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UR Medicine Golisano Children’s Hospital Strategic Plan

March 12, 2020

(impactful music) – Frederick Douglass
said “It’s easier to build “strong children than
to repair broken men.” – Kids are the number one reason that I get up and come to work every day. – We have to put kids at the center of everything that we do. I want other regions around the country to say “What’s going on in Rochester? “Why are the kids doing so well?” – We are gonna help every child thrive. – This is the birthplace
of the biopsychosocial model. – This department has
a remarkable history. – The Hib vaccine was developed here. – Now our young people,
young doctors have never seen a patient
who has Hib disease. – When you have to stand
on shoulders like that and you have to build
upon those foundations, you have to aspire to greatness. – Health goes far beyond
the walls of a hospital. It’s truly about making sure that every child has an opportunity. – This plan is way
beyond traditional health care. – Process of the strategic plan brought together hundreds
and hundreds of thinkers. – And it goes back to our mission, helping every child reach
their fullest potential. – We set the trajectory for
lifelong health and wellness. – Our First Thousand Days Initiative is really a revolutionary way to improve a child’s whole life. – We have one of the highest childhood poverty rates in the country. – It’s my opportunity
to expand their horizons well beyond the situation
they were born into. – If we can turn the
tide here in Rochester we could serve as a model for the nation. – We will use analytics to uncover better ways to keep children healthy. – Children need drugs that
are studied in children and we need devices that are small enough to use in children. – We want to take care
of healthcare issues from the ordinary to the extraordinary. – We will improve access to care through technology such as telemedicine. – This reaches beyond our hospital to impact kids across our
whole community and beyond. – We want our healthcare workforce to look like our patient population. – These changes may reduce suffering for patients and families. – The big opportunity
is to have our community be the healthiest place
in the United States to raise kids and families. – There’s nothing
better than to play a part in changing a child’s life. – This is something that
brings me great joy. – They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me wanna do the
best job I can possibly can. – No matter how hard my
job is as a physician, I look at these kids and families and say “Man, I have it easy.” – What would it
look like for every child to reach their fullest potential? – That will be a beautiful thing to see.

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