Uno scudo contro l’influenza, #previenila

December 9, 2019

The winter season is typically characterized by influenza. What is thought to be influenza may not be necessarily real influenza, i.e., a disease caused by influenza virus as such, whose damage may be limited by using preventive remedies, including natural remedies. Often it is an “influenza-like syndrome”, whose symptoms are very similar to those of influenza, but caused by one of the over 250 influenza-like viruses. These viruses do not respond to vaccine, and account for up to 50% of the “social costs” of the so-called “flu season”: ailments and pains, days of absence from work, hospitalizations. So, it is necessary – and possible – to strengthen our immune system: #PREVIENILA is an information campaign about flu which has been started by The Influenza Surveillance Centre and which keeps citizenry informed about the development of flu outbreak week by week as well as on the best remedies available. This is also feasible thanks to the partnership with Pharmacists. If you go to pharmacies that display the logo #previenila you can get information in real time about the spread of influenza and correct advice about how to counteract it effectively and naturally. The list of the participating pharmacies throughout Italy is available at

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