Types of People When They’re Sick

November 6, 2019

(coughing) -Are you ok?
-Yeah. Yeah, I’m totally fine. Ew, is that chicken noodle soup in there? I just needed some protein. (sneezes) (cough) (cough) Thanks. VOICEOVER: Dearest Diana… I have let pass a single sneeze this morning and I fear this may be my last. With a heavy heart I publish and declare this to be my last– What are you doing? I’m updating the will. This could be my last day. You have a common cold. It’s not the end of the world. I guess someone’s not getting my Rascal Flatts CDs. (phone rings) Today? Three hours overtime? No problem. You know Vitamin C can cure anything? My mom says it fixed her osteoporosis. Honestly, I’ve never felt better. Ooh! Gummies? No, I’m just feeling under the weather. (fake sneeze) Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna be any better by tomorrow either. Mmk, talk soon. Mmhmm… Yeah, well, uh, we all hope you get to feeling better soon. Yeah. We’ll see you in the morning. Ok, bye. Well what is it? The stomach bug, right? -It’s scurvy.
-Ugh! Who gets scurvy? Yeah! I know, right? I can tell you who doesn’t get scurvy. Uh, that’s this guy right here. Renasant Bank. The best bank in the South. Visit to learn more.

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