University of Michigan professor discusses the new flu strain

September 26, 2019

Arnold Monto: We’ve had several reports of
an H3N2 virus that is one of the common viruses that are circulating right now, but a new
one which has changed somewhat being of swine origin. Why are we concerned about this? Well, we know that the recent pandemic virus
was another kind of Type A virus, an H1N1 virus, and it was of swine origin. The problem is that when we see one of these
new viruses, we don’t know whether it’s going to be spreading extensively or not, until
we observe what happens. So what we’ve got to do right now is be alert,
watch what happens, and not to overreact. The new strain is similar to one that was
circulating about 20 years ago in the population, which means that older people are probably
going to be less susceptible to this virus, than younger people. However, the real issue is if it’s not going
to circulate in the population, we don’t need a vaccine, and right now there are no plans
to make a vaccine. However, I am sure that the virus is being
manipulated in laboratory, so if we do need a vaccine, then the time to make a vaccine
will be shortened.

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