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Undercover as a Facebook Yummy Mummy #2

August 26, 2019

Let’s do this Alright lads, welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is Tom Harlock And I do not have an intro but I do have a massive passion for fashion Did I just say fashion? I meant bullying. I’ve got a massive passion for bullying. I’ve bullied women, children, men Gamers, whole entire websites. I’ve even bullied the disabled! 😀 At this rate, the one person in the world that I haven’t bullied is myself. Pfft – that’s never going to happen, is it boys? So, today we’re going with a classic: MOTHERS! If I wanted to pick on animals, I’d go to the pound If I wanted to pick on fathers, I’d go to the shop 15 years ago for…milk ….but I’m not after either of those things today. I want yummy mummys. I want essential oils and Avon parties. I want coffee memes and five-minute placenta hacks And the only place I’m going to find all of that is Facebook, I have previously made a video on Facebook yummy mummys So if you haven’t seen that make sure to check it out in the description …and if you have watched it… ..Maybe you should stop encouraging my terrible behavior I have previously made a Facebook account and a fictitious family for a…well a physically unremarkable woman But I am a big fan of equal rights so I did allow her a voice…and what a voice Lele Smith had 🙂 I infiltrated groups, I caused havoc, and for today’s video I just feel like I need to let a lot of energy out of me, a lot of feelings and emotions and if I’m completely honest the only way I’m gonna do that is by anonymously tearing people down online. Maybe I’m the one with the problem, heh. I think it’s time we log in ughhh, I can’t wait to catch up with my girlies I bet my inbox is just full of death threats probably Wrong password. Oh, okay. Well, maybe it’s um, no, that’s the wrong one.. one more for luck I’m gonna do one more for luck Oh for fucks sake alright, Lele Smith I’m so sorry darling, but you’re dead. Oh am I gonna have to curate a brand new entire family? The role of God does come quite naturally to me and I do have a very good three-pronged attack Alright. I’ll do it. Initiate phase one: Make a fake email address Which you use to make a fake Facebook account. Visit “”, pull a bunch of random photos and then call it a family Try and make them as Caucasian as possible because then they can be embarrassing and people will believe it. Phase two: join some groups You’re gonna have to tell these people exactly what they want to hear just to get your foot inside that door Is it not your dying wish to join lady vaxxers in the fight against autism? Well, it’s now your dying wish to join lady vaxxers in the fight against autism, please let me join your group I’m dying so much. Now you have the perfect family and the perfect views, it’s time for Phase three What’s phase three? Oh, yeah Cause drama, the more unnecessary the better. It’s 9:30 in the morning I’m gonna give these guys a few hours to accept me into their groups And then hopefully my facebook feed will be full to the brim with yummy mummys Just trying to navigate this big, bad, cruel world They’re gonna need help, advic,e and more importantly to be told the absolute truth whether they like it or not I can already feel it in my bones. They’re not gonna like it at all. Okay So I was gonna leave it a couple of hours and then come back to a bustling homepage and then tear everyone to shreads However, it has been about…well about 10 days If I’m honest that diagnosed myself with a chest infection, which led to a diagnosis of pneumonia Which led to me taking a whole bunch of morphine and then I just woke up ten days later and Here I am But I’m feeling better feeling great. You’ve got my best single mom jumper on and I’m ready to invade female spaces [o_o] Let’s have a look at some minion memes to kick the day off I just want to quickly say if any mothers get offended by anything. I have to say in this video Please consider just looking after your child instead of watching youtube videos be a responsible parent Yeah, just because I’m white doesn’t mean I won’t say the n-word Yummy mummies have changed always gonna have people saying the n-word it’s been it’s literally printed on pillows on people’s walls tramp stamps at the bottom of their back I’m not even sure what namaste means never laugh at your wives choice is you are one of them. I Don’t to be horrible or anything, but this is a mini page for single bums. None of you are married None of you have the luxury of being a wife you’ve been left on the shelf and don’t ever assume I’ve got a wife again and don’t ever assume if I had a wife that lady would be in charge of her own choices One like and I will send my mum pictures of my asshole So this is what’s wrong with the younger generation You shouldn’t have to get a like on photo on social media to be able to send a photo of your own Asshole to your own mother bloods thicker than water and so is semen it’s not difficult to understand You just need to educate yourselves. If only I had an educational platform to recommend Oh, wait, I do today’s video is sponsored by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community with over 25,000 classes in film production animation Graphic design is graphic design your passion while they also have creative writing if not unload more Premium membership gives you unlimited access to all the classes and courses available So you can join the ones that exactly suit your needs I recommend the iPhone photography class by Darrell McManus to all of my friends because they’re absolutely Incapable of taking a nice photo