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Trying to Escape LIBERTY CITY!

February 28, 2020

– [Prudence] Our car has broken down. – I can see that, smart one. – What are you waiting for, fix it. – I don’t know how to fix cars. – What were you doing all those times dad was showing you how to fix cars? – Sleeping. – That’s just great, Zack. – We have to get it fixed. – Maybe we can ask those
nice ladies for help. – [Random Lady] I’d eat you
if that’s what it takes. – Something tells me they
won’t be much help, Prudence. – Sure they can. – Prudence–
– Hey, lady. – Oh, God. – Hey! Yeah, yeah, you in the green. Can you help us? – Hi, I’m Misty. You two looking for a good time? – I think we all like good times, but we were actually wondering if you could help us with our car. – Oh, sure. One of my favorite clients,
Joey, owns a garage. He can fix this right up for ya. – One of your clients? – Uh-huh. – What kind of a client– – Where’s his garage? – Right around the corner. I can take you to him if you want. – That’d be great. – Your engine is completely shot. You’re gonna need a whole new motor. – How much will that cost? – 5000. – Holy (beeps). – We can’t afford that. – Come on, Joey, they’re some nice kids, give them a discount, huh? – Here’s what I can do. How about you two do me a favor, and I’ll knock half the price off for you. – What kind of a favor? – It’s real simple. There’s a special car out back. I want you to take that car, park it outside Marco’s
Bistro in Portland, and walk away. – That’s it? – That’s it. – Something doesn’t feel
right about this, Prudence. – Zack, it’s just dropping off a car. What’s the harm in that? – Are you two in or not? – We’ll do it. And this is the place. – [Zack] Now what? – [Prudence] We just walk
away like Joey said, I guess. – [Man] My mother’s my sister. – [Prudence] You know, that
Joey guy must be very lazy if he didn’t wanna park his own car. – Don’t you think he was kind of weird? – Weird how? (dramatic music) – I don’t know. He kind of reminded me of those
mobster guys you see on TV. (dramatic music) – Zack, he’s a mechanic. I doubt he’s a freaking mobster. (screaming) – What the hell was that? – Sounded like a firework. – That’s a really big firework, Prudence. – It’s gotta be those Vega fireworks. What are these stars? – Who cares? I just wanna get out of this city before things get more weird. And it just got more weird. – You two the ones who
did the job for Joey? – Uh, yeah. – Good, get in. – We don’t even know you. – I’m a friend of the family. Get in the car. – Well, if you’re a
friend of Joey’s, why not? – Prudence, no. – [Prudence] Come on, Zack. Ooh, this is nice. Zack, you gotta see this (beeps). – Damn it. – Just wait here. – So you’re the two that pulled
off that job at the bistro. – Yeah, I mean– – Just parking a car. – Wasn’t that hard. – Exactly what I’m looking for. Listen, I’ll throw some cash
away if you can help me out. – If it’s easy like Joey’s job, sure. – Excellent. Some of my girls around town have been getting
SPANK from Diablo. I want you to take care of this problem. – Oh, definitely. Can’t have your girls
getting spanked like that. – They need a piece of
stash behind Ammu-Nation. – A piece of what? – I have no idea. – [Man] Where’s my damn tool? – That’s not a real gun. – That’s a real gun, Prudence. – It’s no way, it’s gotta be a prop. – Okay, this is all
getting kind of freaky. – Hmm, it’s kinda heavy,
I’ll give them that. – First we’re sent on
these random missions, and now there’s gun involved? – The detail in this is insane. – Prudence, will you
put that down, damn it. A cop might see you. – Fine, jeez. (pinging) (pinging) (grunts) – Prudence, you could’ve hurt somebody. – How was I supposed to
know it would go off? – Because it’s a freaking gun. – I doubt I hurt anyone, Zack. – Look, forget this job. I say we ditch and go somewhere to plan a way out of this crap. We’ve gotta get out of
this city right now. – We can’t. – What do you mean, we can’t? – How, Zack? How are we gonna leave the city? – I don’t know. We’ll take a bus or a cab or something. – Mom will kill us if we
