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December 22, 2019

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name’s Robby and today we’re
doing somethin’ I always do. We’re doing a bunch of crafts. But before we begin there’s one thing that I have to tell you guys. T-Series is still almost
beating PewDiePie. I know, it’s a huge problem. We can’t let the king of
YouTube get overthrown. So what I want you all of you to do is go to PewDiePie’s channel and tell him that he can beat T-Series
by making crafts. I know it’s a stretch and it sounds crazy, but I think it’ll work. Even Mr. Beast knows this. He has a whole channel now dedicated to him doing life hacks and crafts. Felix, if you’re watching this, you know what to do. Anyway, let’s do some life hacks! (cheering) (upbeat music) So I don’t have any
lipstick so I’m gonna see if Tori has any that I can borrow. Lipstick, are you in here? Ouch, oh, that’s not even
makeup, what the heck? Where’s Tori even keep her makeup? Oh, it was right out in
front of me the whole time. Maybe in the bathroom? Maybe one of these will work? This kinda looks like lipstick. Sure, let’s go with that one. Okay, so the first step was
put the makeup on the finger. Awesome, makeup is on my finger. Then we get our tape, put it on there, and then get that fingerprint. Yeah sure, that’s good fingerprint. Oh yeah, that’ll totally work. Okay, so just to show
you guys that this phone does unlock with my fingerprint, I’m just gonna, boop. It’s unlocked. Do that again, put my
finger on it, it’s unlocked. Now, we’re gonna try it with this one. So it looked like she just kind
of put it on another finger. So I’m just gonna put it on
my middle finger right here. Now, boom. It’s basically my finger that
I used to unlocked my phone. This is my regular finger that I use, this is not my regular finger. This is my regular
finger, unlocks perfectly. Now we’re gonna try it with this finger. Ready? It’s not unlocking. It doesn’t seem to be working! I feel like now it’s just a
mixture of my two finger prints. I’m gonna try it one more time. Okay, so makeup on finger, tape on finger, we now
have my fingerprint. Now, I’m gonna put it on the phone and see if it unlocks
without me touching it. Maybe if I put tape over my finger so that I don’t mess with
the actual fingerprint. Boom, let’s try this. It doesn’t seem to be unlocking my phone. So I’m gonna say that
this doesn’t work guys! (upbeat techno music) Okay, so first step, water. Second step, boil the water. (Robby claps)
Water’s boiled, then we add our tinfoil. Boop! I guess I’m just supposed
to boil it just like that. Baking soda, even though I
could totally be sarcastic and just add regular soda
like they said in the video. I’m gonna put a lot because I don’t know how much I’m supposed to put. Gonna let this do it’s thing,
I guess for a little bit. Here’s our copper key, let’s see if it’ll change color. I’m not sure how long I’m
supposed to leave this in for. Let’s pull it out. Is it silver? I don’t know. Okay, that doesn’t quite look silver. Throwin’ it back in. I’m gonna go ahead and let this sit for five minutes and I’ll be back. Okay, let’s see what the results are. It still looks the same,
I don’t understand. What is this supposed to do? Maybe if I put more
tinfoil in, I don’t know? I’m gonna try it with the tin foil like this on the outside. We’re gonna add some more baking soda too, just to be safe. Oh no, I almost lost it. It’s still not turning silver. What is supposed to be happening here? I don’t understand. Oh, what’s this? Oh, that’s just where the
baking soda dried onto it. Oh my God, this is about to overflow. I guess this one doesn’t work. Sorry, guys! (upbeat music) Oh boy, this is gonna be fun! So we got our condoms. I can’t wait for my new wrist cushion. Whoo! Ew, it’s already so slimy. Fill it up. There we go. Oh, yeah! This looks like it’s gonna be the best wrist cushion I’ve ever had. Ewah! Whee! I have so many fond memories with condoms. (laughing) (upbeat music) (yelling) Ah! – [Girl] Oh, it’s in your hair! (Tori yelling in slow motion) – Oh, man, I am so excited
