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TUSD1 – Corona Virus Cleaning and Safety

March 10, 2020

Good morning Tucson Unified Community my name is John Muir and I am your chief operations officer this is Mrs Jana Sanchez shes our solutions coordinator. And this is Mr Steve Katy our custodial coordinator. We wanted to share with you what our Tucson Unified operations department is doing to address the Corona Virus also known as Covid-19 We are currently sending out to all of our sites one stop shopping not to say that we dont have something at the sites right now but we want to ensure that the folks that are out there at sites that have one product that will killl this virus, but also know that this works with the flu this is a good practice that we should be using at our schools, but not only at our schools at our own homes. The chemical product that we will be dispersing is a germicidal cleaner it is called Mediclean We want to ensure and ask that we please don’t bring products from home. bleach and water any kind of product that is not a part of our standard So this product will be sent out with directions and what our intent is to get high touch point areas that our students and our stakeholders are currently touching. Our front doors our cafeteria doors, our buses. So we want to ensure in this short video of what we would like to do and bring in an awareness that cleaning is really important and get this message out that this is a product that does that. Thank you so much for your time and if there is anything we can do to help bring in an awareness to your site please don’t hesitate to call our operations department for more information. Thank you.

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