of me to save their lives if you would like to join me in the 7 million other users on Skillshare in the intellectually elite then click the link at the top of my Description because the first 500 people are getting two months free and then after that it’s only around $10 a month Thanks so much to Skillshare for sponsoring this video I really appreciate it back to it being a good person does not mean you have to put up with other people’s crap You’re a mum your literal job is to pick up after your babies shit. Share kindness is a joy My neighbour is having a party at 9 p.m On a Saturday know the time and the place and it’s not this Probably is actually maybe instead of masquerading as a woman on Facebook. I should masquerade as,, Myself and make some friends and then I might be invited to parties at 9 p.m When it’s that a day instead of pretending to be a single mum Now that’s a lot of effort take charge and don’t apologize for it this is the kind of thing that Hitler if he was alive in 2019 would definitely put that on a tea towel. never be ashamed of a scar It simply means you are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you I guarantee a large Portion of the ladies who are right in this shit had cesareans Which means they are scars going across there your baby tried to kill you. Do you think your baby tried to kill you bloody? Hope it succeeded because at least then there be less people in the world doing this kind of shit You can’t put a flower graphic on top of some text on a path style background then call it advice. It’s embarrassing I don’t listen to family therapists or doctors so Why would I ever listen to this kind of tax her revenge wasn’t loud or petty all nasty? her revenge was silent because burrows Cannot be heard You know what also can’t be heard the sound of me being impressed by literally anything I’ve read so far Motherhood is lying to every way that so many colors in this thing. My brain is burning Motherhood is lying to yourself. Every time you clean out the car and swear you’ll never let them eat in there again How about you develop a little bit self-discipline? Then you will be in this situation you are now looking after kids You can’t handle in hell confidence and exhale doubt the people actually get anything from these kinds of sayings? This one just reminds me of inhale bullshit. Exhale that real shit or wherever the fuck it is Inhale the chloroform exhale your bodily autonomy. I think I’ve seen all the memes I want to see for today time to give some advice Pearls and nuggets of wisdom just all over the place. Why does everybody have such long and intense problems? Hello What the fuck you doing in this fucking female space? Stop invading female spaces them coming in man splaining the world. Hello Hey girls was wondering anyone else is two-year-old. It doesn’t listen and headbutts walls or scratches you when you give them a row I’m kind of getting tired me too I’ve get tired as well darling no matter what I do He seems to run all over me any advice Luckily, I’ve got loads of advice. Actually. I don’t think this is really advice But I’m gonna tell her anyway Are you sure the raccoon and can anyone give advice as to how to get a seven month fee role to take a bottle? She only ever been breastfed before and now won’t take a bottle Got a top tip for you new mums out there. If your baby’s not accepting the bottle. You’ve just got to be strong-willed It’s a literal, baby If you can’t overpower a baby how on earth you’re gonna raise them have another baby and make sure this one isn’t broken Okay, guys, I need ideas on how to get my six-year-old to sleep in her own room Help please Just lock her in hang my upper stomach hurts have no appetite. What could this be? Probably attention sinking. Does anyone else see a faint line? No, you don’t see a faint line I don’t see a faint line. Your boyfriend’s not going to see a faint line. You can’t trap them into a relationship Give up has anyone else ever had a little wanna have pale chalky stools. Stop using so much talc powder Your baby’s got clown lung. Okay. Mommy’s I’ve never had a yeast infection That sounds like someone who’s definitely had a yeast infection, even when I was pregnant with my husband Okay, so they’re from Alabama or one of those funny states I understand and i’s three-year-old son now i’m gonna live in the reality where this is incest and I have an OB appointment today and got told I have A yeast infection. Is there anything else I can do to help the itching until the cream starts working? It’s so annoying Well, you’ve come to the right boy luckily, I’ve got orange and cinnamon essential oil and I have never found anything better on this planet for fix and the pH of a Rotten Fanny slider my DM hon. We’ll get you on a plan You’ll enjoy it so much and if you don’t I’ve got a money-back guarantee. I Guarantee, you won’t get your money back. Tom’s top tip If your doctor says something fucking listen to them unless the Harold Shipman if they’re an angel of death Probably don’t listen to them because they just want to murder you and then probably fuck your dead body. Oh, well, that’s good I’ve been blocked again. I think that’s all the time I’ve got for today’s video if you want to see a part free to this video I have a feeling that Becky Maher could do with some cock or Fanny so I could do a video where I joined Single mum groups and tried to get a piece or two Let me know down below in the comments like this video and subscribe if you want to see that. Thanks for watching I love you guys so much Acting I mean I do a bit so you guys thanks for watching


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