to use my new wrist cushion. Don’t need this one anymore! Oh yeah, that works. That’s perfect! I love it! This is the best life hack I’ve ever done! It’s not lubey or slippery at all, it’s perfect for using my mouse. Yes, I love it! What’s (beep) wrong with the internet? I wonder if I can put it on my camera. Can you still see me? Oh, you can see my face! I don’t know why it’s so fun to play with water filled condoms. (upbeat music) Okay, boys, we got our steak. Ooh, that’s a nice looking piece of meat. Now, we’re gonna try and torch this baby. I don’t see why this one wouldn’t work. I mean, it’s basically the same thing as cooking a steak on a grill. Oh, that thing is sizzling. It’s like popping. Okay, this is just a touch scary, guys. Can you eat like propane once it’s like, can you eat this still? I feel like this is gonna
set off my fire alarm. Okay, lets flip these bad boys over. Oh, that is not cooked on that side. Okay, now to cook the other side. I mean, it seems to be working fine. Oh don’t mind me, I’m
just cooking my steak with a blowtorch. (fire alarm beeps) Yep, I knew it! I knew that was gonna happen! Holy (beep)! Don’t worry, everyone,
I was just cooking steak with a blowtorch. Ah, okay where was I? – [Tori] Is It working? – [Robby] It’s working, see? I don’t know if it’s like
actually edible though. – [Tori] I mean I would assume so. – [Robby] Like, it’s just propane. It’s like the same stuff
you use in your grill. It’s getting so hot
it’s melting the paper. Do you wanna try some of this steak, Tori? – [Tori] I’m gonna pass on it. – [Robby] You wanna pass
on eating the steak? – [Tori] (coughs) Sorry, you
can have it all to yourself. (fire alarm beeps) – [Robby] Oh, it happened again. Okay, good thing we’re almost done guys. This looks pretty good. Okay so, Eddie’s a professional cook. What do you think about this? – [Eddie] Looks medium. – [Robby] Looks about medium? Is that good? – You’d eat that right? – [Robby] I’m gonna try this. You wanna try this with me? – (sniffs) I think I’ll pass. – [Robby] You wanna try
eating some of my steak? – I’m good. – [Robby] Come on! It’s good steak, it’s gourmet. I made it with a blowtorch. You’re gonna lick it? No, I’m gonna eat it! I’m gonna try eatin’ this bad boy. Okay, boys, now its time to
try this beautiful steak. Ooh, it’s cooked all the way through. Look at that!
(cheering) I mean, it’s a little
bit pink on the inside, but that’s not bad. Yep, its a steak. (laughs) It’s a little bit chewy. It’s not the best steak I’ve ever had. It’s not bad though,
considering I cooked it with a blowtorch. Yeah, it’s cooked just right, kinda. I mean, like I said, it
is a little bit chewy. A little bit of red inside,
a little bit of pink. I’m gonna have to say it works! (upbeat music) Oh wow, this life hack
isn’t body shaming at all! I love it! Okay guys, so this is my tummy. It could be flatter, right? It could absolutely be flatter. So we’re just gonna get our tape and then apparently just like that. Do another piece. This is so ridiculous. I’m just putting tape on my back. It’s good. Okay, did it do anything? I don’t know, I feel like
I look about the same. What do you guys think? Do I look the same? I feel like I look pretty much the same. So this is with the tape on me and then this is without the tape on me. Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and say that this didn’t work for me. (upbeat music) Huh, you guys thought that
the blowtorch was crazy, I can’t wait to try this one! I just know for a fact if
you try and fish something out of the toaster with a fork, you’re gonna get electrocuted. So I feel like putting tinfoil in the toaster isn’t the best idea. But you know what? Five Minute Crafts has
never let me down before. So I’m gonna put my full trust in them. (tin foil crinkling) There we go. Awesome, it’s the perfect
size for the toaster. Okay, so we got our
steak, we got our toaster. I’m actually gonna hook
this up to a surge protector because I don’t trust it
to not burn down my house. Okay, now we just put it in the toaster. I’m gonna put it on extra dark. And now we wait ten minutes. This is so like disconcerning. I really hope this doesn’t
like burn down my house. I’ll see you guys in ten minutes or when this thing catches fire. No, no, no, you’re not ready yet. Okay, fifth time.