don’t come back with the car. Plus the bridge out of the city is shut down for some reason, and won’t be open until later today. – Great. You just had to open your mouth
and get us into this mess. – What mess? Everything has been fine. Plus, we’re getting paid. – You shot a gun. – It went off by itself. – Hey, you two. – Hi. – You Prudence and Zack. – Yeah, we are.
– Never heard of them. – What? – Yes, we are Prudence and Zack. Who are you, Mr … – Toni. I own this place. – Oh, well it’s a nice location. – Your pizza sucks. – Zack.
– What? – It’s true. – I’ve heard good things about you, so I’ll let that wise crack slip. My boss, Salvator wants to meet yous two. – Why? – He’s heard about your work. – All we did was park a (beeps) car. – Sure, sure, I park cars, too. – What? – Heard you guys need money. My boss could hook you up
with the gravy you need. – Give us a second. I don’t know about gravy,
but we need that cash. – No, no, and no. – What if it’s just another
easy job like parking a car? – No, Prudence. We’re not going. I hate you. – This is a nice place
you’ve got here, Mr S. – Thanks, kid. I’ve heard a lot about ya. – Oh, yeah. She can park a mean car. – Shut up, bitch. My driver instructor said I was top of my class
when I got my license. (grunts) – Let’s get down to business. Mrs Colombian cartel whore Catalina has been pushing her stuff on my turf. I want her taken out. – Taken out where? – I like your spirit, kid. I say jump, and you say how high. That’s gonna get you far. I got it set up so that she thinks she’s meeting with out of
state business partners, and that’s where you two come in. – We’re the business partners? – Exactly. You get in her house,
and you take her out. – Uh, okay. – Sounds simple, I guess. – So where’s Catalina? – Just wait in here, comprende? – It’s Prudence. – Wow. – This lady must be really rich. Look at this place. – I have a bad feeling about this. – What else is new? – Prudence, did you not hear that guy? He said Colombian cartel. Do you know what that means? – Zack, come on. – These people are dealing drugs. – Cartel could stand for a lot of things. It’s a shipment. A cartel of furniture. – I don’t think you get a house like this selling furniture, Prudence. – Look, just calm down. Everything’s gonna be fine. – Hey. What is going on here? – Are you Catalina? – Yeah, that’s me. How about you two? – Prudence and Zack. We’re here to take you out.
– What? – Yeah, where do you wanna go? – Wait, wait, wait, why
are you telling me this? – Telling you what? – You were sent here to take me out, so why would you tell me this? – Oh, (beeps). Was that supposed to be a surprise? – Way to go, Prudence. – I know what’s going on. You two were sent here by that
idiot, Salvator, weren’t you? – Yeah. – And he wanted you to take me out? – That was the plan. – But you snitched because you wanted to work for me instead. – Well, that’s not exactly wh– – You chose the ride side, amigos. Whatever that dumbass is paying
you, I’ll pay you double. – Seriously? – Yes. That still wouldn’t be
enough to pay for the car. – Car? – Yeah, our car has broken down at Joey’s and we don’t have the cash to pay for it. – Tell you what. I have an inside man, Curly Bob. I’ll give him the cash
to pay for your car, and have it dropped here within hours. – That would be great. – What’s the catch? – I need you to take care
of my ex-boyfriend, Claud. I’ve called him for a meeting here later. – Okay, yeah, we’ll take him anywhere. – We’ll be doing an exchange outside, and when I say, “Goodbye, lover.” I want you to take him out. – By surprise? – Of course. Are you two armed? – Yeah, we have arms. – That’s a dumb question. – It’d be kinda hard to
drive without arms, Catalina. – Good. We strike in two hours. – Oh, that must be the
briefcase full of money that Catalina was talking about. – This doesn’t look shady at all. – Oh, Claude. All you had to do was stay out of the way. But it’s too late now. Goodbye, lover. – [Both] Surprise. – What the hell are you to idiots doing? Take him out. – It’s not nice to yell. – Rude. (dramatic music) – What is happening? – Let’s get out of here. – [Prudence] Do you wanna talk about it? – [Zack] No.


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