Urgent Care

October 16, 2019

when seeking medical treatment it’s
important to understand the difference between hospitals and urgent care. Generally if a medical condition is life-threatening or involves severe
injuries you would go to the hospital. If the medical condition is
non-life-threatening and your primary care provider is not available
urgent care is the next best option. Hospitals are meant to treat true
medical emergencies and are prepared to handle trauma surgical procedures and
most other life-threatening situations Most hospitals have emergency rooms and
are open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Urgent care centers are staffed with
doctors and nurses and designed to address several non life-threatening
situations such as colds, strep throat, flu symptoms, ear infections, rashes, minor
cuts and scrapes, sprains, and sports physicals. Urgent care centers are open
off hours including nights weekends and holidays and are a less costly and
faster alternative to the hospital

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