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Vaginal Fluid Handbook

August 25, 2019

Have you ever found fluid from your vagina
that looks like lotion? Or cherry skins? Or snot? Or wet toilet paper? [WHIP CRACKING, COUGH] The vagina and most of the vulva around it
is a mucus membrane so like the eyes and nose the moisture is there to keep dirt and germs
from getting further into the body. That’s your everyday all day long inside
of the nostril like kind of vaginal fluid. What about everything else? Some infants expel fluid just after birth
caused by exposure to their mother’s estrogen. For the most part though fluid, also known
as discharge, is most noticeable when the person starts puberty and their ovaries produce
their own estrogen. At this time the whole vagina matures and
produces more glycogen, a fuel for bacteria. Bacteria, specifically lactobacillus flourishes
with this plentiful energy source and leaves behind a byproduct called lactic acid. In simpler terms, we grow up and our bodies
favor a bacteria that makes our vaginas more acidic so we’re better able to ward off
germs. Our childhood vaginal pH of 6 to 9, which
is more neutral, gets closer to a 4 after puberty, which is more acidic. So now the vulva smells more acidic, like
vinegar. Author of The Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler
wrote, “My vagina doesn’t need to be cleaned up. It smells good already. Don’t try to decorate. Don’t believe him when he tells you it smells
like rose petals when it’s supposed to smell like pussy.” Pussy. With the onset of puberty through to menopause,
the reproductive system also tends to expel more fluid of a variety of textures and colors. It’s not the same for everyone but here’s
a general run-through: Sweat.
Exercising, heat, and tight clothing can make you perspire. That includes your crotch
especially if you shave. Lubrication. If you get sexually excited, the vaginal walls
and two glands in the vulva secrete clear, slippery fluid meant to reduce friction. Brown blood. At the start of one’s menstrual cycle, which
we call day one because there’s a visible blood marker, many people notice a dark brown
sludge or clumpy rotten cherry skin kind of discharge. You may think it’s feces. It’s probably blood. Older or thicker red blood which smells like
iron. Over the next few days your period will likely
become more red as the endometrium sloughs off and out your body then goes back to minimal
clear moisture. After menstruation, the vulva and vagina will
be pretty dry. Not cheek dry, eyeball dry. Then a couple days after this, the cervix
at the top of the vagina expels mucus that’s more cloudy, white, even yellowish in color. It’s creamy and kind of sticky. Next is a watery stage, colorless to slightly
white discharge, unless there’s some spotting of blood in which case the fluid will look
pink. And then there’s ovulation, where there’s
30 times more fluid than it was right after menstruation. On average ovulation occurs on day 14, 10-16
days after the first sign of blood. The fluid from the cervix becomes clear and
more elastic. You can put it between your two fingers and
stretch it like raw egg whites. Fertility specialists call it EWCM: egg white
cervical mucus for this reason, and they see it as the crown jewel of fertility. The high spinnbarkeit or spinnability and
higher pH make it like protective liquid ladders sperm can use to get closer to the egg. After this the vaginal fluid goes back to
being goopy and opaque white. I can’t stress enough how valuable it is
to track our fluids. So much of what comes out of the vagina is
related to our cycles and if we can follow a pattern it’s less scary to see snot like
goobers or watery toilet paper clumps. It also makes it much easier to recognize
when something’s off. For example yeast infections caused by overgrown
fungus candida albicans are thick, creamy, and white. They’re also really common. If you know from monitoring your body that
there’s more fluid, or it’s more curdled, that’s a good indication it’s not typical
discharge. Other signs of yeast infections that can clue
you in are itchiness and pain. They also smell a lot like bread which I guess
that isn’t terrible. Another common discharge to watch out for
is bacterial vaginosis or BV. It’ll have a similar consistency as other
fluids I’ve described but it smells like fish or porta-potty and you might want to
address it. Both yeast and BV are the result of natural
microorganisms in the vagina over-flourishing. It doesn’t mean you’re dirty or bad or
gross. It just means that something threw off your
balance and your system might need help resetting. Or not, talk to a healthcare professional
for next steps. They can check to see if the infection is
something sexually transmitted. Here are some of the STIs it could be: Human Papilloma Virus or HPV can make it
seem like you just have more than usual normal fluid. Syphilis: same thing.
And herpes. More of the usual unless it’s a severe outbreak
in which case the area can be really raw, damp, and smell like a fresh wound. Gonorrhea may present as yellowish or bloody.
Chlamydia: also bloody and heavy. Trichomoniasis or Trich is often frothy or
bubbly with a greenish yellow or gray appearance and pungent tuna smell. This may be upsetting to imagine or even get
a whiff of on your own body but it’s so valuable. It’s one way of knowing something is wrong. Most of the time sexually transmitted infections
are asymptomatic meaning there aren’t signs and people go years with chlamydia or herpes
inside them not knowing it, and passing it onto others. The only way to know for sure what you do
and don’t have is to get tested. Healthcare professionals, like my friend Carrie,
who helped review this for accuracy, can test you and offer a lot of guidance. They can assess what’s going on and why. Hygiene, hormones, diet, sexual activity,
contraception, medications, pregnancy, menopause, stress, life, and overall health can alter
what comes out of you. My hope is that you can embrace that the vagina’s
neighborhood is ever-changing. That it’s fluid, and that you make informed
decisions to take care of yourself. Here are four final notes on the subject which
might also help: 1. Artificial Fluid Lots of companies manufacture artificial lube,
really similar to the real thing, so people can apply it at will. This is great for surgically constructed vaginas
that don’t have the glandular makeup to produce a lot of these fluids on their own. It’s also good for perimenopause and menopause
when people experience more dryness. A recommendation to everyone else, try to
work with your physiology before supplementing with something bottled. You may need 45 minutes to get wet, fantasies,
and masturbation. This is okay! It’s awesome! 2. Semen If someone ejaculates semen inside you without a condom, the semen can leak out and may seem
like a weird vaginal fluid. It’s not; it’s semen. 3. Feces Occasionally I’ll wipe, front to back, and
when I check the toilet paper to make sure my fluids look and smell healthy there’s
a brown squirt, a little poop. I have to remind myself that the vulva is
really close to the anus and that this is fecal matter not some alien seed shrapnel. 4. Squirting I didn’t forget about so-called female ejaculation
or squirting. We’ve done an episode on it which I’ll
link to in the description AND I’m working on a project for a future episode to collect
this fluid and figure out exactly what it is and where it comes from. So stay curious. This episode was made possible by fans of
Sexplanations I fondly called Sexpla(i)nauts. They’re the ones who support us financially
so sex education can be free and accessible worldwide. Thank you, Sexpla(i)nauts! If you want to be like them please visit Just remember: if funding us isn’t an option
for you, there are many ways to help and I appreciate them all.


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