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TVF’s Conversations with Dad: Daddyji’s Gift

February 21, 2020

Yes, baby!
I’ll buy a new car in six months. No, no. Not middle class type.
I’ll buy SUV. Matte black with alloy wheels. And then we’ll keep going for long drives. Yeah, I was thinking to
save some money… …and the vacation that we’ve
planned, let’s cancel it. Let’s go and watch any movie. Let’s watch Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan.
Your Ayushmann Khurrana is in that movie. And a new guy is also there. His name is Gajraj. Hey, Jeetu! Yeah. There’s no change in CAA and NRC.
Okay, then. Talk to you later. Choose any hand.Choose the right hand. It’s fortunate.What’s this dad? Son, you remember when
you went to the interview… …and you used to say that you want a car
and I used to say that grow up little… …still you won’t get. Yeah, right.
You don’t let me forget such things. You remind me
in each and every class. Son, please forget such things. I’ve changed my mind. What are you saying, dad? Where’s the car? Surprise! Your car? Son, now it’s yours. Go. Enjoy. You’re not dreaming. It’s real. Jeetu! Your posture will remain
straight on this seat. Do you know why? – Why?
– Because it doesn’t recline. I’ve fixed it permanently. Yeah. And this car has complete God’s protection. Goddess cloth is tied on the side mirror. Lord Ganesh is on the dashboard.
No need to break the coconut. And when you’ll take reverse,
a God’s tune will be played. Car’s average is very good. And the appearance is also average. Perfect middle class car.Perfect middle class car!Perfect middle class car!It’s three years old car
but it doesn’t look like. Come. Yeah, dad!
It’s a luxury car but… …if required in Bombay.
I can manage with a bike. And nowadays cab is fine if requires,
no problem in parking and all… …Son, don’t get involved in cabs and all. I’ve seen in the news, because of that
the country’s economy is falling down. Yeah. So to grow the economy,
we should purchase a new car. I’ll purchase it within two to
four months of your choice. SUV and all that too Matte black. Son, the economy of the country is not
going to improve, if you buy alone. It’s a waste of money. We’ve such a beautiful car. Come. 1… 2… The car might be
needed at home also. God forbid, but if mother has to be taken
to the hospital for an emergency, then? Why do we need to take your
mother to the hospital? Did you watch that film where Ayushmann
Khurrana’s senior mom gets pregnant. Why this Ayushmann Khurrana
makes such kind of films? Dad, something else can also happen, right? If something else happens
then I’ll book a cab. It’s very easy. I’m using it for a long time. Wait a minute.
How long have you not been driving? I guess three to four months. Son, I’m a retired man now. There’s no need to drive a car. And without practice, I don’t have
the habit of driving in the traffic. And then taking care
of, cleaning and all… You must be facing a problem
of PUC, insurance as well. There’s so much difficulty in getting an
insurance as it is in finding a girl for you. Your insurance is going
to lapse next week. That Bhatia who is so careful
that he would finish… …the 10th standard syllabus in 8th.
How can he be so careless? who used to get his 10th
class syllabus done in 8th? Son, it’s all because of Chaddha. Actually what always
happens is I used to carry… …a bag of onions from
your uncle’s field… …and give it to Chaddha and Chaddha
would give discount on car insurance. But this time your uncle’s
crop has destroyed. And Chaddha is not accepting without onion. I tried to explain him. Since then I’m behind it. I get 50 calls from agents in a day. And 50 e-mails. But nobody is
ready to give any discounts. I even went to an agent’s
wedding as a witness. See his double standard. He made me as
his witness but did not give any discount. Well, your insurance is done. Oh, my God!
It’s cheaper than Chaddha’s insurance. Such a hard work done so easily. Son! I think somebody is making you fool.
You’re very innocent. Dad, I do the same way for my bike. Chaddha uncle takes onion from
you and commission as well. Acko doesn’t take any
commission that’s why its cheap. See this. Go to… …mention your car
details, policy details… …and its done. It’s so easy. I’ll also get your PUC and everything done.
You please drive this car. You’ve become so smart. Is there any website
who can repair puncture? Dad, all the work can’t
be done through app. Okay. Leave it. After listening to you, I feel more than
me, you can take proper care of this car. Dad, at least try to understand.
All my friends are buying new cars. And I’m taking Daddy Ji’s gift. Son, when I was of your age, my father got me a cycle. And after that, for 22 years, I kept
dreaming of a car but it was not fulfilled. Due to your studies, household expenses. I got Luna with great difficulties. And now, this dream of 22 years, I have
become old after driving for three years. I don’t want this car to get
old like me and that’s why… It’s okay. Old car is good
for learning initially. I’ll take this car only. Yes. Take this car. Hey, hero! Where are you going so
early in the morning? I had to make some changes in
the car so going to garage. Hey, what are you doing? You bikers always do such… – What happened?
– I’ll tell you. Sit. – What’s wrong?
– I’ll tell you. It’s not like this. Son, if you pull the rein of the horse,
you’ll lose control. And this is just a car. This way. You should always take
proper care of the car. – Like a kid.
– Hmm. Exactly. Tell me one thing,
why are you going to the garage? Everything is fine. No. I’ll change the covers. And I’ll change the
colour into matte black. Do you remember,
when I had taken a new car, and during Diwali,
I had sewed a sherwani of same colour. What a nice photo it was, isn’t it? Full matching. It was decorated with flowers. Neighbours thought that I got
married without telling anyone. I’m thinking of changing the
AC, the lighting and all… …and make it as a cool type
Tarzan – The Wonder Car.Tarzan – The Wonder cool type car.I’ll make it a cool car.Okay, so you get down. I should leave.
I’ve given time to the garage guy. – No. You come from that side.
– Huh? That side. What are you doing? Son, nobody is allowed
to do party in my car. I’ve changed my mood. But dad, its a gift.
Why are you taking it back? I’ll give you. I’ll give you a
nice raincoat for rainy season. Matte black. I’ll get it right away. Hey, dad! Where are you going?


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