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February 5, 2020

– Hey guys, how you doin’? My name is Robby and today’s
video is sponsored by TikTok. TikTok is an awesome app
that empowers everyone to be a creator from their smartphone. I posted an exclusive
clip from my next video to TikTok, let’s go check that out. Toby? (sighs) If you guys wanna
see the rest of that clip, all you gotta do is
download the TikTok app, down in the description down below and look up my name, @RobbyEpicSauce. Thank you so much TikTok for
sponsoring today’s video. Now let’s go try out
some TikTok life hacks. (jazzy upbeat music) Woo, okay, guys, so
here’s my lens mug cup, I use it for tea sometimes. We’re gonna use that to
like, balance it on, okay? Here are our forks,
and here’s our quarter. So apparently, all we have to do, oh no, it doesn’t get
stuck, that’s not good. Uh-oh! I think these forks might
be a little too big, so already, it’s not working. Or maybe it’s just
supposed to be like that. I don’t know, let’s try it. Whoa! I don’t know if you guys
can see this or not, but it’s actually balancing. Let’s see if we can go out more. Whoa, whoa! This is actually working! Isn’t that so cool? It’s because the center of
gravity is on this quarter. It’s just kinda chillin’ there. How freaking neat is that? Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one works! (jazzy upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s our
lampshade, here’s our crayons. I got the whole 120 pack so
I can cover this whole thing. This is gonna be a lot of fun, and when I say a lot of fun, I mean it’s gonna take freakin’ forever. Okay, so here we go. Wait which way is this supposed to go? Okay, that would’ve
been really embarrassing if I glued it the wrong way. What is on my hand? Robby what are you doing? (yells) Okay, wow it even comes with
a little crayon sharpener. That’s fun. Not gonna need that. Okay, here we go. (scoff) I actually have to
take all the papers off first. Okay this is gonna take a while. I have to do that first. Get out of here lampshade. (crayons thwack) Okay, here we go. (energetic whirring music) Okay, so I did my best. I am kind of colorblind
so it’s a little hard for me to tell colors
apart from other colors, but I think I did it. It should go red, orange, yellow. Red, orange, oh. Red orange, yellow, green Blue. Purple? Yeah, mostly purple
’cause that’s what this crayon set had for some reason. I hope that these are purple. I don’t know, don’t get mad
if these are the wrong color, okay guys? Okay, so I actually
ended up doing some more because I measured the lampshade and it looks like it wouldn’t
go all the way around with the amount that I did, so I ended up doing double the amount. I didn’t show you because I didn’t feel like
it was that important. Anyway, let’s glue some
crayons to this thing. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, all done. Yeah it looks pretty good, not bad. I actually had all these extra. Oh well, not a big deal. Wow, it looks pretty good. Okay, now it’s time to blow dry this baby. (electronic music) Whoa, okay guys so it’s all done! I think it turned out
pretty freakin’ good! Some of the colors might be
a little bit out of order because I’m a little bit colorblind, but if you guys wanna do this, I’m definitely gonna have
to say that this one works! Also I added this cool light bulb to it. You can’t really see it ’cause
all of my lights are on. One second. Yeah and there we go! I think it looks really nice! It’s actually a purple
light so I thought that that would kind of match this crayon aesthetic. Anyway yeah, I guess
we’re gonna have to say that this one works. (upbeat music) – Okay so here’s our parchment paper. We’re just gonna go ahead
and rip a little piece off. Here are our sprinkles. I should’ve opened this beforehand. Oops. (yells) Okay, which ones should we put? Let’s put some pink. Maybe a little bit of blue. A little bit of orange. Okay, now let’s try this. So it looked like they
just kinda folded it in half like that. So here’s our straightener. Now we’re just gonna go ahead
and I guess heat this up. Oh man, there is so much
stuff on this straightener. I’ve used this for so many hacks. It’s so gross. I really hope that this one works, ’cause then I’ll just have a
giant piece of sprinkle candy. I have this turned all the way up. Oh no I don’t. It goes up one more! Gonna do that. This is taking a lot
longer than I thought. Is it done yet? Nope. That’s definitely, oh this
little piece is stuck together. Maybe I have to do it thinner. Maybe like that. Like super thin. I’m just gonna keep
this on here for a bit. Maybe I should’ve used like a hot iron, like a proper hot iron. I think it’s starting to melt. I can definitely see it. I just have to keep it in one
spot for a really long time. Okay, let’s see. Oh. Ow! Okay, some melted on my hand. This is not really working. It smells good though. Melted sprinkles. These are kinda sticking together. Ow! Okay, one more time. I’m just gonna do this and then I’m just gonna hold
it there for like five minutes. Let’s see, well, five
minutes is a long time. I don’t really wanna just
sit here for that long. Okay, I’ll do it for like
another couple minutes. Okay, it’s been like a minute and a half, let’s see how far this has gotten. That is not stuck together at all. Ah, it’s so hot! Guys, I’m gonna have to go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here are our shoes. Here’s our water shield stuff. I couldn’t get the exact brand,
but this is close enough. It’s like the exact same
thing, so who cares. So what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna spray it on one shoe and then one shoe is gonna
be uncovered with this stuff. So let’s do this. (metal clanking) Oh my gosh. Here we go! It didn’t say how much to spray, so. Oh, maybe it says it on here. It does say that I may have
