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Vegan fitgirl in progress, first month personal body plan | Het leven van een vegan fitgirl #8|

November 20, 2019

When you think you made the best meal plan and find out you forgot to calculate the fats because now I have not enough fat… Hi everyone and thanks for watching my new video. Every first Monday of the month I will take you with me on my fitness journey. Because I start on Monday six of februari my personal body plan. Personal body plan is a plan who gives you your personal meal plan and fitness plan to help you to be the best version of yourself. And I started with this plan, because I worked out already a while and it went with ups and downs. And before I went to Uganda I’ve got almost a sixpack and then it all went wrong, and now i’ve got the feeling that I’m back where I started. So I needed new motivation and a helping hand. Who helps you what kind of food you need when you want to work out and eat vegan. And someone who helps you having a good posture while working out So thats why I made this new video where I tell you how my first month will be like. I won’t film every day because then this vlog will be one hour. So day one and my first workout will start now, well I have to go to the gym first. It is a wonder that I can still hold this camera, because I can really feel my arms, but I did the first workout. It is sunday and the last day of my first week. And I’m so motivated to workout and take heavier weights. And I even saw some small arm muscles already. I did some grocery, and I will show you what I bought, because people ask me what I eat when I tell them I’m vegan. And the second question is: how do you get your protein when you work out a lot. Well I show you i bought, parsnip, tomato puree, cucumber, eggplant, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, bananas, tangerines and apples. two types of tea, peanut butter, two types of tofu and split peas, they’ve got a lot of protein. Good morning it is Monday and the start of the second week. I have my oat breakfast now and after my work I will go to the changing life hub. So I’m curious how that will be like and I hope I will get some help during the workout. And today there will be a package for me in style of personal body plan and I will do some foodprep. So it is a pro active day. I’m back home and it was so nice to get good help in the gym. I did some exercise wrong, So I had to get some lower weights to do the technique better. On the way back home I drove to the “karwei” to get my package. It came in a box but the box wouldn’t fit in my bag so it is unboxing from my bag. I will show you what I bought: sojafit protein powder, I hope it will taste nice I’m afraid that It will be a chemical taste. vegan omega 3, so fish oil but then vegan I bought also some vitamine b12 tablets so I’m curious how those will taste like. So this will be my lunch, and I’ve got some lentils and split peas and parsnip and tomato and coconut milk for dinner. And here are my breakfast muffins, I’m really exited to eat this. So here we go, I’m going to try the vegan omega 3, and the soja protein powder. So I’m going to try the vegan omega tree and I’m a bit scared. It was easy to take and I’m happy about it because it didn’t taste very nice the three seconds that I tasted it. So second test, the protein powder, it doesn’t has a special taste so I’m a bit scared to take it. It is doesn’t taste bad but also not really nice. So I’m ready for my run, but I want to come back of my review from the protein powder. I had to get used but it taste like vanilla in the end. So it was not that bad. Hi it is sunday and the last day of my second week. And I’ve got some positive and not so positive updates. So positive is: I had all my nutritional value
in green and I made a nice meal plan. And I run 12 kilometer. not so positive is that I order a scale and they said that they deliver between 8 and 6 on Saturday, and I didn’t get it. I have to show you something on my lazy Sunday. I have a kitchen garden, well just some planter with some plants, and I thought it is winter so nothing grows. But my radish did a really good job… Hahah this one is so big, it is not normal, but I feel a bit hungry so I will see how these taste like. I’m now eating the radish, but it is so sweet. Normally radish are a bit spicy but when it grows big it’s tasting sweeter. It is Monday and week number 3. And I wanted to train today, but I made a mistake in the system so now it was like active recovery. But I was not in the mood to run in the rain. So I’m going to walk in the forest in the afternoon, with my rain boots and umbrella But I’m standing in the kitchen and I will show you what I’m going to make. I’m going to make a bread and a cashew lentils spread. So this is the spread and i’m toasting two sandwiches. It is Thursday and I’m still in week number tree, and I told you I will keep you updating with my ups and downs and now I have a bit of a down. So let start with some positive things: It was payday so I bought already some stuff. And I really like to follow this plan and discover a lot of things and my coach is really helping me. And the workouts are going good. So now the negative part I follow the program to gain weight. And when I work out I see already a bit more muscles. I wont say that I’m really muscular, but just a little. But i saw that my belly is also a bit more bigger. I wont say I’m fat. And I have no idea if I gained weight that’s why I bought the scale. But even though I gained weight it wouldn’t say anything because when you’ve got muscles you gain weight as well. So I will do a training tomorrow, and on saturday I will do a small run and on sunday I will take a rest. And on saturday I will celebrate “carnaval” It is going to be the first “carnaval” sober or the first time in eight months that I’m going to drink alcohol again. I’ve got a package and I will unbox it. Tadaa, I will show you in better light. I bought some running gloves and running cap, but I have to admit that I hope I won’t use them before the end of this year. And a scale, because I didn’t have one yet Well if it is going to freeze, I’m ready for it. I’ve got a nice cap and it does have a buttonhole where my ponytail can come out. And the gloves are good as well. So I’m happy Hi it is monday and the start of the last week of my first month. And I promised to tell you if I survived “Carnaval” Yes I did survive and no not sober. But I just took 3 malibu coke and then I was done with the alcohol. And during the night i started to feel sober again and that was a good thing. And I did some grocery shopping. And I will show you something. I want to have all my nutritional value in green so I did the following. I calculated every meal how much I need and what the nutritional value are from every meal. So If I did a good calculation I will have green lines. I will keep you updated. When you think you made the best meal plan and find out you forgot to calculate the fats because now I have not enough fat… I thought I did a good thing, I have green everywhere, I have enough calories, carbs protein, but fats minus 20… So this is what I had eaten the whole day, well I have two meals left. I’m going to eat some yoghurt and workout after that and then eat a lentil curry. The struggle is real, I just finisht this bowl of sojayoghurt, oatmeal, nuts and apple. And manny people are jalouse at me that I can eat so much five times a day. But I can tell you, it is really hard. But ladies and gentleman… The good thing of this is… I will show you, wait for it. Yeah I’ve got everything in green!! I said this week that I want to have everything in green, but I’ve got some advice. Don’t calculate whit a hangover. It is kind of positive because I have a shortage, so the good thing is I can not only eat 1 but 2 pieces of chocolate. And at my work I had an ice-cream as well, and still not enough, calories, fat and carbs. But next week there is a new week so new changes, so you see if I did a good job then. Good morning it is Friday, and although it is not the last day of my last week, I decided to end this video today since I have to edit it as well. Sorry I try to open my curtains. But when something special will happen these 2 days you will see it next month in my new vlog. For today i will do an arm workout and I already feel them. I already note my meal plan for today and I didn’t have the green lines again. But hopefully next month will be better. And You can see that video the first monday of april. I hope that i will have all the four weeks the nutritional value in green. But this is the end of this video. I hope you liked it even though it was a lot of talking. So please give me a thumb up. And please subscribe my channel if you want to follow me during my fitness journey and for other vlogs like hotspots and DIY’s. I hope to see you next week for a other vlog and next month for my second update. So creative greetings and see you!

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    Exactly what I needed to watch today. What's your advice for a fellow Youtuber on how to stay consistent? Thanks.

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