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August 29, 2019

Cuckoo loves me again pink moony
, today we are going to talk about garlic , honey and cinnamon, but before
get to the heart of the subject think of you subscribe on my youtube channel Like the famous lemon mix
ginger honey, this preparation that I present to you today is a cure
natural used in traditional medicine since always, in many medicines
traditional. Indeed, its amazing action results from the interaction of 3 products
at the top of natural remedies: – Cinnamon: says “the insulin of
poor “, princess of Ayurvedic medicine, better hope of healing diabetes,
cholesterol and other diseases, in short, one of the best foods for the health he
is. – Honey: cure for all ills
in Muslim prophetic medicine, one of the best natural antibiotics, one
uses it to heal itself forever, and yet, science is still discovering
new uses of honey to heal. Finally garlic, the most famous of all, considered
as one of the most powerful superfoods. However, its strong smell does not please everyone,
Studies have shown more than 150 effects beneficial effects of garlic on health,
reducing your risk of heart disease, of high cholesterol and hypertension
arterial hypertension, as well as various cancers such that cancers of the brain, lungs and
of the prostate. has long been hailed for his powers
This is probably due to its stimulating effects on the immune system. garlic
fresh is also a powerful antibacterial agent, antiviral and antifungal. But its effects
Therapeutic can go a lot more far from that. If we go back in history and mythologies
we realize that garlic is very present , whether against the vempires to cure
serious diseases, ward off bad ones minds for the most superstitious, appease
the soul … ect It is thought that much of the therapeutic effect
garlic comes from its sulfur compounds, such as allicin, which gives it its
characteristic smell. Other compounds favorable to health include oligosaccharides,
arginine-rich proteins, selenium and flavonoids. Not only is it effective at killing the
antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but he also fights infections at
yeast, viruses and parasites. garlic must be fresh to give you advantages
optimal for health however. Fresh pod should be ground or chopped
to stimulate the release of an enzyme called alliinase, This mixture does not expire, you can
prepare it in advance and consume it for a long time. On the other hand, keep the good
in the shadows to avoid development botulinum bacteria that is deadly.
If you use cinnamon from Indonesia (Cinnamomum cassia), do not exceed 1/2
teaspoon a day if not after it’s too powerful for you
For those who do not like eating it directly, you can dilute honey with cinnamon
in a drink: in water, juice fruit, milk, tea, coffee,
THE HEALTH Combining these ingredients is a way to
multiply their virtues for health. Indeed it allows to lose weight. We
speak there of a single teaspoon by day of course, if you put on the
honey pot it will not help you! made speed up metabolism, burns sugars
of the body, while decreasing stress and anxiety with its effects
soothing and relaxing. Also, allows to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol
in the blood. As a result, it strengthens the heart, regulates
heart rate and decreases the risk of occurrence cardiovascular diseases (heart attack,
heart attacks, stroke, etc.). It revitalizes arteries and veins that lose their
flexibility and do not become clogged with aging. Garlic, honey with cinnamon is a wonderful
aphrodisiac. Indeed, both products stimulate men’s libido
and women! Why eat this mixture at a young age?
you will ask me Know that he is fighting cough
Nothing beats a honey syrup with crushed garlic in case of original cough
viral or bacterial. It has an expectorant effect which promotes the elimination of mucus
more to help soothe the feeling of irritation in the throat
Accelerates recovery in case of flu or cold Improves blood circulation
Once associated, the sulfur components garlic and honey nutrients become
particularly beneficial for the system circulatory. They both have a toning effect
and anticoagulant on the veins, which helps to prevent the occurrence of such disorders
as varicose veins and thrombosis. Lowers blood pressure
A good way to control hypertension is to consume garlic and honey to
fasting every morning. FYI, hypertension is a disease that can hinder cardiovascular health
in general. Regulates the bad cholesterol (LDL)
When you eat raw garlic, allicin is released. This allows help to the
detoxification of blood and elimination excess cholesterol. The garlic / honey mixture
cinnamon allows, moreover, to control triglycerides (fat levels in the
blood). Do not hesitate to take this remedy to control your bad cholesterol.
Reduces inflammation arthritis and muscle disorders.
Boost the immune system for you who suffer from hepatic infections,
of winter, this reinforces your defenses immune system and effectively fight against
disease It helps to fight against infections
Urinary. Indeed, a big spoon in a glass of warm water help to
destroy the germs in the bladder. improve health status
general, fighting against the radicals free attacks that directly attack DNA
cells and causes aging premature.
fight against bad breath. It is an ideal remedy for problems
skin: acne, pimples, blackheads, eczema, etc. Honey is used as a healing mask
since the dawn of time and cinnamon is recognized for its antioxidant properties.
In addition to repairing skin damage, he participates in the general health of the
skin. Its healing virtues are beneficial
to relieve stomach ulcers. The hair mask with honey and cinnamon
helps fight against hair loss (baldness). This is not recommended for children of
under 2 years and pregnant women, no not by contraindication, but on principle
precautionary. How to prepare this natural antibiotic?
ingredients You need :
* 10 and 15 cloves of garlic * 1 cup of honey (about 335 g)
* 10 grams of cinnamon * 1 glass jar with lid
Preparation Pour the honey into the jar. Then, add
garlic previously crushed or cut . Close the jar and put it in a place
dark for 7 days. To get a cure natural and effective, it is important to respect
this delay. Once this time has elapsed, you will enjoy the benefits of your treatment
natural. Way of consuming
Take a teaspoon on an empty stomach in the morning. You can if you want to dilute it in
warm water. This remedy is to consume for 7 days in a row spaced a few
weeks of rest. To prevent it crystallize, it must be kept at
ambient temperature. It is important to respect this deadline. Once this time has elapsed,
you will enjoy the benefits of your natural treatment. Of course, no cure or treatment
will not replace the informed opinion of a doctor, consult him before you start
in a cure.


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