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Unexpected Causes of Dementia

August 19, 2019

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of In this video I’ll be sharing with you unexpected
causes of dementia and I guarantee some of these are really going to surprise you. And this is important for anybody, whether
somebody has been diagnosed with dementia or you yourself just want to prevent it for
yourself or a loved one in the future, you’ve got to know these tips on how to naturally
prevent dementia and the unexpected causes. Let’s start here this might surprise you. Did you know that certain medications actually
cause dementia? Now there’s two reasons for this. One is due to toxicity. Specifically, we found certain medications
that may cause you to be drowsy or to sleep, can actually increase your risk of dementia. In fact, there are four companies that were
called out because they found that their medications were causing dementia. Here’s another thing to think about. Did you know that every medication out there,
not one or two, all medications, if you’re on a medication they actually leach vitamins
and minerals from your body? So, many popular drugs today pull vitamins
from your body. Example is diabetic drugs actually pull vitamin
B12 from your body, cholesterol-lowering drugs pull Coenzyme Q10 from your body, and certain
drugs especially those NSAIDs or painkillers actually, and drugs that cause you go to sleep,
will actually leach zinc from your body. We know zinc is important for your gut health,
for your brain health, and for your entire immune system. So, again, a lot of popular drugs actually
leach and pull vitamins and minerals from your body so they can cause dementia. Number two unexpected cause of dementia–diet
soda. That’s right diet soda contains Aspartame
most of it contains Aspartame, now some of it contains sucralose but we know aspartame
specifically actually acts as a neurotoxin, and part of what happens in dementia is this
sort of neurodegeneration affecting the synapses in the brain. Diet soda and aspartame are neurotoxic to
the body as is sucralose which also contains high levels of chlorine and it can cause cellular
toxicity. So, again staying away from diet soda, switching
over to something natural is a good option. I do want to mention this as well, something
to think about. If you are going to do a soda, switch over
and use a natural soda that contains something like stevia is going to be a much better option
than aspartame or sucralose. Number three, copper in water. Now something you may not realize a lot of
times throughout history people have been drinking water out of copper pipes and when
they do that there’s obviously going to be a lot of copper in the water. Well, if you have too much copper in your
diet, it lowers your zinc absorption. So, important thing to know about. So similar thing if you have too much zinc,
it actually depletes your copper. You have too much copper, you don’t absorb
as much zinc. So, here’s the truth. Growing up you may not even have realized
it but you drank out of a house made with copper pipes, what that can do, or maybe you’re
taking a supplement that has lots of copper. Now copper does have some benefits. It can kill parasites, certain types of microorganisms,
but if you get too much of it in your body, your body will not absorb zinc properly. Remember zinc is important for all the things
I talked about from your brain to your gut health, and we know your gut if you have things
leak through the gut with a condition like leaky gut, it will then affect the brain. So, again stay away from having too much copper. Make sure you have plenty of zinc in your
diet as well. Number four here is pesticides. We know pesticides just like medications cause
toxicity to the body and cause neurodegeneration. Again, toxins especially will affect your
liver. Your liver is responsible in part for supporting
the health of your brain. In fact, your liver is what produces cholesterol
to support your body in the healing process. Staying away from pesticides, they can be
toxic to the brain and the liver, is critical for preventing dementia, Alzheimer’s, and
other dementia conditions. Lack of purpose. This might surprise you but actually medical
studies have found when people struggle with depression, when people have a lack of purpose,
it increases the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. You know this happens if you don’t have a
reason to go out and learn and a reason for being around, your body naturally starts to
decay and degenerate. Having a sense of purpose is so important. Think about people that you know that have
a lot of joy and purpose in life, they kind of have a glow about them. They just are really excited and that’s them
having a lot of what we would term in Chinese medicine, Qi or life. When somebody has that lack of purpose they
age faster they start to degenerate faster. Purpose is crucial. Number six here, poor oral health. Did you know that you’ve got lots of microbes
in your mouth? Now we tend to hear about your microbiome
which resides in your colon and small intestine, but your microbiome doesn’t end there. In fact, it starts in your mouth and there
are actually medical studies showing that if you have bad microorganisms and bacteria
in your mouth and not enough good bacteria, it increases your risk of dementia, of Alzheimer’s,
of heart disease, increases your risk of weight gain, and a number of other health problems. So, keeping your oral health top-notch is
really important as well. So, again and what I would say in order to
do this you want to supplement with probiotics. You want to be getting probiotics in your
diet and you want to nix the sugar and refined grains from your diet, will really help with
this. And number seven here, in activity. Medical studies have shown that if somebody
is not active, not exercising, not going for walks daily, just having a lack of activity,
they are at greater risk of dementia there as well. So, something to think about is just staying
active and exercising is a great way to naturally fight dementia, promote brain health in order
to improve circulation and nutrient absorption throughout your body. When you’re having more circulation, it helps
nutrients get to other areas and other organs of your body, so we know inactivity. And the last thing I’ll say here an unexpected
cause of dementia is when people retire or stop learning. Learning has been shown to fight dementia,
so whether you’re learning, doing puzzles, or you learn a new language, or I know most
people are going to go and learn a new language, but learning something being engaged in things
actually helps fight dementia. So, the last bonus one here is when you stop
learning that actually increases your risk of dementia
So listen, there are millions of people that struggle with dementia that may have it and
haven’t been diagnosed yet, and I’ll tell you if you’ve ever had a loved one who’s experienced
Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be crippling not only for them but crippling for the family
members and it’s something that we never want to see one go through. So, listen if you really want to prevent dementia,
hey, start following these tips we talked about or avoiding all of these things. And also, hey, check out an article I recently
wrote online, just Google search my name “Dr. Axe Alzheimer’s” or “Dr. Axe dementia” and
you’ll find articles where I go through the top supplements, vitamins, and foods that
will help you naturally fight dementia. You can also search “Dr. Axe Alzheimer’s”
here on YouTube and find more information here as well. Hey, don’t forget to subscribe. I have a lot more information coming out on
natural remedies like essential oils and supplements and how to use food as medicine to take your
health to the next level. Hi Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
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like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, and how to use food as medicine also check
out more of our content on my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.


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