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True Cellular Detox – CHTV 76

August 21, 2019

David: Morning, everyone. Welcome to Cellular
Healing TV, Episode 76. My name is David Asarnow, and I am here with Dr. Pompa. Good morning,
Dr. Pompa. Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Good morning. David: How are you? Dr. Pompa: Incredible!
David: Awesome! We’ve got a exciting topic today. We’re going to talk about the 180° Solution,
strategy number five, which is True Cellular Detox™. Dr. Pompa: Yeah. David: Dr. Pompa,
people believe that they’re taking the perfect diet. They’re doing what you’re saying.
They’re intermittent fasting. They’re incorporating diet variation. They’re exercising,
but they’re still not getting results. Why? Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Even weight loss, which we
call weight loss resistance, can be a toxic issue, and not only that, there’s just how
you feel. Most people that have fatigue, brain fog, can’t sleep, anxiety, these are neurotoxins.
This strategy is something that I still do periodically in my life. However, this strategy
is the one that gave me my life back and thousands of others. You know, David, this is what we
do different, right here. True Cellular Detox™, I named it such because most, if not all,
of the detox that you hear and see people talk about is not True Cellular Detox™.
It’s not far enough upstream to get to where the real epidemic is, David, and that’s
the cell. On this show, I think we pound that point pretty well. If you don’t fix the
cell, you’re never going to get well. If you don’t detox the cell, per today’s
show, you’re never going to get well, and it’s not real detox. David: It’s not just
eating, and so many people say, “I eat, and I live a very clean lifestyle.” Dr.
Pompa: That was fine years ago. The person who did that, they would no doubt reap health.
Today, we are exposed to so many different toxins, David, the game has changed. Even
in the last 10 years – David, since we grew up, things have changed. Our kids are exposed
to things that we were never exposed to. The amount of vaccinations, the chemicals in all
the products we put on our body, so many of these things are neurotoxins. Yeah, in the
article that I released – matter of fact, those of you who want more information, I
released an article last week or the week before, maybe Friday. It is right now headlined,
the five strategies on my website under Articles. If you put in the search bar True Cellular
Detox™, you will find strategy five, which is, in fact, True Cellular Detox™ article.
I have all the details there. In the article, I talk about living life in the generations
of the lead generation, which our parents did, and so did we. It wasn’t until 1978
that lead actually was taken out of things, and it’s still in generations – as a matter
of fact, it’s estimated to be four generations that are going to basically inherit the lead
from their parents. My kids were loaded with lead – we talked about this in past shows
– because of my wife, who got it from her mother. We grew up in the mercury generation,
as well. Amalgam fillings – our parents were the first to receive amalgam fillings,
and of course, they loaded it up. I think our generation is the mercury generation with
the overload of vaccines, and all these things, and of course, the amalgam fillings. I was
exposed to massive amounts of mercury that went into my brain in contact lens fluid,
for goodness sakes, which, of course, was outlawed later in the 90’s. The point is
is that we have been exposed to more neurotoxins than any generation by far, and we’re reaping
the harvest with autoimmune diseases, unexplainable diseases, and just even people who can’t
lose weight despite what they eat. That is the consequences of the toxins we’ve been
exposed to unknowingly, most often. David: The scary thing is it’s happening at a younger
and younger age. My daughter just graduated high school, and she knows three people who
have Crohn’s and been in the hospital because of it, which is an autoimmune. Dr. Pompa:
That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. We see autoimmune. We see cancer. We see chronic fatigue, hormone
disregulation in children today. Come on. David, when we grew up, there was a couple
kids that had inhalers and weren’t healthy. Now kids are allergic to everything. It’s
rampant. We have cancer in kids that’s superceding accidents as the number one cause of death.
What’s going on? What really is going on? I tell you, David, my fear is when my children,
their generation, hits their 30’s, all hell is going to break loose, so to speak. What
are we going to do? We think that we’re going to solve the healthcare crisis by a
better insurance plan or worse yet, government plan? Come on. This is really about understanding
what’s really happening at the cellular level. David, I think most practitioners talk
about detox. I mean, okay, look. The allopathic side of things, regular medicine, if you will,
they’re not talking about detox. The system’s not set up for that. They don’t even acknowledge
it. They’re down there trying to cover symptoms with medication. There’s a time and a place.
It’s not their world, but the alternative side, which is more of our world, I think
I get more frustrated sometimes with because they’re really doing the same things with
more vitamins and minerals, and they’re really not getting upstream to why people
are sick today. Let’s say that they do. Say that, “Yeah, we detox in this office,
and we’re going to put you through detox.” I hear this all the time, David. “Oh, I’ve
done a detox.” “Yeah, I did a 10-day cleanse,” that they got from their healthcare provider,
or “They put me on a 30-day cleanse.” Oh! What if it even was a three-month cleanse?
I mean, come on. We’ve been bioaccumulating these toxins since the time we were kids,
and all of a sudden, we’re going to do a 10-day cleanse, a three-month cleanse, and
think that we’re healthy – or a colon cleanse, or they’ve done this juice fast,
or something. Really, it all really pales in comparison. The epidemic is upstream at
the cell. That’s what we need to fix. That is the beginning of True Cellular Detox™.
David: Before we get into True Cellular Detox™, let’s talk a little bit about your body
as a bucket, and how that works, and why, all of a sudden, things happen. It’s almost
like overnight. Dr. Pompa: Yeah. I think the comparison is a very simple one. If we think
about our body as bucket that accumulates toxins – this is a very simple analogy,
but, I think, effective. First of all, I’ll say this: Every one of us have a genetically
different size bucket, some bigger than others. “How come my wife or husband’s not sick?
He’s got fillings in his mouth. He’s doing this or that.” Maybe genetically, he has
a bigger size bucket. Maybe he has better downstream pathways that empty the bucket.
Then also, there’s the factor of less exposure. Some people have had far less exposures than
others, so these things determine when you get sick. I’ll say this: I don’t care
how big your bucket is today. It’s a matter of – look. Our parents got sick in their
60’s and 70’s. Our generation – I’ll be 50 here in a couple months – started
getting sick in their 30’s, 40’s at best. The generation today is getting sick at teenagers.
What’s coming next? I don’t care who you are, how good your genetic pathways are, it’s
eventually going to happen if you don’t avoid some of these things that – especially
what I call the big boys, which we’ll talk about later or the three amigos. Those are
the guys, these big toxins, that shut down the detox pathways, and then we start seeing
all the little symptoms start. “I’m fatigued.” “I can’t sleep.” “I’ve got brain
fog.” Irritability – you can go through the list, but those are the things that we
start seeing rearing their ugly head, if you will. David: What is True Cellular Detox™?
Dr. Pompa: Yeah. True Cellular Detox™ – I’ll make it very simple. There’s three parts
to True Cellular Detox™, so we can discuss three parts. There’s also three phases to
True Cellular Detox™. If you think of it as in three parts, components, and three phases,
I think that’s the best way to define it. Component number one is – we really have
to get the cell working. This is where my 5 Rs comes in. We want to upregulate cellular
function. I’ve written a lot about the 5 Rs as a roadmap to fixing the cell. If you
don’t fix the cell, you will never get well. If you don’t fix the cell and its pathways,
you’re never going to truly detox because, again, it’s not to be downstream doing a
colon cleanse, although that’s great. That’s one of the detox pathways that need to be
open, so that can be helpful, but ultimately we have to get upstream. We have to fix the
cell. That is one of the very, very important components is that we have to utilize the
5 Rs in fixing the cell.   Second component is we have to open up the downstream detox
pathways because when we start really going after it, upregulating cell function, the
body’s going to start unloading toxins. Then what happens is we have to have these
downstream detox pathways open and ready. Think about that as another component.   The
third component is using true binders. See, you have to use true binders. Most people
are using different herbal components, different things that really aren’t true binders.
They’re not able to hold onto a toxin, and bring it all the way through that system,
and out of the body. Fix the cell, that’s where the 5 Rs comes in, opening up downstream
detox pathways and cellular pathways, David. Those pathways obviously need to be opened
up, and then the third component is using true binders that we utilize to pull the toxins
completely out of the body.   What are the three phases then that we go through? We do
a preparatory phase to open up these pathways. Get the cell just moving enough not to detox,
but just to get the function of the cell upregulated just enough to make things happen and get
the person healthy enough to be able to detox. We open up pathways like the gut, the liver,
the kidneys, even the lymphatic system. We get those downstream detox pathways working.
  The last component – that’s the preparatory phase. I’m sorry. Then we have a body phase
where we start going after the toxins utilizing these true binders. Then we have a brain phase.
Preparatory phase, open up pathways, body phase, brain phase. Three phases, three components. 
I think when I go to the board here, I can show it and exemplify that even a little more.
I think you have some other questions before I do.   David: Yeah. You said it, about several
minutes ago. You talked about the three amigos robbing your vitality and said, “We’ll
get to it.” Let’s get to it. What are the three amigos that rob people’s vitality?
  Dr. Pompa: When we think about True Cellular Detox™, we can upregulate cell function.
We can get these toxins from its most upstream source. David, you’ve heard me teach the
doctors this: If your patient is not progressing fast enough, if your patient’s not progressing,
if they just seem like they’re stuck, then you have missed something upstream. Isn’t
that the criticism even of alternative doctors? They’re just simply not upstream enough.
They’re giving vitamins, minerals, and a bunch of different supplements, but the key
– how I got my life back – how so many very, very, chronically sick people get their
lives back – the only way is to remove the source.   These, I call the three amigos
because we’re surrounded by thousands of different toxins, millions perhaps. The point
is it’s these three that are so nasty, that are so strong, that it shuts down the detox
pathway, and now – detox pathways at the cell and downstream, and now what happens
is we start bioaccumulating and stockpiling almost all the toxins that we are confronted
with on a daily basis, whether it’s from our food, whether it’s from our make-up,
whether it’s from our cleaning products, or just the outside air.   What happens is
we start keeping these toxins in our tissue because the three amigos, one, two, or maybe
three of them come shut down these pathways. What are they? Heavy metals, that’s the
ones that got me. I said that we grew up in the lead generation, the mercury generation.
These guys are huge in our life. Most people [0:14:02]. They’re big; they’re nasty;
they’re heavy.   Your regular detox pathways struggle to get rid of them. They bioaccumulate
particularly in the nerve tissue, hence neurotoxin, the brain. Think heavy metals, think brain
poisoning. That’s the problem. That’s why we have a brain phase. We’ll talk more
about that.   Then we have mold. Mold produces a biotoxin. The way that we are building buildings
these days – watch Episode 73 if you want to know more. If your house has gotten water
damage in the past, if you house has high humidity above 50, especially 60, if your
basement has leaked, whatever, there’s mold. If there’s water, there’s mold. The way
we’re building buildings using drywall with paper, it’s the food for mold. All we have
to do is add water. This is an epidemic. Leviticus 14, David, in the Bible warns about how dangerous
mold is. God warns His people about it. That’s how big it is.   If we look at mercury, it’s
called the – Mercury is the god of deception. Isn’t that ironic, that’s Mercury, the
god of deception? That’s how nasty that one is. Mold is warned about in the Bible.
Hidden infections is the third one, which the Bible talks about pestilence and these
types of things. Hidden infections, things like root canals, cavitations, when people
get teeth pulled, they leave a cavitation. It heals over, and it leaves a chronic, low-grade
infection with an anaerobic bacteria that makes people so darn sick. Root canals, every
one of them are toxic. People that are already challenged, they have to get these things
out to get their life back.   When people aren’t progressing or getting well, immediately,
I go to some of these things. “Do you still have silver fillings in? What about your home?”
Look at Episode 74, I believe, was Making Our Home Safe, right, or was that 75? One
of the two, 74 or 75. Make Your Home Safe. Anyways, we look to these sources to see,
are you under a mold exposure? Do you have a hidden infection in your mouth or just in
your body, period? Do you still have some silver amalgams, and maybe there’s amalgam
under a crown being hidden. You don’t think you do. These are the big boys. These are
the three amigos that you have to look to, and so few doctors do, David.   Even if they
do, most of them don’t know how to get it out of the body, and that’s where True Cellular
Detox™ comes in. These things are deep into the brain, deep into the nerve tissue. How
do we get rid of mold from the body, or a biotoxin? I didn’t even speak about Lyme
disease. That’s another hidden infection. Lyme disease is another reason why some people
are chronically ill and don’t know. That one, I think, is Episode 72. That was Episode
72, the Lyme episode. Go back. I talk about the testing. I recommend some different tests
to do for Lyme disease. That’s a hidden infection.   The bottom line is we have to
be clever in identifying these things, looking at the right tests, then we have to be even
more clever on how we get rid of them at the cellular level. True Cellular Detox™, that’s
where you have to go.   David: Dr. Pompa, metals is not as easy as just pulling a mercury
– or getting rid of a mercury amalgam filling. It’s not just as simple as, “Okay, I’ve
got a leak in my roof. There’s mold. Let me remediate it.” It’s not as easy as
taking antibiotics if you’ve got diagnosed with Lyme or you find out that you’ve had
Lyme for years. True?   Dr. Pompa: First of all, if you watch Episode 72 on Lyme, you
never want to take an antibiotic once you have chronic Lyme. It makes it – drives
it into a deeper stage. You can only do that with acute Lyme. We talked about that in the
show. Once it’s in a chronic stage, whole different strategy. You see how I teach my
doctors how you have to even switch from what you do. A week on, three weeks off, switching.
Again, how we deal with Lyme is so different than how we deal with metals.   However,
the True Cellular Detox™ strategy is still the same. We have to get the cell working.
That’s still the same whether it’s mold, Lyme. The agent, maybe the true binders that
we use, that’s different. No doubt, we use different binders. Also, we have to get the
downstream detox pathways. The three components of True Cellular Detox™ are the same regardless
of what you’re doing. The three phases are the same. You need a prep phase, a body phase,
and a brain phase to set up concentration gradient.   I can’t tell you how many practitioners
make that mistake. You have to have these three phases because it’s science. When
you clear the body without going into the brain, you set up concentration, a concentration
gradient where things move from higher concentration, where it is in the brain, to a lower concentration
in the body. You can’t just go right at the stuff in the brain – and by the way,
that’s where the magic is. Neurotoxins, where are they? They’re in the nerve system,
in the nerves in the brain. You have to get to that to get your life back.   I didn’t
get my life back until I got to the brain phase, and I did it for years. One of the
things, David, you hear me always tell me doctors. It’s not about another treatment.
Nobody out there needs another treatment. You need to be taught. You need to be coached
on what you need to do and continue to do to get your life back. It’s not months;
it’s years. Once you’re empowered, once you know this system, once your practitioner
teaches you True Cellular Detox™ and cellular healing, you get your life back. You have
to be empowered on how to do it.   Again, that is different whether it’s biotoxin,
mold, Lyme. These things are different, but the system is the structure that we use. I’ll
tell you, David, you know this. Most of the practitioners that we coach and train, they
have their story. Many of them were clients of mine getting their life back, and now they’re
changing lives. You know the stories. Most of us have an amazing story of how we got
here and how this system has changed their life. It works, and it’s real, unlike most
detox out there. It is the greatest pet peeve I have. The way that doctors do heavy metal
detox, it’s absurd.   Most doctors think that if you have mold illness, it’s about
giving you things to kill mold in your system. No. It’s a biotoxin that goes right into
the nerve system, and it has to be poured out correctly using true binders using this
system. You can see I can get really passionate about this because I have done most of these
things, David, when I was sick just like most people watching this show.   I did colon
cleanses, coffee enemas, far infrared saunas, the 10-day cleanse that you get from a practitioner.
I’ve done juice fasts. I’ve done all that. Not that any of it’s bad because I utilize
those as tools downstream, but none of it is upstream at the true problem, at the true
cause. That’s where we have to understand these three big boys. That’s when we have
to understand how to get rid of them, how to test for them, and how to go after them
at the cellular level, and then most importantly, in the brain.   David: Let’s talk a little
bit about the cellular detox roadmap.   Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Let me go to the board, if you
will, and I think this will provoke more questions. I’m going to turn like that, you tell me,
David, if I’m out of the picture or something here.   David: I [0:21:56]   Dr. Pompa:
I am out of the picture, aren’t I?   David: Yep.   Dr. Pompa: Is that good, or is that
– let me bring you closer. Is that better? David: Just tilt it down a little bit because
your lower third cuts off the bottom. There you go.   Dr. Pompa: Is that better?   David:Yeah.
  Dr. Pompa: Let me do this. I’m going to come in here. How’s that? Is that better
yet?   David: Yes.   Dr. Pompa:I’ll be short. How’s that. Good? Perfect? You can
see that?   David: Yes.   Dr. Pompa: That’s a cell, okay? You’ve seen me do this before
in past videos. By the way, like I said, we talked about Lyme in Episode 72, mold, 73,
how to make a home safe, I think, in Episode 74. Other shows, I talk about heavy metals.
I even interview my dentist who had to take out my amalgams because – David, you made
a point. Don’t just run and take silver fillings out. We have a process for that.
We have doctors trained in that. We talk about that on some of the past shows. You can find
those. I even wrote a article. It said When Detox is Dangerous. Read the article. You
can’t just jump into these things.   The True Cellular Detox™ article, I think, really
breaks this all into really good, brief explanation. This is the cell, okay? This is where my 5
Rs – I’m going to put 5 Rs right here. That’s where my 5 Rs plays. I’m going
to put the word cell on here just so you don’t forget. This is what we have to get going
first. When I said there was three components, remember – three components of True Cellular
Detox™, David. Right here, right? You have to get the cell working.   In the beginning,
though, we don’t want to just start upregulating the cells so fast that it starts to detox
because these detox downstream pathways, the gut, the liver. I better write kidneys on
here because they look like bananas. All right. Kidneys, lymph, skin, these are downstream
detox pathways. This is the cell, and we’re going to eventually talk about the brain.
That’s right there.   We have to get this going, but we don’t want to dump the toxins
until this is ready. One of the components is the 5 Rs. We talked about that. Again,
I wrote many articles on what the 5 Rs are. Just really quick, number 1 is you have to
remove the source. We’re talking about that, right, but the sources from your life whether
it’s fillings, a moldy home. You have to remove the source and also the toxins. That’s
R 1.   R 2 is we have to get the cell membrane regenerated because if it’s not – when
this cell membrane becomes inflamed and rigid, we can’t get the toxins out. We can’t
get the good stuff in. R number 2 plays big time in even changing the DNA, the epigenetics.
You start expressing symptoms and conditions you don’t like. We know we can change that
DNA, and the 5 Rs is really a big part of changing that DNA. Fixing the cell membrane
is a big part.   R number 3 – we have to upregulate cellular energy. Restore cellular
energy is the R. Without the cellular energy, the cell can’t even detox. As a matter of
fact, you can’t even have enough energy to not only detox, but even think clearly,
even work your digestion. A lot of people are trying to fix your gut when you don’t
have enough cellular energy – very important component.   R number 4 is the obvious. It’s
reducing cellular inflammation. Even the mitochondria, even these inner parts, we have to reduce
that inflammation. The diet, our intermittent fasting, ancient healing. A lot of those [0:25:31]
five strategies that are in these other articles is key, part of R number 4, reducing inflammation.
Read them. Read strategy one, strategy two. Those are all about R number 4.   Finally,
R number 5 is reestablishing methylation. Not to confuse people, but methylation is
really part of every cellular function that there is, even how the cell detoxes, so really
important. We can read those articles, but that’s component number one. Component number
two of True Cellular Detox™, as I said, is getting these downstream detox pathways
ready. Maybe for a month or two, David, we’re getting the gut right, getting some balance
in the bacteria, solving some of this leaky gut issue that’s very, very important. The
liver – this is where things like coffee enemas can come into play, David. We utilize
that sometimes to push the bile out to dump it into the gut, where then we can escort
it out of the body.   By the way, in our True Cellular Detox™, we use a binding agent
here called bind. It’s a catcher’s mitt. It doesn’t leave the gut. Once we get these
toxins moving from the cell to the liver, to the gut, we bind them so they’re able
to go out of the body completely. That’s part of the magic of what we do. This is key
because otherwise, when you dump toxins from the liver – because they get into the liver.
They get into the bile – B-I-L-E – and they get dumped into the gut. What happens
is when they get into the lower intestine, the body reabsorbs the bile to digest and
bring it back to the liver. It’s just what happens. It’s normal.   What happens is
the toxins are bound up into that bile complex, and they’re reabsorbed. It’s call autointoxication.
If we don’t catch them and pull them out, you autointoxicate. That’s why that bind
is part of this system. The other part is we raise in this – when we fix the cells,
we raise something called glutathione, which starts these toxins moving from the cell out
to these pathways. Then eventually, they make their way to the gut, from the liver to the
gut. We have to bind them to pull them out. That’s a very clever part of the pathway.
  I have a whole story of, really, how I came about that process. It’s a very important
part of the process to make sure toxins aren’t reabsorbing. By the way, again, most people
make this massive mistake, and they’re autointoxicating continually.   David: Let’s talk about
something that you just brought up. Most cleanses are like that street sweeper analogy that
I’ve heard you say over and over again, that people autointoxicate themselves. That’s
why this whole process is very important. Dr. Pompa: Absolutely. They’re just stirring
up toxins. They’re doing a 10-day cleanse where – I keep stepping out – where they’re
just stirring up toxins. We’ll talk a little bit more about that when we talk about true
binders because I think that’s where the big mistake is. Down here, David, people talk
about colon cleanses, and they do a colon cleanse. “Oh, I’m doing a cleanse.”
They’re taking what I call poopers. Their cleanses are poopers. They’re just making
them poop, and they’re moving out stuff out of here. Again, I utilize that oftentimes
as a strategy. Sometimes we have to move things out of the gut, but here’s the point I really
want to make here.   You can do a colon cleanse all you want. You can do a coffee enema to
help dump that bile. If you do it without a binding agent, that’s a mistake. Whether
it’s a coffee enema, a colon cleanse, it’s not here. Do you see the point?   David:
Yes.   Dr. Pompa: That’s too far down here. We can utilize that in, really, the second
part of True Cellular Detox™, which is opening up downstream detox pathways, but it’s not
up here. Remember, there’s three components to this. We get the cell moving. We open up
the downstream detox pathways, and then the third component is using true binders. Okay?
The third component is using true binders, which I brought one in today. I’ll pull
it back up there. It’s laying down there. True binders – in the past, I’ve talked
about DMSA as a true binder. The FDA took that from us as a natural agent, but it’s
okay because we had something else amazing happen. It’s called cellular detox. DMSA
was a true binder that grabbed on hard. Most people violated the half-life. They didn’t
take if often enough, and they really complicated their lives. True binders have to be used
correctly. We utilize these true binders. There’s a fat-soluble true binder named
ALA that most people violate the half-life of. When we use true binders [0:30:11] from
the cell, through this whole process, and out of the body.   David: [0:30:11]   Dr.
Pompa: We’re moving it from here to here. When people use these herbal components, these
detox agents that they get at a health food store or a practitioner, they are like the
street cleaner, David. They come in, and they just stir things up. You know, it’s funny.
I didn’t know that those things existed, David. Then when I did the video for the article,
the day before, I saw one of those things going down the road. It was like dust flying
everywhere. I said, “Oh, my gosh! They still are using these things. Our tax dollars are
going to clean these things.” Dust flying everywhere, but it is the perfect analogy
of these detox 10-day cleanses, this cleanse, that cleanse that people are using just stirring
up in.   The problem, David, is it recirculates. You know where it ends up? It ends up here
in the brain. The brain is what ultimately – this is where we have to get to. Remember,
we have three parts. I’ll just say it that way. It’s easy – three parts. We have
three phases to True Cellular Detox™. Three parts, three phases – I keep wanting to
say that. Part number three is using true binders to keep this stuff moving out. They
really bind hard.   I’m going to reach over here and get one – right here. There.
This is the new one that we have. It’s only sold through a practitioner, but this is a
real, true binder.   David: [0:31:45]   Dr. Pompa: I’m sorry?   David: It’s called
CytoDetox.   Dr. Pompa: Maybe it’s called CytoDetox. I tell the whole story, and I don’t
know that we have time for it today, but there is an amazing story about this. When the FDA
took DMSA away – well, no. That wasn’t true. They were in the process of, and I knew
it was coming. I literally was frustrated. I was mad because it works when used correctly.
I was upset about it, and my wife said, “Pray about it. That’s what you always do.”
That was smart. I said, “Yeah, you’re right. I’m going to start praying about
it,” and I did. I really did, and I’m sure she did, too.   Ironically enough, a
gentleman who was working with a scientist that hydrolyzed a clinoptilolite particle
actually – and that’s a big name, right? Anyways, he hydrolyzed this product to where
it not only is able to leave the gut, but it’s able to get into the cell and actually
even get into the brain. It is a binder that has been used for hundreds of years, if not
thousands to bind things as hard to bind as heavy metals and other toxins.   Zeolites
– everybody in the past, David, brought me these liquid zeolites, and I tried them.
We tested them with labs – nothing. They didn’t leave the gut, but yet we knew zeolite
binded so well in the environment. That’s what they use to clean up spills, and heavy
metals, and this stuff works. It’s a true binder. It’s a true binder, unlike the herbals,
just to keep saying that. What it does is it grabs on [0:33:21] but the problem has
been it’s a particle that wouldn’t leave the gut. People did get a benefit from it
because it did bind in the gut, but this gentleman hydrolyzed it.   This guy calls me out of
the blue because he saw me talking about True Cellular Detox™. This is a true story. No,
no. As soon as he said, “A liquid zeolite product,” I gasped. I was like, “Ahh,
I tested them all.” “No, no, no. I know this one’s different.” “Yeah, yeah,
yeah.” Bottom line is I said, “You’re going to have to let me talk to your scientist.”
He puts me on the phone with Dr. Nicholas, who’s a world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon.
This guy is brilliant researcher, has two of the most prestigious awards in cardiovascular
surgery and other inventions.   This guy tells me what he did to this formula and that
it’s not only small enough to leave the gut, but [0:34:14] the cell, and the brain,
and this testing that they’re doing. Needless to say, I was impressed enough to try it.
We did it within my inner circle of doctors. We’ve been using it now for a year or so,
and we just recently, actually, released it more in general to the public, if you will,
through doctors. The point is is that this stuff is real. It’s been really exciting,
David, because it does get in – oh! I dropped my pen. That’s happens all the time on Cellular
Healing TV. It does get into the cell.   When we upregulate cell function, when we use things
like G cell that can upregulate glutathione, that protect the cell, it actually even gets
into the brain. When we combine that with some other fat-soluble chelators that move
deeper into the brain, this is magic because we got to get this stuff moving from here
out of the body. Remember, there’s three phases. What was the first phase, David? Can
you remember? Probably not, but we’re going to review.   David: I’m going to have you
review.   Dr. Pompa:Huh?   David: I’m going to have you review.   Dr. Pompa: All
right. Good. Prep phase – the prep phase is when we get all these downstream detox
pathways prepped. We get them ready. We kind of want to just get the cell moving a little
bit. We prepare the cell; we prepare the downstream detox pathways – phase I.   Phase II is
– can you remember that one? Body phase. We clear the body out to set up concentration
gradients so then we can get – move it from the brain out of the body. I tipped you off.
What’s the last phase? The brain. Once we go from the prep, preparing the detox pathways
and the cell – the body, we get enough toxins out of the body so then we’re able to go
after it deep into the nerve tissue and into the brain. That’s the magic, man. There’s
where I got my life back. That’s [0:35:05] David: [0:36:05] Just bringing it up, and
this is a really good point. Doing this yourself if really challenging. No matter who you are,
even if you are a practitioner and you understand the science behind it, it so helps, just like
if you’re in business, you need a coach to guide you through it as things come up.
I follow what you’re talking about, and yet I couldn’t do it for myself. I’m sitting
here [0:36:39]   Dr. Pompa: [0:36:39] I always joke. I always say, “If I got sick again,
I would hire one of my doctors as my coach,” and you’re right because we can’t think
for our own self. I teach all of my clients this because that’s what empowers them.
Then they don’t need me anymore. I teach them this so they’re able to save their
own life. Look, they have spent – most people even watching this have spent thousands on
treatments. They have. Thousands [0:37:07] David: [0:37:08]   Dr. Pompa: I always
say, “You don’t need another treatment. You’ve got to learn this process.” Dosing,
David, timing, how long in the body phase, how long in the brain – that can change.
Again, I even said, if we’re dealing with a heavy metal versus mold versus Lyme, these
things change. Some people are healthy enough that they can do some of these components
a few times, and go, “Gosh, I feel better,” but ultimately, once you lose your health
– again, this is a process you have to learn to continue.   I did the brain phase, and
ultimately, that’s how I got my life back. I did the brain phase for years, David, probably
four years pretty consistently. After a year, I could function in society again. I was sleeping
through nights, which was absolutely huge for me. I wasn’t this irritable nightmare.
I could digest food again. I wasn’t responding allergic to the planet. Was I well? No. If
I did too much exercise, I would still be left fatigued.   I remember, it was probably
two years into it that I could exercise really again. I always say it was seven years to
where I am healthier today than I was even before I was sick, or at least knew I was
sick, I should say. Again, it is this process that I got my life back. I did a preparatory
phase. I got my body ready. Then we went after the toxins in the body, and then eventually,
the magic happens in the brain.   Again, this whole thing really has three parts to
it, and the three parts are – again, we have to get the cell working. That’s part
number one, my 5 Rs. Part number two, we have to prepare detox pathways, and part number
three, we have to use true binders. I think the true binder thing, that’s a big deal,
David. People have to understand that you have to hold onto these toxins. It’s not
just about stirring the bees’ nest because most people [0:39:06] doing things, and these
pathways are blocked to some degree, anyway. They take these detox things, and then
toxins are recirculating, going deeper into the brain, deeper into the cell. That’s
why these three parts are very important to what make up True Cellular Detox™. It’s
really not complicated. It’s three parts, three phases, and it really is – these things
that most people are using, infrared saunas. They’re great. We use them, David, right?
We love them, but again, what does that do? I would say that’s here, the lymph and the
skin. Keeps things moving out and that process. That’s great downstream, but it’s not
here, and it’s not here.   Colon cleanses, coffee enemas, all great. We have a lot of
different kidney products. This is all part of this part, keeping these pathways open,
but it’s not True Cellular Detox™. I think that the visual gives people a thing of like,
“You start here, and then it all comes down and out.” We use these binding agents down
here to make sure things are going through and out. We use true binders to make sure
things are going through and out. Really, in a nutshell, that’s where it is. Before
I leave this board, do you have any other questions?   David: Any final parting thoughts
for our listeners and viewers?   Dr. Pompa: Yeah. I think I do. Let me sit back down before
I do that. I really want to encourage people. This is not a gimmick. I do get frustrated.
If I go into any practitioner’s office, health food store, I see these cleanses. I
wish it were so simple. I wish it were so simple to take these things for a month, and
you’re done. It’s not. It’s just not how anyone has got their life back. This came
really out of my suffering. When my wife would remind me that, “You’re called to something
bigger than you think, and you’re going to be teaching this from a stage.”   When
I was sick, David, I could never, ever even imagine what that looked like. I always say
that – I work with a lot of very, very sick and challenged people, and I remind them all
that, “In your sickness, in your challenge, in your adversity, there’s great purpose,
as well. Maybe different than mine, but I promise you, if you embrace it, what God is
doing in your life, there is a greater calling. There is a greater purpose. From pain to purpose.”
  I believe in my heart that God uses these things to further a mission, further a purpose.
You hear me remind doctors, David, all the time, “It can’t be about you. You have
to have a purpose greater than yourself.” I remind my children of that. Unfortunately,
oftentimes that comes from our adversities. Matter of fact, I always remind the doctors
that I’m coaching, “If you don’t understand your purpose, look into your adversities.
Your purpose typically lies there.”   There’s people out there struggling. This is the answer.
I wish it were so simple as, “Here. Take this box and do it,” but this is a process
that every one of my clients learned, David, every one of them. I don’t care how brain-foggedthey
are. You might have been saying, “Gosh, what are you saying?” You learn the process.
Everybody, David, you’re right, needs a coach. People hire a coach for a golf game
to improve their golf game. What more better to improve your health? That’s why I say,
“I coach you. I don’t treat you. You don’t need another doctor. Trust me, you don’t.
I’m sure you’ve had plenty. You need a coach. You need someone that teaches you this
process,” and this came out of pain. This did.   Our vision, David, and you’ve helped
on a business end, is to bring this to the planet, is to bring that to the planet because
we talk about the epidemic of neurotoxins today. Look what’s happening to our children.
This is the answer. I suffered for it. I’ll tell you, it is real, and it is the truth,
and it’s never easy when it’s the real and the truth, meaning that you just can’t
get it in a box, and your life changed. You’re going to have to make a lifestyle change.
  If you read those five strategy articles, strategy one all the way through five, and
this is strategy five – I do this, David, right? Don’t I? I do all those strategies.
  David: Exactly.   Dr. Pompa: Really, it’s how I’m healthier today than I was when
I was younger. I hope that encourages people. I often sometimes get criticism that they
just want me to have this thing to give them and make it so simple. Read the articles,
please. Pass them on to your friends, please. Our mission is to bring this message to the
planet. Unfortunately, the message that’s out there in the media is 180° opposite of
what really changes lives.   It’s not about eating more fruits and vegetables, although
that’s great. It’s the message of more drugs, more this, more that. We are being
inundated with neurotoxins like no time ever, and yet the message out there is one that
doesn’t work. I know this does. I know this is the real deal, David.   David: Thank you,
Dr. Pompa. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in to Cellular Healing TV, Episode 76, the
180° Solution, strategy number five, True Cellular Detox™. We look forward to seeing
you again next week for another episode.


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    Thanks and God bless all your work.

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    I cannot put into words how thankful i am for this, the information yes but also the encouragement at the end. I have been watching your vids for couple of years now & finally am working with a practitioner (its been a 15 yr struggle which i can tell you completely understand), still in preparation phase 4 months in.. all the usual complications with hg toxicity. But im in there for the long term now, & in the midst of adjusting with your ACH / keto diet as the foundation adding Cyto at the right time. You are going to hear from me when i recover. Mark my words. Thankyou Dr Pompa.

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    This is excellent but what do people due who can't seem to tolerate acetyl glutathione or IV push Glut – it has always made me sicker for a week or two after just a few pills even low dose – what would cause this? seems to be common for Autistic kids as well? So frustrating when the "cure" isn't tolerated. is there something I can do?

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