to repeat as needed, so. (air whooshing) Uh-oh I got some on this shoe. There we go. Okay. That is very sprayed now. As you can see, it’s very
dark ’cause it’s very wet. So I’m just gonna go ahead
and let this dry a day and then we’ll go ahead and test them out. Okay guys, so it’s been a
little bit over 24 hours and this is what they look like. Not bad. This one actually looks
a little bit cleaner now for some reason. I don’t really know why. I guess it just made
all the dirt just kinda seep inside of it, I don’t really know. Anyway. I got this pan so I don’t
get water everywhere. And what I’m gonna go ahead and do, I’m gonna put a paper
towel inside of each one and if it seeps through and this gets wet, we know that it doesn’t work. There’s that one. That one. Okay, looks good. Now this is the one that was sprayed, and this is the one that wasn’t. So, here we go! (water trickling) Whoa! So the one that was
sprayed, it kinda comes off. Uh-oh. I mean, it does kinda bead
off, which is pretty cool. I feel like I probably
need a few more layers. Anyway, here’s the other one. This one has not been sprayed. (water trickling) Did I get them mixed up? I hope I didn’t. I’m pretty sure that I sprayed this one. This one definitely looks like it got soaked in a little bit. It’s a different color. This one’s not too bad. Okay, now let’s see what the damage is. So I’m gonna pull out
the one with no spray. Oh, okay. Nothing. I’m gonna have to pour some
more water on there I guess. Okay, more water. (water trickling) Wow, yeah. That definitely looks a lot
more waterproof than this one. Now let’s see if that did anything. So here is the one that
hasn’t been sprayed. Yep, that’s pretty damp. It’s definitely a little bit wet. So, that’s that one. This one is the one that’s been sprayed. You ready? And, (gasps) no water went through. Wow! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one works! What am I gonna do with
my wet shoes now? (laughs) (upbeat music) (glass shattering) A-ha! Maybe this one. Ooh, that would be good. Oh man, I remember this thing. These oughta do it! Okay, so here are out phones. As you can see, they are
pretty freakin’ cracked. I made sure to get three of them just so we know that this works. If it doesn’t work the first time, maybe it’ll work the second time. Maybe if not the second
time, maybe the third time. And as you can see, we have three different
severities of cracks. Let’s see if this works. So, on the very worst one, let’s try it. You ready? Oh yeah. Yeah, that looks like it’ll be enough. Now we just kinda gotta
buff it out, you ready? (gasps) Oh my gosh, I
think it might be working. Nope, that definitely did not work. The cracks actually look worse now. Okay, so this one’s pretty busted up, so maybe it just didn’t work because it really cracked the screen. Let’s try this one now. As you can see, it’s not quite as bad, but it does have some cracks right there. Here we go. Now we’re just gonna
buff this bad boy out. Okay. Now let’s wipe it off. Oh no. It looks the exact same. Dang, I was really hoping
that this would work. (glass shattering) Okay, maybe on this one? This one just has a
couple small cracks in it. I have confidence that
it’ll work with this one. This one is not bad at all. Okay, now let’s go ahead and buff it out. Yeah, come on! And. Aww man. Yep, it looks like the
phone’s still cracked, guys. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. – Life hack. Take an extension lead. Plug it into itself. Now there’s a constant
flow of electricity. Take a charger. (grunts) And now you can see, it is charging. – [Young Boy] You’re fantasies
can’t ever be quenched. – [Robby] Okay, so here’s our power bar. Where I come from, we call it a power bar. What do you guys call them? Let me know down in the
comments down below. So the first thing we do
is just take this cable, plug it into itself. Then we get my phone charger,
plug that bad boy in, just like that. Oh, fell out. Plug that bad boy in, just like that. Now we’re gonna plug it in and let’s see if anything happens. (sad muted trumpet music) Nothing’s happening! I feel so lied to! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work! (guitar music) (door thudding) – [Man] FBI, open up! – [Robby] Okay, guys. So here is my phone. Here’s my fast charger. Oh, just gotta flip
these over really quick and as you can see, woo, it’s charging! Yay! Okay, so we know that this works. Now let’s see what happens
when I plug this in. Okay, here we go. Switch from wireless
charging to cable charging. Wait, so it only does one at a time! I feel so lied to! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. – Life hack. Take an egg. And spin it as fast as you can in a jug. And now when you crack it,
it should be two yolks. ‘Ey. – Okay, so here’s our
egg, here’s our bowl. Put this in here, hopefully
I don’t freakin’ break it! Here we go. He didn’t say how long to do it for, so I’ll just to it for
a minute or something. Let me get a clock actually. Okay, so I’m gonna do it for
one minute, starting now. (fast paced piano music) Okay, that was the longest
freakin’ minute of my life. Now let’s see what’s inside. You ready? There’s only one yolk. There’s only one yolk! (yells) Well guys, I guess we have to say that this one doesn’t work! Woo! Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure
you give it a thumb up, it looks something like this,
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it and look up my name. My name is Robbyepicsauce. If you guys wanna watch me do even more fun life hacks and crafts,
I have a whole playlist that I made of me doing them right here! If you guys are new, make sure
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