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Vegan fitgirl in progress, fifth month of personal body plan | Het leven van een vegan fitgirl #14|

November 29, 2019

When I didn’t eat vegan at all, I ate a lot at the mac Donalds, but they’ve got a vegan burger now, so I have to check if it’s a good one… Hi everyone and thanks for watching this new video and this new month of personal body plan. So like every time I will start with the measurements, because I’m in week number 17 right now and I’ve just had the measurements. Spoiler: There haven’t changed anything.. My weight is from 53,7 to 53,3. My shoulders are around 100 centimeter. I cant measure them… I lost one centimeter from my boobs, from 87 to 86 centimeter. And my waist and hips are still the same size. So not that much progression, but this month I didn’t track the food i’ve ate. So I’m happy anyway. So now it is time for my plants, because they’ve changed a lot. So Inside didn’t change a lot. And I made an appointment with myself that if those seeds wont grow I just trow them away because then the seeds where not good anymore. So outside there is a tomato plant, then there are some strawberries and they are coming slowly, but they have to be red before I can eat them. Here is some paksoi and my dad told me to wait one more week before I can harvest. So here is my other tomato plant. these are my beets, this is my eggplant who is going wild. I hope this is going to be broccoli. This is my other paksoi and some cherry tomato and cucumber. It is wednesday and I’m in week number 17 and I was thinking about the weird snack I’ve got. So I’ve got my protein powder and mixt it with a protein bar. So this is the one from the test, with the maca powder. So it is really bizar, it’s like having spinach in your chocolate. I’m at my work now and I’m here with a mac donalds burger. Because when i wasn’t vegan at all used to eat at the mac. But they’ve got a vegan burger now, so you can understand that I should test it. It doesn’t look bad for a burger from the mac donalds… To compensate I have a big bowl of salad as well… So here we goo… Well I have to admit it is not that bad. When i have to eat at the mac donalds one day, I will order this again. But just imagine this small bread is more then 400 calories. So it is monday and I’m just back home from a lovely weekend at festival Buitenland. I made already a separate vlog about that but here just a little resume. So as you can see it was a lovely weekend, And actually i tried to stay healthy as well. I ate heathy and yesterday I had 30.000 steps. And today I supposed to do a power workout, But I realize that i was not in the mood to do some power training. And the gym closed at 4pm I have no idea if someone recognizes this, but I have really chaotic weeks, and I try to workout six days a week. and since i do personal body plan I plan weight training. But then i have no time to run And the common weeks will be crazy as well, so I have no idea if I’m the only one that have problems with that. Because I get a little bit crazy when I cant workout as much as I want. So I’m going to run now and then I will do my weight training from tuesday till friday and than I hope I can run on saturday or sunday. But I think it won’t happen since I’m both days busy from morning till evening. But in two weeks I will go on holiday, so I hope I can run there as well. You can see that vlog next week. And after that I hope that I can train 6 days a week again. running and power. So the menu of today: it is sweet potato, salade and vegan vissticks. And I don’t know the vissticks. but I hear good stories about it so I’m going to try it as well. i just going to try this small piece. I’m really curious This is really nice. It taste like vissticks. I love it. Hi it is wednesday and I take you with me for a very special moment. I’m going to harvest my paksoi and eat it. This is the one I’m going to harvest and eat So here it is my paksoi and my first strawberry yeah!! So I removed the flowers. And I can film the result but I think you wont recognize it again because I’m going to make small pieces of it and bake it. So this is the result, Like I said, you wont recognize it again, but it taste good. So on this tuesday I take you with me to show you what posture is doing with your body. Because I see a lot of fitgirls with beautiful bodies. But I can show you how you can look good and 30 kilogram heavier just by changing posture. So this is how the fitgirls doing: putting up one arm, turn a little bit. tighten the abs and then you think woow. But if you are standing like this. relax your belly and bow your knees you feel already the difference and you think “wow did I train so much for this” So thats what I like to share with you So it is saturday and today I’m wearing this pants and I don’t know if you know the video that I made these pants but now they are to big. But that was not the thing I wanted to tell you. Because today I’m going to do something that is going to make me fat again haha no I’m joking. But I’m going to have a high tea with my mother and sister. We gave my mother that for mothersday. But maybe you think how can you have a high tea when you are vegan. Well at “beter en leuk” in Amsterdam you can have the sinner the saint and the vegan high tea. So my sister and mother got the sinner high tea and I’ve got the vegan, and I will show you how it was. It is monday and I’m in week number 19 and I had such a sporty day today So I biked like 12 kilometer today and then I went for a nice legworkout and I’m so exited because I’ve got a new schedule and I really love the exercises that I have to do these period. Like squat leg press dead lift and other stuf. And today I filmt my recipe video. And since I’m going on vacation next week I had to eat a lot of leftovers so now I have curry a la leftovers. So I’ve got a plate full of food. the most of it is Cauliflower and this is o wow i don’t know anymore i have to eat right now haha. So there is tofu and vegan gyros and carrot and Cauliflower and noodles well a lot. And this meal contains 35 gram protein. So who said vegan cant get enough protein. Hi everyone it is satuday and I’m going to do something that I didn’t do before. I’m going to give already the results of my pre meting. because next week I’m going on vacation. And I wanted to know what a holiday is doing with my body. So I’m going measure myself today and after my vacation. my weight is now from 53,3 to 53 kilogram. My shoulders are 100 centimeter. My waist is 70 centimeter my hips are 80 centimeter and my breast are 85,5 centimeter. But I’m going to celebrate my vacation and next month I will tell you what one week of vacation will do with your body. Do I have to start over again or is it not that bad… So this was the video of this week. Please give me a thumb up if you liked it and please subscribe my channel if you want to see more. And I hope to see you next monday for a new video. Bye bye

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