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Vaccines and the autism myth – part 1 | Infectious diseases | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

February 28, 2020

So for the last
20, 30 years, we’ve noticed this increase in autism. I’m actually going
to quickly sketch out a graph to show you what I mean. We have autism rates over here. And if you follow them over
time, basically what happens is that you see that
things are going upwards. And the main reason that
people cite is awareness. They say, well, if more
parents and families are aware of autism because we
talk about it more nowadays, then of course, they’re going to
bring it up with their doctors and it’s going to get diagnosed. And although that may be
one reason for the increase, people have been searching
for other reasons to explain the increase as well. Now in 1998, there was a team
of doctors and researchers that put together a
study, a study that we call the Wakefield Study. It’s named after the
main author, which was a guy named Dr. Wakefield. He was a surgeon
working in England. And, in total there
were 13 people, 13 authors on this study. So this study was done in
the United Kingdom, the UK. And what they did is
they took 12 children, and these children came into
the hospital, reportedly the normal way, the
routine way that children come into the hospital. They weren’t recruited. And he found that they had
developmental problems. So these are 12
children with some sort of developmental
problem or delay, and the most common example
of a developmental problem among these kids was autism. So a lot of these kids ended up
having a diagnosis of autism. And what they did– I’m actually
going to sketch out for you. So let’s imagine that
this is the head of one of our children. What he asked them was,
do they have any symptoms? When did their symptoms start? All of these kinds
of things to get at their history,
their medical history. And a lot of the families
said, well, you know, we remember them having
these symptoms of autism, which I’m drawing as
a grayed-out brain, and there seems to be– this
is the parents talking now. They felt like there was
some sort of relationship with the vaccine. They felt like they remembered
the vaccine, specifically the MMR vaccine, the measles,
mumps, rubella vaccine, around the time
that symptoms began, and that’s what he reported. So we actually have
now a relationship based in terms of
parents’ recollection between the vaccine and autism. But what this study was mainly
about was actually the gut. So he was a surgeon
and he wanted to look at the
intestines of these kids and he noticed that on
the intestinal biopsies– when you actually got
a little bit of tissue from these intestines– a
lot of them had inflammation. That was what his paper
was primarily about, was this inflammation
that he saw. So he proposed– and
this is a big deal. He proposed that vaccine was
causing this inflammation. He thought that was the
cause of the inflammation, and he then thought
that perhaps there was some mystery protein– let’s
say this blue little protein– that maybe you take
in through your diet, that now, because it’s
inflamed, can get across the gut and can affect the
developing brain. So this was how
he proposed there could be a link between
the vaccine and autism. Now when the Wakefield Study
first came out in 1998, you can imagine the
kind of excitement this created for a lot
of parents and families that had been for years looking
for something to explain why their kid had autism. And so, finally, people could
circle this and say, ah, maybe it was the vaccine
that caused autism, and that’s what people thought. But there were a couple of
problems with this idea. The first problem was that
some of the patients that had autism symptoms,
they actually reported that they were having
these symptoms before they had any of the gut symptoms. Now think about that. If you’re having autism symptoms
before gut symptoms, not after, then that really goes
against this theory, because this theory is
based around the idea that it’s the gut
that comes first. So immediately, this is one
concern and a big question mark over here whether
this is really true. Another question mark is
around this mystery protein. I’ll put it up here. So this mystery protein–
this is something that Wakefield never
really identified. He never said, well, I think
it’s this protein or that one. And in the last 15
plus years, nobody’s found any mystery
proteins that would explain what Wakefield
was suggesting. So the fact that nobody can
actually find these proteins is also another
big question-mark. Nevertheless, a lot of
studies started getting done. People started saying,
well, if there truly is a relationship between
vaccines and autism, then let’s explore that further. So a group of studies were
done around MMR vaccine rates. How often in a population
do you actually see people getting
the MMR vaccine? And you’d imagine
that if there truly is a link between
vaccine causing autism– if that’s true, then, of
course, the vaccine rates must be going up. That would explain
the autism going up. And so they actually looked
in a few different places, and, of course, the first
place to talk about it is the UK, because, of course,
this study was initially done in the UK. And in the UK, they
looked over six years, and they found that,
actually, MMR vaccine rates had been steady. There had not been an increase. So already this
is a little weird if we’re thinking that the
vaccine is causing autism. You’d expect
something different. So they looked again. They actually
looked another time. This time they actually
looked in the US. And in the United States they
did this study over 15 years. And over 15 years,
the same thing, steady vaccine rates even though
autism rates were going up. Now another study
was actually done, this time in Canada
and, surprisingly, in Canada it turns out that
the vaccine rates were actually going down slightly. So vaccine rates
over 12 years now went down, even though
autism rates were going up. So this data is done at
the population level, but it really does
go against this idea that vaccine is causing autism. But people weren’t
satisfied with that. They wanted more
specific research to be done on this mechanism
that Dr. Wakefield proposed. So another study was done. It actually was done
in the United Kingdom, and this study looked at
473 autistic children. So remember, the initial
study was done on 12 children, and now we’re
looking at hundreds of children with autism,
and among these 473, they actually wanted to
figure out this part of it. They said, is there a
link between vaccine and any sort of gut
inflammation and the answer was a resounding no. There doesn’t seem to be any
relationship in autistic kids with vaccine, MMR vaccine
and inflammation of the gut. So that was actually very
detrimental to Wakefield’s theory. But what about the second part,
the second link between gut inflammation and any sort of
autism, this part right here? Well, again, another study
in the UK looking this time at 262 autistic children
found that there was no link between
these two things. So gut inflammation
and autism did not seem to be related at all. So now the two important
components of Wakefield’s idea didn’t seem to bear out. And then I should also
just cross this off, this mystery protein bit,
because, again, people have been looking for that,
and no one seemed to find that. But that wasn’t good enough
because you could say, well, maybe there still is some link
between vaccine and autism, but maybe this mechanism
wasn’t quite right. So research got done on
this purple arrow over here. So they said, OK,
what about this? Could it be possible that
there’s a link between the two using some other mechanism. And so a study was
done in the UK, specifically looking at
MMR vaccine and autism. Is there a relationship? And it turns out that
they, in this study, looked at 71 autistic
children, and they found that among these children
there was no relationship. And this study was actually
in a way done again. In fact, in another setting
done in a different way, but also trying to
answer the same question of a link between vaccine and
autism in Finland this time. They found that among
309 autistic children, there was no link. Now, remember this
link that we created was done among 12
children and now we have hundreds and hundreds of
kids in different countries. Another one was done in the US. And all these studies are
finding the same result, that basically
there were no links that they could find
between vaccine and autism. And so people started
really doubting the truth behind that very first
study, that first study done on 12 kids. But people were still
talking about it and said, you know, what about
that Wakefield Study? Isn’t it possible
that there could still be a link in spite of
all this other evidence? So, finally, a
group out of Finland tried to do another type of
study, a different approach, that they thought
would conclusively answer the question. They basically said, well fine. Why don’t we follow
1.8 million children. So obviously this is
many, many children that are getting vaccinated
and just follow them over time and see if they develop autism,
and this might answer once and for all whether
there’s a link. And so they followed
these kids over time, and they found a grand
total of zero cases of vaccine-associated autism. So in all these cases of
vaccination, none of them resulted in autism. So at this point,
people really stopped believing the study,
the Wakefield Study, and whether there was any link. That was kind of resolved. All of these studies
said, no, there was really no link between
vaccine and autism, but a question remained
around the Wakefield Study and how those results were
found in the first place. I’m actually going
to pause right there and we’ll jump into
that in the next video.