(timer beeps) Okay, time is up! Gonna fish this bad boy out. Oh man, okay. Ooh, it’s dripping. It’s a juicy steak! I’m gonna unplug this for safety. Let’s go inside and unwrap this baby. (sighs heavily) Okay guys,
now time to unwrap this baby. Oh, man, ooh. It is nice and hot still. It doesn’t look like
it’s all the way cooked. I don’t know how I feel about that. I think it still might
be a little bit rare. Eddie, you’re the cooking expert. What do you think of this? – [Eddie] Looks better than the last one! – Does it?
– Yeah! – Would you eat this? – [Eddie] Yeah. – Okay, try it. – [Eddie] Can you like,
eat it first and then– – You want me to eat it and then I’ll spit it into your mouth? – [Eddie] Yeah, let’s do that. – Oh, (spits) it tastes like tinfoil. This is awful. (gags) I can’t do it. I feel like I’m literally eating tinfoil. I don’t even wanna put this in my mouth. It looks like it’s not
even cooked all the way. I think the tinfoil melted onto my steak. (gags) It’s so gross. Does anyone wanna try this steak? I’m gonna go ahead and say
that this one doesn’t work. Sorry, guys. (snorts) Okay guys, now its
everyone’s favorite part where I recreate the thumbnail! (Robby cheers) So we get our tinfoil. Kind of just crumble it
up to make it into a ball. I’ve actually done this before, it’s called the Tinfoil Ball Challenge. I made a whole series
of three videos where I do weird shit with the tinfoil balls. Probably gonna (beep) up
the microwave really good. They’re really funny. Go ahead and watch ’em if you guys want. Yeah, that looks about the right size. Okay, that should be good. (camera shutter clicking) (upbeat music) So I bought bananas for this and they’re already kind of going bad. They didn’t look like
this when I bought them, I swear, I think they
just got a little bruised. Anyway, apparently if you put tinfoil all over the stem of it,
it’ll keep it fresh longer. Yeah, that looks like it’ll work. Okay, I’ll show you guys the
results in a couple of days. – [Man] Day two. – Okay, so it’s been about two days. This is how our bananas look. Oh, man. I’d say that they’re both
pretty equally messed up. They definitely look
like they’ve aged a lot. I don’t think that putting
tinfoil on the stem really did anything, in
fact, this one actually looks like it’s even more
messed up a little bit. Well, yeah, I’d definitely say that these are about the same. They both look like they’ve
gone through (beep). I’m gonna have to say this one’s busted. (upbeat music) Man, I’ll tell you what, these life hacks are getting harder and harder to do. So first, I’ve gotta put
a thumbtack in my paper. I mean, now I got two holes in my paper. Then I got my string. Snip, snip! Now apparently, I should be
able to draw a perfect oval now. Oh, thumbtack fell out. Grab my favorite pen.
(pen clicks) Okay, here we go. Wish me luck, guys! Oh (beep), it flew out again. Oh, that just popped out. As you can see, it’s workin’ pretty good. Let’s try it with a different one maybe? Ah ha, perfect circle,
perfect oval, every time! See, it’s a perfect oval! Don’t like how big that one is? Let’s make it longer then, I
guess, that’s how it works. Oh (beep), how does that keep flying out? Ugh, my paper is so ripped now. So I mean, it’s kind of working. It’s just a little bit impractical because now you have holes in your paper. So I guess we can say this one works. Okay guys, if you liked the video make sure you hold
thumbs up on some of this fire right down there. If you guys like this video and you guys wanna watch me fail at even
more Five Minute Crafts stuff, I have a whole playlist dedicated to that! Click right here! If you guys are new and wanna watch more of my videos in the future, hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this
shirt, some stickers, or any of my other merch, you can click right here or down in the
description down below. Okay guys, I love you so much. I’ll see you guys again real soon! Peace, love and WiFi. Okay, Bye! Ah!


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