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Treatment for Serious Mental Illness | Real Stories

March 7, 2020

[Phil] Without treatment,you’re flying blind. [Mike] You are in charge of
your treatment, ultimately. It’s not in someone else’s hands. You are in charge. I think the key is finding the
right combination of tools. [Phil] Make sure you develop a good rapport with your doctor. It’s going
to be a long journey. You may feel like you’ll
never see the end, but you could just be
one medication away. You could just be
one change away. [Dan] I do think of it like a tool box and having different tools,
and I have lots of tools in my tool box. Medication and therapy, there’s my support group. [Mike] It’s really important to talk to someone. [Victoria] For a long time, I didn’t have a therapist, and that was a mistake. Be honest about it,
and find a therapist. Keep fighting to
find the psychiatrist that you feel comfortable with. [Mike] The moment you talk to someone about it, it frees you up. It doesn’t take away the problem, but it frees you from being a hostage to it.

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