  • Reply Claudio Rojas December 27, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    This is tobacco science if you go down to the office of all the people that are doing these studies like the CDC and you look at the paperwork and records it always turn out that they are not doing the studies right. Look at the CDC for example they are the biggest agency in charge of checking the safety of vaccines and if you ask their scientists if they are checking the vaccines records of the kids they are testing they said NOPE! Ok are you comparing vaccinated kids vs Unvaccinated kids? NOPE? Are you checking their heavy metals levels in the brain before and after vaccination? NOPE? So what that heck are you checking for??!!! Uuhhmmmm….. school records birth certificates, uuuhhhmmmmm…..sugar levels.. uuuhhmm. So on and so on. People and real doctors that are actually doing their job are getting fired or shutdown like Doctor Wakefield. Even the top doctors at the CDC are being shutdown.
    You can vaccinate at your own risk all you want, I did that and paid a high price, never again.!

  • Reply Norman Spurgeon January 1, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    The parents don't know anything about their own children. Just because they go into seizures a few hours after the vaccine doe not prove that the vaccine caused it. The parents have the burden of proof- not the vaccine producer.

  • Reply Deborah Truthnotlies January 22, 2019 at 9:20 am

    The UK are now planning to test new born babies for autism, I wonder why?? What will happen when tests show that babies are not born with autism but are always diagnosed after 18 months to two years of age (after receiving the MMR vaccine). Autism rates up from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 38 in the US. Northern Ireland now 1 in 34 boys diagnosed with autism. C'mon you mean parents in the, 60,s didn't know their child had a learning disability? I went to school in the 60,s we NEVER had this many kids with learning disabilities.
    Problem today is pharmaceutical companies are making a lot of money from vaccines.
    Flu vaccination now is being rejected by many in the UK as so many get the worst dose of flu ever after getting the vaccination.

  • Reply Nancy Lobao January 29, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    These mothers know the truth. This is nothing more than paid and bought for science!

  • Reply google e February 9, 2019 at 7:59 am

    so what does cause Autism? why hasn't anyone done research on the mothers while they were pregnant?

  • Reply Lady M February 12, 2019 at 10:15 pm

    Your presentation is what is a myth and full of lies and misrepresentations. You have obviously not investigated this situation and are presenting information which is not based on facts. Dr. Wakefield did not introduce the possible connection between vaccines and autism or other injury. At the time that he did the study, vaccine makers were being sued in the U.K. and the U.S. to the degree that they claimed to be unable to make a profit from selling these drugs. The paper was agreed to by 13 of the most distinguished physicians in the U.K., including the pediatric gastroenterologist who actually performed the procedures on the children. The "mystery protein" was the measles virus which was found in the gastrointestinal tract of the children in the study, whose system was apparently not able to clear it,

    Transfer factor was not a competitor to the MMR vaccine: it was a derivative of mother's milk which was used to help heal the intestines of these sick children, who had been considered untreatable by the general medical profession. Any profit make from its sale would to the institution for which Dr. Wakefield worked, which actually held the patent. Brian Deer was hired by Rupert Murdoch whose son was working with the company which made the vaccines.

    The report was not against the measles vaccine but brought up an issue with the MMR combination which seemed to be overwhelming the immune system of some vulnerable children. Dr. Wakefield was made an example so that other physicians or scientists who ever decided to study or question the religion of vaccines would see what would happen to their career as a result. Dr. Wakefield's study results have been replicated by other scientists around the world.

    If anyone wants the real story of what happened with this study, you can watch "The Pathological Optimist". For real fraud, you can watch "Vaxxed" about a CDC scientist who was instructed to destroy evidence of a link between autism and MMR which was found by the CDC in 2004 and covered up.

  • Reply JME February 14, 2019 at 7:15 am

    First of all, this is the neatest khan academy vid I've seen, thank you 😂💛

  • Reply deepfriedking February 14, 2019 at 10:32 am

    Women started having children later in life, old eggs

  • Reply MpoweredLiving February 18, 2019 at 3:45 pm

    Was interested in what the heck Wakefield really said…and found this, oddly enough, still available from The Lancet…

    Updated to add a link to the actual study as published in the Lancet. While it is cited as retracted, to their credit, it remains accessible to read as source material for discussion…

  • Reply lja000 February 19, 2019 at 2:49 am

    Correct me if I'm wrong, Bill Gates funds Kahn Accademy? Bill Gates is a huge vaccine pusher, worldwide. So, there may be a little bit of bias against Dr. Wakefield in this video….possibly. Dr. Andrew Wakefield was a gastrointestinal expert, a go-to guy, upstanding, highly regarded by his peers and successful in his chosen path…vaccines were not on his radar screen…but this was before he became a dastardly villain; an "anti-vax" crusader…not realizing in his weakened understanding that he became bent on destroying his own career over some "myth" to which he had fallen prey.
    The cause of the Fallen Doctor: Several parents, seeking desperately to help their children as all doctors had come to a dead end. A team was arranged and they begun to investigate the possible links in these children's dismal heath failure. One of the common factors was that all the children had received an MMR shot within several days of each other. It was noted along with many other findings and suggestions. Dr. Wakefield had recommended that until the MMR vaccine was studied in greater depth, that parents consider give their children single dose vaccines and space them out. All the other learned doctors signed off on the completed paper, and it was sent to the Lancett for acceptance and printing.
    The Fall From Grace:
    Then, all hell broke loose. A reporter decided to "expose" this doctor and the team (that has tirelessly researched the problems on behalf of very sick children). A reporter called it, fraud. The reporter claimed Dr. Wakefield did it for money! Only, why would the good doctor do that…he was very well-off anyway. He had a fantastic reputatIon. What on earth would be do that for? Smells fishy, this reporter. I wonder who paid him? Someone is definitely running scared. Got to shut this guy up by golly! If you want to know the actual truth, take some time to actually listen to Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He has been interviewed many times. But understand, any doctor or professional who question anything at all about the safety and efficacy of vaccines are ALL regarded as quacks and villians. Dare you listen? Buckle-up … Things are about to get interesting.

