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UWA student goes viral for all the right reasons

December 10, 2019

Praise, admiration, it was a fantastic thing
to do. Very brave and actually a fantastic piece of teaching, and here at UWA where,
you know we’re always focusing on education, what you’ve taught me is the power one person
through their actions can wield. I trust you, I trust you, let’s hug, I trust
you, I trust you. Good girl. The purpose of the video was to like encourage
trust within people and just don’t judge people by how they look so I think that was my main
purpose. I wanted to get out there and show people that you can trust. Don’t judge a person by how they look because
on the inside we’re all the same. I’ll give you a hug. Thank you. Here you go, here’s one for you. Beautiful
thank you. I’ve had a lot of friends who are non-indigenous
and they treat me exactly how they treat anyone else but I think for other people, other indigenous
people it’s different for them so I kind of feel like I want to speak out on behalf of
them, and get their voice out there. I think I may have gotten over a hundred hugs
within thirty minutes. It was the best thing I’ve ever done in my
life and I’d totally do it again. On the weekend these three girls saw me and
were ‘Oh you’re the girl from the video’ and they gave me a big hug so that was really
nice. Yeah, it’s working. You’re very brave. Bloody amazing darling. The gap between the indigenous and non-indigenous
people in Australia, the life expectancy gap, the opportunity gap is huge and I would hope
that everyone in the country accepts that challenge and then commits to doing something
about it.

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