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tWitch Gives a Tour of His New Airbnb House

March 11, 2020

tWitch, I see you’re
enjoying the Airbnb still. I am, yeah. It’s nice. Yeah. How’s it going in there? It was great. With the music
playing, I kind of felt like a Disney character,
like you know just– or a Muppet or something,
you know what I mean? You’re adorable up there. Yeah, it’s like– I like seeing you up there. –you can’t see
my legs, you know. I can’t see much going on. Describe what’s in
the room upstairs. Well, Ellen, we have a nice– an abstract motif over
here in the corner, and then, obviously, the picture
of you there, just to remind– on the Ellen-blue background. How many pillows are
on the bed in there? Bed. [LAUGHTER] We’ll say there’s one
pillow on the bed. OK. It kind of– well,
let me show you what we’ve got going on here. OK. It’s like a– you
know what I’m saying? We got the– Oh. [LAUGHTER] OK? Which is very versatile, because
if I fold it down like that– It’s like a pillow. [WHISTLES] Yeah. Yeah. That’s sleep right there. That’s– Yeah. And that’s– You’re like in one of those
little, tiny houses that people buy and move into. Absolutely. They’re very popular. We’ve got it. All right. Let’s talk about what
everybody’s talking about– the corna– what? The coronavirus. [LAUGHTER] Cornelia, I was going to say. Coronavirus. Oh, I hope I don’t have it. There’s a– [LAUGHTER] There’s a lot of
misinformation out there, so make sure you don’t
fall for anything. I do know one thing for
sure, and this will help you protect you from the virus. Luckily, I have a
few of them here. Here’s something
that, no way you’re going to get the virus
if you wear this hoodie. Yeah. See that? Yeah. [CHEERING] You won’t get it. Also, this baseball cap. Have you ever seen
anyone wearing this and have the virus? No. Coincidence? Yes. All right. And then– oh, no. First, there’s a mug. There’s this mug right here. And as long as– yeah, it’s good-looking. [CHEERING] If you don’t let anyone drink
out of it, you won’t get it. [LAUGHTER] 100% protected. Also, this duffel bag is made
out of recycled billboards from here. So every single one of them– [CHEERING] –is unique. There are– I know. Very cool. There are 100 of them. It makes these bags rarer than
a family pack of hand sanitizers is what it does. You can get all these in
the Ellen Shop or online, or online– [CHEERING] –or online. We’ll be back.


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