  • Reply Nathan February 21, 2019 at 10:55 am

    The thing that annoys me is that these parents think a kid with autism is far worse than a kid dying with a deadly deases

  • Reply RRL98 February 22, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    Vaccines are a drawing table for inventing new diseases and useless protocals that are hoisted on the population. Guess who's left the enormous tab to pay. Guess already? Pharma institution which give millions to colleges where a lot of prototype viruses and pathogens aka vaccines (one of the same)are started before being sent to quarantined labs. Also this why there are so many genology associations now asking for peoples dna. It's a huge conglomerate and collusion. First step to take in the right direction? Cancell your NetworkTv subscription.
    Network Tv= Pharma Ads inc.

  • Reply Gant Frost February 24, 2019 at 3:00 am

    The evidence in now in 4 years later, Vaccines may in fact cause autism. See here.
    – This is Dr Paul Offit saying “You can’t really say the mmr does not cause autism, but if your in front of the media you better say it, you don’t want that door left open.”

    – This is the governments expert witness Dr Zimmerman who made a sworn affidavit saying vaccines can sometimes cause autism.
    This is the affidavit,

    – The CDC says vaccines don’t cause autism and says there are 17 studies to prove it. But when you look at them, they are all either about the mmr vaccine or thimerosal. What about the other 15 Vaccines? Where is the studies? What about aluminum? So I don’t think they have proved anything.

    – This is Dr Stanley Plotkin himself in 2019 reading the IOM report that says the evidence is not in yet on whether vaccines cause autism. Note that they are referring to the DTaP, not the mmr. Maybe that’s why the CDC’s 17 studies are only on the mmr?

  • Reply 3chords March 5, 2019 at 12:05 am

    "There are very powerful people in positions of great authority in Britain and elsewhere who have staked their reputations and careers on the safety of MMR and they are willing to do almost anything to protect themselves.

    "When scientists first raised fears of a possible link between mad cow disease and an apparently new, variant form of CJD they had detected in just 20 or 30 patients, everybody panicked and millions of cows were slaughtered…….yet there has been a tenfold increase in autism and related forms of brain damage over the past 15 years, roughly coinciding with MMR's introduction, and an extremely worrying increase in childhood inflammatory bowel diseases and immune disorders such as diabetes, and no one in authority will even admit it's happening, let alone try to investigate the causes.

    ……it is highly likely that at least part of this increase is a vaccine related problem." 

    Dr Peter Fletcher, who was Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health UK

  • Reply 3chords March 5, 2019 at 12:12 am Aluminium + autism links Chris Exley

  • Reply David Walker March 5, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    there is plenty of isolated autism, children who were perfectly healthy before their MMR, then became autistic immediately after. You can't silence thousands of mothers. The bodies and immune systems of very young children, 15 to 18 months old, are not fully capable of dealing with a triple dose of highly toxic vaccine injected directly into their little bodies. BigPharma is so defensive about everything, whether it's cancer, vaccines, or a terrible drug they brought to market knowing full well it had serious problems. They will attack and destroy before being willing to accept criticism or improve their products. Those gullible fools who think that BigPharma has their best interests at heart are sorely mistaken. And now that the truth is getting out about the high risks of vaccines they are doubling down, pushing states to legislate mandatory vaccinations and slandering dissenters even more strongly. They are truly a medical cartel with a fascist mentality.

  • Reply Procommenter March 7, 2019 at 8:32 am


    August 2014: Head of C.D.C. admits on C.N.N. that Vaccines can Trigger Autism: Recently Julie Gerberding, the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, appeared on Dr. Sanjay Gupta‘s show House Call and explained that vaccines can trigger autism in a vulnerable subset of children. This is the claim that many parents have been making since at least the 1980s, and they have been dismissed and even mocked for making it.

    “Mammography simply joins the long list of therapies and procedures where desire for profits and lowering of world population levels have superseded the welfare of our citizens.” — James Howenstine, M.D.

    Dr. Harris Coulter: "Vaccination programs were instituted in the late 1930s, and the first handful of autistic babies were noted in the early 1940s. When vaccination programs were expanded after the war, the number of autistic children increased greatly."

    According to the Associated Press, Dr. Jonas Salk co-authored a clinical trial that "injected experimental flu vaccine in male patients at a state insane asylum in Ypsilanti, Mich., then exposed them to flu several months later." The victims of this medical experiment were described as "senile and debilitated," meaning that obtaining their rational consent to participate in such experiments would have been impossible. And that means Dr. Jonas Salk — one of the most highly-worshiped figures throughout modern medicine — was conducting this trial in violation of medical ethics and in violation of the law.

    WEB: Drug companies and regulators have long known about the harmful effects of the oral polio vaccine that includes the live virus. In 1976, vaccine inventor Jonas Salk admitted to the United States Congress that the live polio vaccine was the “principal if not sole cause” of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961, according to Salem News.

    "You cannot immunize sick, malnourished children and expect them to get away with it. You'll kill far more children than would have died from natural infection…It needs to be appreciated that children in developing countries are at a much greater risk of complications from vaccination and from mercury toxicity…because poor nutrition, parasitic and bacterial infections and low birth weight." — Archie Kalokerinos, M.D.

    "They went through Africa, South America and elsewhere and vaccinated sick and starving children…They thought they were wiping out measles, but most of t hose susceptible to measles died from some other disease that they developed as a result of being vaccinated. The vaccination reduced their immune levels and acted like infection. Many got septicaemia, gastro-enteritis, etc. or made their nutritional status worse and they died from malnutrition. So there were very few susceptible infants left alive to get measles. It's one way to get good statistics. Kill all those who are susceptible which is what they literally did!" – Archie Kalokerinos, M.D.

    "Unbelievably, the measles vaccine caused long-term suppression of the children's immune system for six months up to three years. as a result, the immune-depressed children died from other diseases in greater numbers that children who had never received the vaccine. Tragically, African girl babies in the experiment were given twice the dose of the boys, and therefore suffered a higher death rate."
    – Alan Cantwell, M.D., discussing the Edmonston-Zagreb measles vaccine

    "DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINATIONS. This is the standard deceptive way you are given the establishment’s biological warfare infections." — Dr. William D. Kelley

    "The I.M.A. (Indian Medical Association) has a figure of 85,000 vaccine-attributed polio victims – up to 2005… Doctors have been advised to keep quiet on these issues for the 'greater good' of humanity. It is sad that no effort is being made to track, treat and compensate the unfortunate children. GAVI, UNICEF, Rotary and WHO do not reply to our emails making it plainly evident they aren't the least bothered about the health of Indian children. Shame on those who wish to profit by killing and maiming little babies." – Dr. Omesh Bharati Politics of Vaccination II

    "…They started vaccinating and within four months had an outbreak of over 350 cases of polio." — Viera Schiebner Ph.D. citing stats from “Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal,” 1991 concerning polio vaccine campaign in several South American countries

    "When W.H.O. officials discovered a polio outbreak in Nigeria was sparked by the polio vaccine itself. They assumed it would be easier to stop than the natural "wild" virus. They were wrong… The virus in the vaccine can mutate into a deadlier version that ignites new outbreaks." – Polio Surge in Nigeria after Vaccine Virus Mutates, Associated Press, 8/14/09

    Natural Health Website: Dr. Maurice Hilleman made astounding revelations in an interview that was cut from The Health Century — the admission that Merck drug company vaccines had been injecting dangerous viruses into people worldwide. Bear in mind that Dr. Hilleman was the developer of Merck's vaccine program. He developed over three dozen vaccines, more than any other scientist in history. He was a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society. He received a special lifetime achievement award from the World Health Organization. Hilleman was one of the early vaccine pioneers to warn about the possibility that simian viruses might contaminate vaccines.

