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Using proteins in saliva to diagnose Zika Virus

February 13, 2020

We identify Zika virus peptides and proteins
from Zika virus in saliva from two babies, a mother, and this was after – nine months
after the infection. And this was the first time that was used
mass spectrometry and proteomics to identify peptides from Zika virus and proteins from
Zika virus in saliva. This paper opens an avenue to study new methods
of diagnostics using saliva for identification of Zika virus. This is injected directly in the mass spec. This paper also proved we have a vertical
transmission between the mother to the babies. And this was very interesting to prove in
this paper because the same virus that was infected in the mother, was present in the
Baby A and the Baby B – one with microcephaly, and the other without microcephaly. And we also highlight in this paper, some
amino acid changes of the Zika virus poly-protein that suggest that these amino acid changes
could be related with microcephaly.

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