March 11, 2020

all right people today I’m gonna read
you an article from freight waves everybody don’t read freight way so I’m
gonna share it with you I know it’s better when the girl does these articles
but she’s busy we have other things to do too anyway this trucking company has
laid off a hundred and forty five of its employees california-based trucking
company is laying off more than half its drivers it feels the impact of the
coronavirus slow down it’s a Los Angeles area ports something
else to take your man I don’t know why New York ports are shut down but they
are shut down you can drive in and out of New York right now without any
problem as I just did okay according to the report by the Los Angeles Times on
February 25th Carson california-based shipper transport Express text it’s 145
unionized employees informing them that they would be laid off in two days
shippers transport Express is a bonded intermodal carrier operating throughout
the state of California in Washington with offices in Carson Oakland Oakland
Seattle Vancouver Washington according to their website they have 231 trucks
and 235 drivers according to the FMCSA now that doesn’t seem like a big deal
does it this big deals gonna spray it across the board and in the port cities
probably on both coasts you’re gonna see a traffic slowed down it’s must’ve
slowed down I mean less trucks on the road you’re already seeing that impact
from the impending recession and the trucking companies that have went our
business I’ve always told you guys that problems problems can come and go and
people work their way through them disasters come
in multiple ways you’ll have a disaster you’ll have a problem here and you’ll
have a problem here and then you’ll have a problem over here and then you have a
disaster right like a recession a corona virus a breakdown services the plague
whips up you know that kind of stuff right and of course we’re gonna survive
it – somebody won’t survive it guys pray for them people and I don’t mean the
ones that go out of business I mean the ones that are really sick and in bad
shape be careful with this virus I was watching a CDC video the other day and
it was so funny because the lady was telling everyone not to touch your face
and not to do that and then back behind her and you know her retinue somebody’s
back there rubbing their face and then the lady we do this stuff unconsciously
then she reaches she licks her finger and turns the page right this is the
lady from the CDC but these are things that we do as humans be careful out
there keep keep your hand sanitizer close wash
your hands don’t touch yourself don’t touch anybody else stay away from
everybody if you can you might be blessed in this emergency if it becomes
an emergency that truck drivers are antisocial y’all stay away from their
boats coughing see I’m saying stay away from me too it’s just safer all right
you guys check out freight waves they’ve got some good information on there I
really appreciate the work they do for us have a great day

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