    "Deliberate attempts have been made to allow (Aboriginal) infants under my care to die. The real authorities don't want these infants to live. My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business (medical) is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization is one of murder and genocide." – Archie Kalokerinos, M.D., author of Every Second Child

    "By use of the Freedom of Information Act, Dr. Robert Streckler was able to learn that the D.O.D. (Department of Defense) secured funds from Congress to perform studies on immune-destroying agents for germ warfare. Once produced the vaccine containing H.I.V. was given to Africans in 1977… White homosexuals were given Hepatitis B vaccine that contained the H.I.V. virus in 1978." – James Howenstine, M.D., Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines, 12/7/03

    "Two separate epidemiological studies have shown a high correlation between the spread of A.I.D.S. with both vaccines against polio and smallpox." – J. W. Hodge, M.D. author of The Vaccine Superstition

    "The goal of the elite is to diminish our population on planet Earth…" – Dr. Rauni Kilde, Ret. Chief Medical Officer, Finland, 2009

    Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning
    Sallie Bernard
    Albert Enayati, B.S., Ch.E., M.S.M.E.
    Teresa Binstock
    Heidi Roger
    Lyn Redwood, R.N., M.S.N., C.R.N.P.
    Woody McGinnis, M.D.
    …excessive mercury has been detected in urine, hair, and blood samples from autistic children; and parental reports, though limited at this date, indicate significant improvement in symptoms subsequent to heavy-metal chelation therapy.

    "Crib death was so infrequent in the pre-vaccination era that it was not even mentioned in the statistics, but it started to climb in the 1950s with the spread of mass vaccination." – Dr Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D.

    "Vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths."- Dr. Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.

    "The only safe vaccine is one that is never used." – Dr. James A Shannon, M.D. (Former Director, National Institutes of Health)

    "Trial of erectile dysfunction drug on pregnant women stopped after 11 babies die." By Debra Goldschmidt and Michael Nedelman, (C.N.N.) July 25, 2018

    "We are setting up the younger generation for a potential calamity. Vaccines build up only one line of your immune system (the antibody system) but put the main immune system (cellular immunity) to sleep. You need both for fully developed immunity." – Dr. Robert Rowen, M.D.

    “All vaccines are and have been causing ischemic (impaired blood flow) damages – to all – creating a plethora of chronic illnesses, disease, and in some instances, death. The injury from vaccination is additive; each vaccination further injures.” – Dr. Andrew Moulden M.D., Ph.D.

    “When you impair the brain blood flow by vaccination you can impair the respiration control center which can result in death. We call it S.I.D.S.” – Dr. Andrew Moulden M.D., Ph.D.

  • Reply Robe Carb March 7, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    I respect Kahn academy & appreciate what they do that it is great when it is about education, however about this in Vaccine It makes me think that Kahn Academy bias is due ti the fact that they get financial help from the pharmaceutical company that make vaccine! If you look at the study with all of the evidence to date you will find that vaccine are no longer what we have lead to believe… at the least I and many millions of parents we decide to research this issue we need to have the freedom of “Informed Consent” & be able to make a decision for ourselves, just like if u are about to get a medication u wud want to read the side effect reported and especially evaluate the Risk vs Benefits ratio… I suggest to read: this books, Vaccine Epidemic also “ How to end the Autism Epidemic” also check & and fallow

  • Reply Joe Gazaway March 8, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    .I am an M.D…..My wife was an R.N…..My 2 brothers were M.D.'s….My mother and sister were both R.N.'s….We were all taught to give vaccines and take all of our vaccines…Our pediatrician bullied us inot vaccinating our baby….My precocious, active, talkitive, loving 2 year-old son was injured by his 4 vaccines starting that night…I was an eye-witness to that as his parent..My baby brother ( the M.D. ) died from paralysis (Guillain-Barre) after his flu shot …and Folks, my mother was an R.N. who was the Head Nurse and ran the largest ER in our medical center…They had her take 8-9 vaccines to ''catch-up'' with the ''updated'' CDC schedule to keep her job…She got severe ''brain fog'' withing days, then lost her ability to dial her phone or push the elevator buttons, or start her car …She went into diapers and then hospitalized and died a terrible, tragic death drooling and unable to walk, talk, eat or recognized any of her family…None of the specialists and consults could tell her or us what ''just happened'' but the told us it was ''NOT'' from those vaccines….It was called the ''worst case of aggressive dementia of unknown cause the doctors had ever seen''….Folks what killed our mother just weeks after her vaccines was all from her fatal doses of neurotoxic aluminum and mercury from those vaccines..She left behind her husband, 5 children, 4 grandchildren, and now 7 great grandchildren.. I started a FB site called Vaccine Support Group in their name..Will they shut this site down next…..Maybe today…

  • Reply Joyce Boisvert March 11, 2019 at 12:46 pm


  • Reply Cristina Salinas March 11, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    I find it interesting that my doctor doesn’t want me to eat anything with mercury, but recommends injecting me with vaccines containing Mercury and aluminum. While pregnant. It’s right there in the insert. My doctor was even surprised. At least she admitted she wasn’t a vaccine expert. People just need to read. Survival of the educated.

  • Reply mycashfreebies March 14, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    It’s all about profits. In the last 20 years maybe 5 to 10 people have died from measles in the USA. In that same time period, around 500,000 people have died in motor vehicle accidents. And many more people died from alcohol or cigarette smoking. You have a higher chance of dying from a lightning strike than from measles. The key is good nutrition and clean sanitation. This is why in poor countries you here of people dying from disease outbreaks like measles. The reason is in poor countries a lot of people suffer from poor nutrition and unsanitary conditions, such as unclean drinking water. But in the USA and most wealthy countries nearly everyone has access to nutrition and clean water, etc. But since the vaccine makers make billions of dollars each year of course it’s to their best interest that everyone buys their products and doctors also make money from it. It’s not about safety, it’s for profit $. Now even though I’m not in favor of vaccines, if people want to vaccinate they should have that right. But at the same time, people who don’t want to vaccinate should also have the same right. I’m against forcing people to vaccinate. People should have a free will to choose. Freedom and libertys

  • Reply Luca March 15, 2019 at 12:09 am

    Pro vaccines people are dumb 1 in 3 kids who get vaccinated become fortnite gamers

  • Reply LJ Santora March 25, 2019 at 9:58 am

    Oh stop. What a bunch of shit.

