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Unprescribed | 2020 Trailer [HD] | Allegiance Films

March 7, 2020

We always would love to go out to, you
know, we would fine dine. He was a Marine and I was a proud marine mom. Something triggered his PTSD… and he became depressed. I’ve never been against marijuana. I’ve never been against people that use marijuana. My opinion started to shift
when I was witnessing what pharmaceuticals were doing to my husband. This is just what they start you with. Because we already know there’s a bunch
of pills and the opium problem, the opiates and all this! In today’s modern war survival has
become an issue. Because those guys that would have died on the battlefield are surviving the battlefield. They had a lot of wounded and nobody had prepared for that many wounded. So, we got a lot of drugs. We got a lot of drugs. But like the side effects on that drug is suicide. What the F*** am I gonna take that for? Clonazepam, suicide. Paxil, suicide! Like all these drugs. So, I started self-medicating with
marijuana and I’ve never felt better. You know? I began losing a lot of patients in my own practice to suicide. Cannabis is a completely harmless plant.
It’s been criminalized over all of these years by all these negative propaganda
that’s not true. We’ve been lied to. He said, I’m scared mom.

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