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University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville

December 19, 2019

[Dr. Leon Haley]
The University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville is a great training place for third- and fourth-year medical students. It’s also a great place for education for our residents. We’re a certified Stroke Center. We’re a certified Cardiac Center. We have a Level I trauma center, so we’re actually the only Level I trauma center in Northeast Florida. So folks who are in internal medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, a number of other programs, they can come and spend their time here. We have thousands of employees. We have hundreds of residents. So, we’re a big organization that serves a very diverse patient population but also serves as the region’s premier academic center. Downtown Jacksonville is growing. We’re only five blocks off the downtown corridor. Plenty of activities, whether you like the river, whether you like the ocean, entertainment, dining options, but also has warm weather and a low cost of living. So it’s a great opportunity for residents, students and faculty to come and get a diverse education, see lots of different patients and really take care of what would ultimately be called a slice of life. [Dr. Linda Edwards]
The University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville is the sponsoring institution for a number of residency and fellowship programs – over 50 that we sponsor. We have an expansive education program here that offers most of the major disciplines in residency training programs. We see a broad spectrum of patients here, so we have an excellent population upon which our residents and fellows learn. We also have an opportunity to evaluate patients who come to us de novo, so it gives our residents and fellows an opportunity to evaluate a patient initially and see them through the diagnosis and treatment of that illness. Our general surgery program has
a Level I trauma center and the training that our residents receive here
is rivaled by no one. The residents, regardless of what discipline they choose to pursue, being able to manage acutely and critically ill individuals who have been victims of trauma is a tremendous learning experience for them. [Dr. Alexander Parker]
A real unique aspect of the College of Medicine – Jacksonville is the breadth and
depth of what we do. We have everything from basic science and clinical studies to clinical trials that are pushing new parts of medicine all the way into the community and population health, and I think that’s really something that’s important to underscore, is, it’s the entire continuum. The way that we ensure that the research we do is going to end up with that goal that we all want, and that’s to change the way medicine is practiced is, we start with a question that
matters, and we really push our researchers to understand: What question
are they asking? And what pain point is it addressing? And make us understand why this matters. We definitely have several very accomplished researchers – leaders in their field, people that have set the pace for decades of where the field is
going. But it’s the new people that get me really excited and kind of what the future generations are going to do for health care. [Dr. Linda Edwards]
The University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville is an environment of inquiry, an environment
of teaching and great place to be. [Dr. Leon Haley]
Our faculty, our residents, our staff, they’re here because they believe in the mission that we serve: to heal, to educate, to discover, to innovate. They’re really committed to change, really committed to, you know, what’s happening in health care and how do we apply it here on a regular basis.

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