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Trying New Anti-Nausea/Sickness Meds For My Chronic Illness – My Diagnosis Journey [CC]

February 2, 2020

hey guys so today I thought I would do
another update hopefully this one doesn’t look like it’s filmed on a
potato like last times was because that was pretty horrific and I apologize
for that I’m filming on my actual camera this time
not my phone because it just looked horrible
but yeah so just went to another appointment as I said in my last video I
was gonna try and book a GP appointment just to kind of get the ball rolling on
some other things now that the kind of like cardiologist side of it is kind of
like underway there’s nothing else I can really do on that side of it so I went in
today and I was asking about mainly my sickness because my nausea has been
so bad it’s like stopping me from going out doing stuff so she did actually
prescribe me some meds to take I can’t take them all the time because they can
interfere with my PoTs which is great so I have to kind of like save them for
bigger days when I’m like going on a full day out and stuff like that so I’m
going to try and test them out and see how they go because I have a big plan
big day planned a couple of days from now we’re going to the Harry Potter studios
and I’ve never been before and it is for both of my best friend’s birthdays so
we’re all kind of going it’s going to be fun and I don’t want to like sit and feel sick
the whole time so I’m going to try them out then I’m probably gonna try them out
tomorrow just to make sure that I don’t get any like wild side effects from it
so I’m not like dying on the day but if they end up being great then I will use
them as and when I kind of need them on bigger days out and stuff I know I’m
going to walking around a lot so that was a positive hopefully those end up
working out well and then I was talking kind about the mobility side of it
because I have had to start using wheelchairs and things when I go into
supermarkets mainly because again it gets to that like 10 15 minutes and then
I start to feel like ridiculously sick to the point where I need to either like
sit down lay down whatever so we’ve been using wheelchairs which is very easily
accessible in most modern supermarkets and they’re free and easy to find and
I’m quite happy to be wheeled around it feels weird because I’ve never been in a wheelchair before quite happy I had a great shopping trip
my mama had a quick shopping trip shouldn’t we’re having difficulty
pushing me about or anything it’s just weird to be so low down
perspective wise other than that I’m quite happy and asking if I could
potentially have any other illnesses as my cardiologist asked if I had
Fibromyalgia or if I had ME or if I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos kind of difficult to say – I have joint pain and stuff so I have been referred to a
rheumatoid specialist that’s another thing I have to wait for and in the
meantime I get to do another blood test so I’m like 80% sure I’ll probably faint
again but I’m going to be laying down this time I’m going to make sure that I
lay down and that might change a lot of stuff with obviously PoTs I’m at my best
when I’m lying down so if that changes things and actually make it through it
without fainting then that’s that’s grand so if anyone else has a phobia of
like having their blood taken please do let me know I obviously dealt with it
last time it was mildly traumatic but I did it and it helped but I just find it
kind of difficult and I know asking for advice is kind of pointless because by
the time this goes up I would have had my blood test like months ago but um but
yes I have to have another one of those so I can have some more specialist tests
done for the rheumatoid referral so basically all I’m waiting on now is my
heart echo, testing out these new meds and then I’ll see how that goes so next
update I have no idea what that’s gonna be like I probably won’t be for a while
probably won’t be until after Christmas now depending on when I get booked in
for all my things because I’ve got to book in for my blood test obviously and
that will lead to my rheumatoid referral and then I’ve got to get my echo sorted out I
also got my letter for the first ever cervical screening so that’s another
thing I need to book in for obviously not as bad as most you know
these blood tests and things I’d probably rather have a cervical screening than
have a blood test and some people might think thats weird but in my case I’d rather
people be looking at my lady bits than be sticking a needle in my arm so
there’s that I’m not sure how anyone else feels about that I thought I’ve
mentioned what medication they put me onto just in case anyone’s interested
*tries to pronounce medication and fails* I’m trying but it is this one here which
obviously I can only use sparingly I guess she gave me just a box just to
try out, it’s used for a lot of other things too which is kind of interesting
used for anxiety sometimes used for mental illness used for lots of other
stuff so that’ll be interesting to see if that affects any like brain mood
things because obviously it’s kind of just stopping the sickness feeling and
dizziness feeling which I get every single day so um so yeah we’ll see how that – we’ll
see how it goes but that was the name of it I cannot pronounce it to save my life
and we’ll see how that goes and if I have a bad reaction or I have a good
reaction maybe I will do a little update about that after I’ve taken it a few
times and see how it goes so yeah thank you guys for watching I hope you’ve
enjoyed my little update and I will see you guys soon

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