  • Reply Sharon Whitehead April 3, 2019 at 2:16 am

    This video is full of misrepresentations! This big pharma programming.

  • Reply Jeff L April 8, 2019 at 6:26 pm

    Very bad form as a scientist to attack someone else's study. The protocol is to just give your own study. This is not education this is just disinformation.

  • Reply Major Mayhem April 9, 2019 at 10:33 am

    You are conveniently forgetting that Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist who co-authored many CDC funded MMR studies himself, came out and blew the whistle. CDC KNEW that MMR cause Autism for decades, they kept it a secret for the public and doctored the study's data. You can read the audio testimony and various letter and internal CDC documents here:

  • Reply gary Incremona April 16, 2019 at 4:05 pm

    you're a great resource for kids and adults but this video is a VERY important topic and you're WRONG on this position.

    Also its surprising that you seem to not have done any research on your own because wakeful truly never made the claim that avcines cause autism. he said he sees a connection between the combined MMR vaccine and gut problems in kids and he recommended the single measles vaccine nd not the combined MMR.

    Wakefield also have been vindicted in what he on in numerous published studies. He also was only of many scientists working on that and so were they al wrong? They were not. the pharmaceutical slander is what paints that picture.

  • Reply Johnnyukulele April 17, 2019 at 9:15 am

    We have no family history of autism yet my niece get's her shots and goes from normal and speaking complete sentences to never talking and climbing the refrigerator but it's coincidence right?

  • Reply Jo Who April 19, 2019 at 4:29 am

    Did you read Wakefield's paper?

    It doesn't sound like it.

    Case studies aren't used to "prove" anything. You seem to understand that. Why then did Wakfield lose his license and why was he called a fraud?

  • Reply Peter Elasmar April 20, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    Soooo do we listen to one of the highest rated doctors in the world Wakefield or some unknown punk still in uni????????? Lol

  • Reply GD SΛO April 22, 2019 at 2:08 am

    The creator if the MMR Vaccine said the Vaccine contains the autism virus & Effects more African American children. The creator of the Vaccine has been hiding the study for over 40 years.

  • Reply D N April 24, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    Science: the earth is flat, the sun goes around the earth, and the earth is the center of the universe. We killed Galileo for it.

    Science/doctors: blacks are worth only 3/5 human. They can’t read or write. These iq tests prove it.

    Science/doctors: no evidence tobacco cigarettes are addictive. In fact tobacco is good for you. Smoke more.

    Science/doctors: Mercury is already in fish, and formaldehyde is already in apples. Fish and apples are good for you. Therefore, Mercury and formaldehyde are good for you so we can inject it directly into your body. I also wrap my hot food in aluminum so that means we can inject aluminum into your body.

    Science/doctors: we investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong.

  • Reply Spectrum Studios April 25, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Wakefield is a gastroenterologist not a surgeon

  • Reply Health is a Choice! April 26, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    Health is a Choice!
    1 second ago
    Doctors serve pharmaceutical false research and murder kids with vaccines. FOOLS potions are not medicines. Pharma does the studies and of course they won't tell the truth EVER. Pharma murders kids and causes brain damage and autism is a spectrum of vaccin poisoning. STOP BEING STUPID MORBID SHEEP who offer their children on the altars of drug companies.

  • Reply Jon Dhoe April 27, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Criminal. There are tons of studies done linking autism and vaccines. There are CDC whistleblowers and papers suppressed by the CDC. If you don't know, you don't want to know. Tragic and horrible. Notice they don't give you data. The CDC's own data show a linkage.

  • Reply Kathy Tarr April 27, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    This video is basically BS. It is not true that the rates in the use of MMR in the US and Great Britain were steady and showed no increase. The opposite is true. There has been a steady increase in the use of MMR and other vaccines everywhere that parallel the increases in autism. The Khan Academy needs to cite some of these "studies" that supposedly showed no link between MMR and autism. Who funded them? Merck, the maker of MMR? How well were they designed? And what about the studies that do show a link? No mention of them, right?

  • Reply Angie S April 28, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    Myth? Oh wow, I guess I won't be donating to your website anymore.

  • Reply OfftoShambala May 3, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    The Wakefield paper was not explaining a causational link… the paper showed how the cognitive functions improved when the bowel disease was improved… the paper clearly stated that more research regarding causation should be done… and later, in a press conference, Wakefield said there was not sufficient evidence that proved causation… there is so much more … do not trust khan … no respect for the inaccuracy of the reporting in this video… so many factors ignored to fit the paradigm you and the pharmas want repeated… it should also be noted that the children in the Wakefield study were severely and painfully impaired, but don’t bother mentioning that you asshole

  • Reply OfftoShambala May 3, 2019 at 4:59 pm

    Khan is an asshole who should be tried and hung in public.

  • Reply COOL1eH1GH May 12, 2019 at 7:56 am

    Can you post the links to all the studies please.

  • Reply Dangyver May 28, 2019 at 3:49 am


  • Reply Solidfluid June 3, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    Does Mercury cross the blood brain barrier? Does Mercury denude the myelin seathe?

    I'll let pro and anti vaccine people look that up.

    Looking forward to the results of your research.

  • Reply comrade Kedrick the Head Trip June 5, 2019 at 1:18 am

    I can't believe I had to specify I have autism to avoid pro-vaxxers who accuse me of "demonizing autism" while they exploit a good cause to push the poison. Why not just admit measles isn't a death sentence? It's not bubonic plauge.

  • Reply ryan revolt June 10, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Time to start swallowing your words bitches, Wakefield's findings finally go mainstream…. Oh well would you all looky here…. What Andrew Wakefield's paper found and which he was attacked for and lost his medical career over, is now "new research"??? Time to apologise to the great Andrew Wakefield you vaccine pushing maggots…

  • Reply Belinda Paugh June 13, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    Vaccines can't get u autism or any deasbilty people come on know you were born with it

  • Reply Michael Anderson June 15, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    except for that fact that vaccines have and can cause autism and its been proven. The CDCs own study shows the link. stop pedaling pseudo science.

  • Reply Jason Broce June 25, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    To be clear there's more than one type of Mercury. Here's the problem though. Brubacher demonstrated that ethylmercury was cleared from the blood more quickly than methylmercury. Unlike methylmercury, however, ethylmercury was not found in any of the bodily waste exudates.

