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Treating common summer ailments: tick bites, sunburn, jellyfish stings

December 21, 2019

From sunburn and swimmer’s ear to bug bites
and poison ivy, it’s all part of summer. Here to talk treatment is CVS Minute Clinic nurse practitioner
Krystle Reddout. Welcome to the Houston’s Morning Show. You’re here to save the day. It’s nice to get, especially the kiddos, out
and about, but there are a lot of things that come with that. You brought in some ideas of how to treat
them. I want to ask about ticks. If you’re outdoors, in the woods, you can
find them. When i was little, we warmed up a needle and
put it on there. You say that’s not necessary. You don’t have to heat up a tick. No. If you have a tick bite, you want to grasp
the tick by its head as close to skin as possible with fine tipped tweezers. Melissa: you just get the tweezers out. Get as close to the skin as possible. Pull straight up. Don’t twist or turn. It can break the mouthpieces and they can
get stuck in your skin. Melissa: you don’t want to grab it in the
middle. At the very top. At the very top. If the mouthpieces get caught, try to remove
them with a tick. If you can’t, they’ll expel on their own. Melissa: you want to put alcohol or something? Yes. Things such as petroleum jelly, nail polish,
heat are not affective. You’ll gently clean the area with rubbing
alcohol, soap and water and most tick bites are not harmful. