. In my first month I was focused on heaving a sixpack or wanting a sixpack. And now I’m more focused on getting stronger. And I agreed with my coach that I’m going to weigh myself every week to see if the amount of calories is good enough for me. You can notice by getting weight but not getting stronger, than you have to much calories. Of course I will tell you what the results are. My focus was to get in the green area with the nutritions and of course it is awesome to see when I made it. But for now It is just guesswork, because it is to much to really calculate it to have everything in green. It is going to be estimating count and I think it will be fine. I thought I make a smoothiebowl out of my oat meal. I’ve got, oatmeal a half banana, a half apple, protein powder, cacao powder, almond milk, and on top some coconut grater I really want to eat this I’ve got an unboxing. (I wanted to make an what I eat in a day, but then this video would be to long, so I will make a separate vlog about that) I just order one thing and maybe you can already guess what I ordered. I workout a lot so you need a lot of proteins O no it is so big and to heavy haha. Yes body and fit soy protein isolate, vanilla flavor. Ow yeah I’m so proud, In my previous video, I was complaining about getting weight. Now I notice that it is so important to eat good and get enough rest, because maybe a few months ago I was the skinniest version of myself. I had no power at all and I just did a lot of exercises whit the same weights. And today I had an armworkout and I could do all the exercises with more weight! I’m so proud of that, and I’m really exited and motivated, I’m going to eat now and I really want to get stronger and get that power. It is Wednesday, and personal body plan is giving you a challenge during the week. Or a behavior lesson, and most of the time I don’t fill in the lesson because it is not something for me. But this time they asked about your goal and you had to draw a stair to get to that goal. So I thought, “Im going to write that down” I didn’t draw a stair, but wrote down a story of four pages. I’m going to make a picture of that and send it to my coach and say I’m sorry for not doing the exercises as it should be. I will tell you the summery of what I wrote down, otherwise it is going to be a long story. My main goal is: running on the beach with a flat tommy and doing 5 whole pull ups. The reason I want to do that is because I want to prove and inspire myself and others that I can do this. I didn’t born as a fitgirl, I didn’t do a sport when I was a child or teenager I just started to workout two years ago and I still see myself as an beginner, so I have to stop seeing myself like that And an other thing is that I have to stop over eating myself. Because when there is a bag of crisp, or a pan with food or a buffet. I’m the one who finish everything and eat the most of everyone. And i don’t feel good about it in the end. My stomach hurts and I feel to full because I ate to much. So that is a trap of mine. Good morning it is saturday and the first week of my second month is almost done. And I just weighted myself because my coach and I agreed. And I don’t know why but I lost weight, so I just send my weight to my coach and I see what his reaction will be. I didn’t eat less or workout harder then I had to do, so I have no idea how it comes. But I have in front of me a lovely smoothie bowl and I really get happy that it looks so instragram proof. See how it looks like I mixed a frozen banana with water, because i didn’t have soy milk anymore, and some cacao powder, that is the smoothie. So I’ve got some mango, walnuts, linseed, oatmeal, mulberries, and the rest of the banana, and some coconut grater and cinnamon. So it is monday and the second week of my second month started today, and the workout didn’t went well. I ate to much bad food this weekend and I was to tired and everything hurts. So I notice what good food can do whit you. When you eat good, you get enough power do do a good workout. But I did my grocery today, so I bought a lot of healthy stuff again, and I bought something new, it is a protein bar, from trek. I’m going to show you what it is and tast if it is nice. So this is it. it has 11 gram of protein, and 208 calories, so it is not a skinny snack, but I have to eat a lot of calories so for me it is not a problem. It taste really like banana, but that make sense because it is the banana flavour But that one had the least calories and the most proteins, no I don’t like it I will eat this one and the other two as well, but I won’t recommend this. I just made my protein smoothie And it is really nice as always, and my workout went really well today. I could do the dumbell press, that you lay on a bench and push 2 dumbells. I did it a long time with 5 and a really long time with 7 kilogram and today I could do it with 9. Okay it was the last set of 7 repeats, but still it is 7 repeats with 9 kilogram. It is saturday and I’m in the sixth week of personal body plan so week 2 of the second month. But from now on I will calculate in weeks Last month I was complaining about getting weight, so that is why my coach and I agreed that I’m going to weigh myself every week now and it just started this week. And this morning I gained not that much but just 100 gram, so we reduce some calories, but it already started today, and I wanted to eat pizza. I wanted to make a pizza of tomato sauce, eggplant, tomato and olives. But the bottom is always a lot of calories, also when you make it your own. and I ate already a lot today. So I decided to use the eggplant as the bottom of my pizza and put all the tomato stuff and olives on it. And It is almost done So this is it and this is my dinner and the last meal of the day. It is monday and the seventh week of personal body plan and I just shooted the video of the cookie test And this is how it looks like now, But I have to write down what I eat every day and I ate of all the types one cookie. So i’ve got my scale and the package of the cookies and I have 500 calories left over so I’m curious If it is more or les then that. The good news is, i still have some calories left over so I can still eat the snack that i planed to eat today. The bad news is I’m really nauseous. And that is the funny and crazy thing about me. I can eat one bag of crisp of 600 calories effortless but when I eat just 5 cookies, I feel already nauseous. Hi it is Saturday, and I’m in the kitchen heating my soup and I have some bread in the toaster. And the fun thing is that I can eat this outside in the sun. The workouts didn’t went that good this week. I took it slow with the legs because tomorrow I’m going to run 12 kilometer. It is going to be the first 12 ever in my entire life. So it is going to be a special day for me. And I hope I can fully run the whole 12 kilometer. Yesterday my armworkout didn’t went very well. And the diet is going good as well. Yesterday I had one cookie in the evening and really enjoyed that moment without thinking that I grown fat or it is to bad for me. I’m now more relaxed about it. But for now I’m going to add the soup and the bread on a plate and I will show you the result in the sun. get serieus, how amazing is this… Good morning it i is sunday and the big day is there. I’m going to run 12 kilometer and I’m going to do one part on the beach. On the one hand I’m really exited to do it, on the other hand I’m not. I’m nervous and I don’t know it any more. Okay I think I have everything, and I’m really nervous, because this feels for me like a exam. When I can do this, I can train for the half marathon which I really want to do once in my life. But for now the focus is more about my personal body plan, so I don’t want to run a lot of kilometers per week. So I decided to leave my camera at home, because I want to be focused while running. So the next shot you will see is me daub my bucket list check: running 12 kilometer during the “zandvoort run: I’m at home and I’m really tired after this long day. The run didn’t went the way I wanted. But I’m not going to complain, I’m kind of proud because it was my first 12 kilometer run. I thought it would be more easy than it was. The beach was to heavy, the hills where to much for me. I was hoping that I would run in less than 1.20 hour but I ran it in 1.24. But let’s stay positive, next time it will be better. It is Monday and I’m in week 8, and here is an update, my legg workout went really well for someone who ran 12 kilometer yesterday. And I’m now more relaxed about the whole drama from yesterday. When I started these video’s I had always the topic: what about my plants. But then I went to Uganda and then it became winter so I left that topic. But a healthy lifestyle is noting without vegetables. So I sow already something today and I will show you what I sow. I had some kitchen gardens left over from the “Albert Heijn” and I’ve got some cherry tomatoes, eggplant, lettuce, arugula, broccoli, and spinace. It is friday and the last friday of the second month of personal body plan. So time to look back, this month went very well. I’m more confidence about my own body, the exercises went better then the first month. I was complaining about the fact that my schedule didn’t change. But it was helping me that my coach told me that it is just for 5 or 6 weeks. So that kept me motivated. And for the rest I’m doing great and the personal body plan is going good as well. And this is the end of the video. I hope you will give me a thumb up and I hope you will subscribe my channel if you want to see more of vegan stuff. So creative greetings and see you!!


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