    Toxins are excreted from the body via feces, urine, sweat, etcetera. Ethylmercury, while gone from the blood, wasn’t found in any of the excretions.

    Upon autopsy, they found out where it had gone. It was in the nervous system.

    A neurotoxin that “clears” into the neural tissue is being injected into the body. And this is deemed “safe”.

  • Reply Jason Broce June 25, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Heres more info on the wakefield issue, since people use that as a scapegoat for the whole anti vax movement, when It really isn't even on most parents radar.
    ~Andy Wakefield was one of 13 doctors who wrote the Lancet paper
    ~It was an exploratory case study of 12 children with severe gastrointestinal issues and nothing to do with autism
    ~Not all of the children had autism
    ~The study noted as part of the background history that some of the parents linked their children's severe gastrointestinal issues as onsetting after receiving the mmr
    ~The study mentions, in passing for context, some other studies that link health issues including autism to MMR
    ~The study states quite categorically that they proved no link between MMR and autism since it was an early exploratory study with a sample size far too small to represent the wider population. And it's not what they were looking for.
    ~The study concluded that it would be a good idea to do further research on the safety of the mmr in a one size fits all vaccination programme to see if there were some children who had conditions that caused the mmr to be problematic for them
    ~The study suggested that continuing with single jabs until further research could be done might be worth looking into instead of withdrawing single jabs in the UK which were still available until 1998
    ~This study was 20 years ago why does it not strike her as strange that they have nothing else…did vaccine science just stop in the 1990s!
    ~You can bet your life that 99% of people sharing this urban myth about Andy Wakefield have not read the study
    ~Here is the study…!

  • Reply Justin Reilly June 27, 2019 at 11:44 am

    There is plenty of solid peer reviewed scientific evidence of a strong link between autism and enterocolitis. The latest one showed reduction of autistic symptoms by an average of 45% two years post intervention of giving autistic kids probiotics (2019).

  • Reply Justin Reilly June 27, 2019 at 11:50 am

    Re US 2004 CDC study author William Thompson has claimed whistleblower status and has claimed that he and his co-authors committed fraud by destroying data and failing to disclose a 250% increased risk of autism in African American boys who had the MMR vaccine timed according to CDCs schedule as opposed to those AA boys who waited longer to get the shot. Subject of documentary Vaxxed.

  • Reply Herb Bowler June 28, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    No matter how much evidence and testimonial come you will still continue to cover up the truth. Sure is good that some people have there eyes open. Also not even one vaccine has been proven to work

  • Reply Nate Max TV July 1, 2019 at 1:43 am

    ask the mums they will tell you the truth no one is falling for the lies any more, pretty pathetic that people keep looking at studies when all you need to do is ask the millions of mums, its the 1 2 step glyphosate, polysorbate 80 & mercury aluminum pretty simple. go inject your self with 10 mmr vaccine if its so safe

  • Reply Birds are significant July 3, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    😂😂😂😂 I'm in tears reading this comment section your god isn't going to save YOUR 3 year old baby from any type of diseases if anything people like Karen the ultimate retard should be required by law to have their child vacationed oh but what do I know I'm a gay vacationed retarded 😉

  • Reply Chris T July 4, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    good video – far too slow moving though. the printing slows it down

  • Reply Chris T July 4, 2019 at 10:51 pm

    "in the last 15 yrs, no proteins were found" "studies began to be done" – both overstated claims. Studies are not funded when they might jeopardize vaccination rates. Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT also agrees that the stats show a correlation.

  • Reply cb michels July 10, 2019 at 2:49 am

    I know 6 kids that are vaccine injured and all of them have a parent who smokes ciggerets, in fact most people I know, with any kind of condition have a parent that smokes ciggerets.

  • Reply BexyBubbles July 16, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    Brain scans proved the autism-vaccine link a long time ago. It's not hard. There's thermisol & aluminum in child vaccines. These are toxic heavy metals. Common sense bro. Nice try though.

  • Reply linda cohen July 20, 2019 at 5:09 pm

    YouTube site- Truthstream Media video; The officially ignored link between Lyme Disease and Plum Island

  • Reply EllyW August 2, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    Obviously this man didn't read the Lancet article by Wakefield et al. which he says "kickstarted the Autism Myth"…or else he read it but didn't understand it. Also, he obviously doesn't understand the simple science principle "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" — e.g., a study that "finds no evidence of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism" does not "show that there is no link between the MMR vaccine and autism."

    If he was seriously interested in the issue of whether vaccines contribute to the causation of autism and had devoted a decent amount of time to the issue, he would have come across the work of researcher Theresa Deisher and her team. Deisher's work implicates all the vaccines manufactured on human fetal cell lines; in other words, it's not just MMR triggering autism in vulnerable children, it's also Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine and HepA vaccine. So if you compare a group of MMR-vaccinated children with a group of children who didn't receive MMR but did receive Varicella or HepA vaccines, the incidence of vaccine-triggered autism in the two groups will be just about identical. And the incidence of autism will go up while MMR vaccination rates plateau or decrease, if the Varicella and/or HepA vaccination rates are going up. So much for the large-population studies presented as "evidence" in this video.

    Do you really want to rely on the conclusions of this man whose science is so sloppy? I have a suggestion for you. Youtube has several videos of Andrew Wakefield being interviewed, or presenting about his work. Choose a video that's at least 30 minutes long and watch it. (There's a particularly good one titled "Dr Andrew Wakefield In His Own Words.") And read the original Lancet article for yourself; it's easily found on the web. You may not understand all the technical language in the article, but the statements about MMR and autism are plain English and easily understood.

  • Reply Paul Johnson August 8, 2019 at 7:56 am

    Leading US Pediatric Neurologist and expert witness used by Department of Justice and HHS now admits that in certain subset populations with mitochondrial disorders, vaccines can and do cause autism. His name is Andrew Zimmerman and his legal affidavit can be found on the internet.

  • Reply Paul Johnson August 8, 2019 at 8:29 am

    Yup, you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time! The masses are waking up. A tipping point is being reached.

    No other nation in the world has 72 doses of 17 different vaccines given to their children from birth to 18 and none of those nation's are falling to rampant epidemics of returning diseases.

    By the way, Dr Wakefield has been exonerated by the British regulatory boards.

  • Reply David Musial August 8, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    Omg…I wonder how many of you can see the logic problems with the narrator's story

  • Reply Omer Feldman Yofiël August 9, 2019 at 10:58 am

    I respect Khan… So am willing to wait for the part where you evaluate the alegation that the CDC doctored the results of their own study on this… The case made in Vaxxed against CDC is either airtight or else a fantastic good piece of artwork.

