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UCTV News: See how UConn is dealing with the Corona-virus Pandemic.

March 7, 2020

Regan Schiappa:
The states surrounding Connecticut have had confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. UConn
is taking steps to determine the best possible way to keep the students safe and healthy. Regan Schiappa:
UConn has been working closely with state leaders and the local health district on the
Coronavirus planning. UConn also has a group of people at various levels who talk on a
daily basis about planning, response and other logistics, that would need to be considered
if the Coronavirus was detected in the area. Aaron Swahn:
I know like there’s stuff with like the UConn students coming back from Italy, and with
that, if I hear anything about it in Connecticut, I might just not come to school. Regan Schiappa:
Students that are part of abroad programs here at Uconn, including Italy and South Korea
had been required to return to the U.S. And to be quarantined for a 14-day period, while
closely monitoring for symptoms of the illness. These students are able to complete their
coursework back in the States for the term, and earn grades via online and remote learning.
Spokesperson Stephanie Reitz explains in an email, “These students are an important part
of the Uconn community, and their health and safety is our highest priority. Although they
must remain off campus during the 14-day self-quarantine period, the University has assured them it
will do all it can to help with concerns and questions. Regan Schiappa:
After the announcement of the confirmed case of the virus, at UMass Boston, students are
now nervous about the proximity of the virus to the UConn campus. Aaron Swahn:
It’s very nerveracking, I’ll be honest with you because it’s just so close. Denali Johns:
It is kind of terrifying because now we’re kind of surrounded by it. Regan Schiappa:
UConn students are aware of practicing good hygiene. Denali Johns:
Like my mom told me to start washing my hands like a lot more than I even do right now,
and to like start wiping down everything. Regan Schiappa:
But they are not taking the recommended steps of social distancing and avoiding public places. Regan Schiappa:
As the Coronavirus continues to spread, the best thing students can do is frequently wash
your hands and do not share things with others. If you think you are developing symptoms such
as a cough, fever or shortness of breath call ahead to Student Health Services. We’re Uconn
News, I’m Regan Schiappa.

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