  • Reply Kedrick the Head Trip August 10, 2019 at 3:13 am

    measles isn't a death sentence, it's an ailment. please stop bullying autists. please stop diminishing our plight. the vaccinated vast majority keep getting sicker and sicker. the "herd immunity" rationale is OUTRAGEOUS. a minority can't "weaken herd immunity". I have autism and I don't "demonize" myself. vaccines can cause encephallitis, seizures, and DEATH. shame on the pro-vaxxers! Measles isn't bubonic plague. I'm on the highest functioning end of the autism spectrum, so I can't be fooled by pro-vaxxers. They hate and fear autists.

  • Reply Rebecca Brown September 1, 2019 at 2:46 am

    Ever notice how incredibly juvenile their 'science' is. Not to mention what a bunch of word salad this whole presentation is. Dr. Wakefield is so far out of their league.

  • Reply Todd Volpe September 6, 2019 at 12:23 am

  • Reply Mohan Ravi September 7, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    Dr Andrew Wakefiled Studied 12 children but who conducted the studies in UK for children 271,262,743 in US 624 and in finland 309 and 1800000.

    Bill Gates Funded $10Billion us dollars in immunization program.$10-Billion-in-Call-for-Decade-of-Vaccines

    Bill Gates Funded more than $9million US dollars to Khan Academy so now we knew why this video all about.

  • Reply PotemkinDogs1 September 11, 2019 at 12:14 am

    For those looking for the studies he mentioned, here they are with timestamps of mention:

    5:01 Kaye JA, del Mar Melero-Montes M, Jick H. Mumps, measles, and rubella vaccine and the incidence of autism recorded by general practitioners: a time trend analysis. BMJ. 2001;322:460–3.

    5:16 Dales L, Hammer SJ, Smith NJ. Time trends in autism and in MMR immunization coverage in California. JAMA. 2001;285:1183–5.

    5:32 Fombonne E, Zakarian R, Bennett A, Meng L, McLean-Heywood D. Pervasive developmental disorders in Montreal, Quebec, Canada: prevalence and links with immunizations. Pediatrics. 2006;118:e139–50.

    6:04 Taylor B, Miller E, Lingam R, Andrews N, Simmons A, Stowe J. Measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and bowel problems or developmental regression in children with autism: population study. BMJ. 2002;324:393–6.

    6:52 Fombonne E, Chakrabarti S. No evidence for a new variant of measles-mumps-rubella–induced autism. Pediatrics. 2001;108:e58.

    7:36 DeWilde S, Carey IM, Richards N, Hilton SR, Cook DG. Do children who become autistic consult more often after MMR vaccination? Br J Gen Pract. 2001;51:226–7.

    7:55 Makela A, Nuorti JP, Peltola H. Neurologic disorders after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination. Pediatrics. 2002;110:957–63.

    8:19 DeStefano F, Bhasin TK, Thompson WW, Yeargin-Allsopp M, Boyle C. Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan Atlanta. Pediatrics. 2004;113:259–66.

    8:47 Patja A, Davidkin I, Kurki T, Kallio MJ, Valle M, Peltola H. Serious adverse events after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination during a fourteen-year prospective follow-up. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2000;19:1127–34.

  • Reply Frances Bates September 13, 2019 at 6:17 am

    Not a myth

  • Reply paul ford September 14, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    This guy is delusional there is actually studies on the CDC website that shows upwords of 50-60% gut health issues from vaccine trials this guy is either deceptive dishonest or ignorant
    He’s coming across as very objective in his presentation but he is far from it definitely thumbs down

  • Reply כנפיים מצנחי רחיפה September 17, 2019 at 7:43 am

    that's a pile of sponsored bullshit. if you want to understand wakefield research you should watch vaxxed movie.

  • Reply Elaine Wilhelm September 22, 2019 at 10:09 pm

    The issue is that some people get toxins directly into their liver where they can shut down the P-450 enzymes and glutathione that help you detox. Dr. Amy Yasko studied this in cases of autism and chronic fatigue. If you do your own research you will find that this is the real issue! Mercury can damage the gut as can other metals, yet they claim they took mercury out of vaccines when they hadn't. Shameful we can't trust politicans, doctors or corporations! I had to recover my own health after being exposed to heavy metals! I learned the hard way you don't need to, read this book, "Canaries In The Coal Mine" by Elaine Marie Graham on amazon $3.99 download or paperback! Autism = a poisoned body and brain!

  • Reply Red Man October 10, 2019 at 6:03 am

    So disappointed… why you have to cover the crime committed by CDC. And so many lies about Wakefield. I don’t trust to this App to educate kids anymore. It is obvious you guys are capable of twisting the facts with lies and well present it..

  • Reply Red Man October 10, 2019 at 6:03 am here is the truth about Wakefield.

  • Reply Kathleen Austin October 16, 2019 at 4:19 am

    Where are the links to the study you quote? You have also not mentioned who did the studies..

  • Reply Kathleen Austin October 16, 2019 at 4:20 am

    But no one will dare do the obvious study of comparing vaccinated with totally not vaccinated?

  • Reply Elizabeth Rose October 20, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Pure propaganda, I wonder why the vaccine injury courts have paid out over 4 billion dollars??? You know that you can't sure the pharmaceutical company if your child dies, right? There is no product liability. And why does "autism" appear on vaccine inserts???

  • Reply Elaine Wilhelm October 31, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    Dr. Eisenstein never vaxxed his peds patients and had zero cases of autism, enough said!

  • Reply Khaos November 1, 2019 at 10:46 am

    The CDC was exposed for years for giving Kids Autism.
    Wake up America.

  • Reply Fangirl #28 November 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Ok, what the fuck do these anti-vaxxers have against people with autism? Like they say it like it’s a fate worse then death! I’ve been living with autism my ENTIRE life and yes it’s a struggle and yes, not being autistic would be better at times but it’s not bad. It’s actually a wonderful way to experience things, it’s a uniqueness that helps me stand out against my friends, I’m actually the comedian in my friend group because I’m able to use humour and comedy to communicate with people. Lewis Carroll was autistic and he wrote Alice In Wonderland because of his uniqueness, Albert Einstein was autistic and he was the first to think up the speed of light thing! (Don’t quote me on that) both are amazing people and the thing I have in common with them is Autism! Autism is caused genetically, not medically, it’s a life long thing like Down Syndrome, true it doesn’t psychically Alter us but it is life long, it started the moment our DNA was created and it will end the day we die. It’s not a bad thing to be autistic. But it is bad to prevent something that will prevent deadly diseases like measles from killing your child. It will not be worth losing your child just like it will not be worth losing a huge piece of me. You remind me of a little boy who won’t touch a little girl because of ‘cooties’. Pointless, offensive, childish and pathetic.

  • Reply lushin burl November 12, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Lies. 30 second after my friend took a vacinnes and she never used the left side of her body.

    My cousin tool a vacinne and never was the same kid. She instantly stopped talking to anyone and she was yhe most tallative. 30 seconds again she was gone. Your a fool.

  • Reply Jennibeans25 November 16, 2019 at 3:38 pm

    Sorry but I dont believe that the Finland study is being interpreted correctly. 1.8 million children with 0 autism?? Doubt it!

  • Reply Greentruth420 November 16, 2019 at 10:43 pm

  • Reply M M November 17, 2019 at 12:15 am

    The vaccine package insert says that the vaccines may cause encephalitis ( vaccine induced autism). There's no confusion or question about it and no amount of denying it is convincing.. Even especially when people see their own kids getting vaccine induced autism after being vaccinated.

  • Reply Loretta Rodrigues November 22, 2019 at 2:00 am

    Such barefaced lies from Khan Academy! I had utmost respect for the work of Khan Academy until now. 12 children didn't just come into the hospital, which healthy children do?!!! They were autistic children suffering from accute gut issues and their parents had heard of Andrew Wakefield's (gastroenterologist) work and brought their kids to him hoping to find relief. Wakefield was able to establish the gut brain connection through his treatment. While their gut issues were healed, the children's autism symptoms got better. Check out Wakefield's work for yourself, it'll take you more than 10 mins it's taken Khan Academy to put together such rubbish. Wakefield himself was exonerated and his work speaks for itself. I'd expect more from an educational forum than merely parroting mainstream media and the drug industry that are motivated by nothing other than profits. A cursory search for Andrew Wakefield will tell you that he is a disgraced doctor, but independent research will reveal the truth.

    Here's a preview of the research you'll have to do. The cover up is huge. Do your homework, don't be brainwashed by the people who stand to gain financially by your ignorance.

    Listen to Dr. Wakefield tell his story. You'll be amazed at how the truth is distorted.

    Research further and connect the dots…

    Last word on vaccines from the doctor himself

  • Reply Sterling Hill November 29, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    In 1999 the CDC did a study that compared the vaccinated vs unvaccinated and show the unvaccinated were healthier.

    This means that in 2012 when Colleen Boyle of the CDC was asked by Senator Posey in a hearing this question , she lied under oath!

  • Reply Warrior For Jesus December 10, 2019 at 1:03 am

    Read section 13 of the vaccine inserts. Non clinical toxicology. The argument won't be touched. By any pro vaxxers

  • Reply Masterkey December 23, 2019 at 3:51 pm

    Vaccines Make This Key Gene Dirty: DHPR Dr Ben Lynch. It's important to be careful and clean

  • Reply hdmat101 December 26, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    The amount of brain washed people in the comments is disturbing

  • Reply Antonin2024 January 8, 2020 at 6:24 pm

    Hmm. Interesting. But if you want to watch a video about this kind of stuff (vaccines) but with dozens of doctors talking about it, you should check out this video:
    This one is excellent and really says all the studies they're talking about.

  • Reply Paraclete Edward Jay Robin January 16, 2020 at 8:56 pm your deliberately ignoring this!!

  • Reply L. K. January 25, 2020 at 5:10 pm

    You did not report the truth regarding the Wakefield Lancet report. If that simple part was not true, why should we believe anything else you say. The truth is below in the 2nd paragraph. Read your own independently published science journal, people. Not the ones funded by companies who would benefit from the studies by tweaking its outcome. We really need to get away from this apocalyptic junk science and the trolls that repeat the same material.

    According to J.B. Handley in "How to End the Autism Epidemic", he says,
    "Perhaps no lies are easier to disprove or easier for any reader to
    independently verify than the ones that have been manufactured about
    British gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield … The thirteen-member
    team of doctors who wrote the paper felt they had discovered a condition
    that may be unique to autism and that the condition merited further
    study, concluding: 'We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in
    children that may be related to neuropsychiatric dysfunciton.' … This
    paper is viewed as the pioneer of the gut-brain connection in autism
    and has been cited in more than two hundred other studies. The
    conclusions of the paper, from the standpoint of gastroenterology, have
    been replicated on dozens of occasions … The paper's other conclusion,
    which was really more commentary than science, was what created all the
    controversy, and ultimately the witch hunt against Dr. Wakefield. Of
    the twelve children in the study, the parents of eight of the children
    had noted that the regression into autism happened after their child had
    received the MMR vaccine. The study authors debated these parental
    reports and decided to include that information in the study. That's
    all. As the thirteen coauthors stated in the conclusion of the paper
    … 'In most cases, onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and
    rubella immunization. Further investigation are needed to examine this
    syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine'. Most people don't
    believe me when I explain to them how minor the mention of vaccines was
    in the infamous, five-page-long "Lancet Study." Moreover, they have no
    idea that Dr. Wakefield had twelve other coauthors or that there never
    was any data about vaccines and autism in the paper itself. One of the
    many false narratives is that Dr. Wakefield "faked the data" about
    vaccines and autism, but that would be impossible. There was no data!
    The scientists reported parental reports of a relationship between
    vaccines and autism, nothing more, and were very clear that they felt
    more study was needed. You'll likely be shocked that they also said this
    in the paper: 'We did not prove an association between measles, mumps,
    and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described."

  • Reply marguerite s January 26, 2020 at 7:31 pm

    You are an ignorant idiot! The big pharma has everyone bought off! Good way of making profits out of pain and suffering of innocent people

  • Reply Andy Rouse February 5, 2020 at 7:04 am

    After watching this slop, feel free to watch what really happened.

  • Reply Kayleigh Rose February 7, 2020 at 7:35 pm

    I’m not saying that there is NO connection between vaccines and autism however a lot of people seem to think that it’s the ONLY cause of autism. I didn’t receive a single vaccine until I was 12 years old and I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 3 years old. There may be a connection but I really don’t think it’s the only cause! Autism existed before vaccines, it just tended to be passed off as mental disorders psychiatric issues schizophrenia etc.

  • Reply Broadfork February 9, 2020 at 9:07 pm

    ugh. video of a person attaching a series of blinders to his field of vision, instead of taking some off. circumcision is a shock, stabbing and stabbing and stabbing are shocks. and some children succumb to the trauma. the industry has gone mad, and this guy went with it.

  • Reply Marcy Roy February 15, 2020 at 5:57 pm

    Vaccines are filled with viruses that not only cause cancer, but also every autoimmune disease known to man. The mercury and aluminum is what’s causing the brain damage along with the viruses. Don’t believe anyone who says vaccines are safe, they are not, all vaccines should be made illegal immediately. Vaccines are a witches brew of pure poison, don’t believe me, read the vaccine insert itself, google the ingredients, aborted babies! This guy is delusional people. VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM, DEATH, CANCER,

  • Reply Douglas Hughes February 22, 2020 at 3:35 pm

    The Stanley Plotkin deposition has the real truth about vaccines. Vaccines are a product with zero testing for long term efficacy.

  • Reply Rimantas February 24, 2020 at 4:46 pm

    How did study. And how paid for?

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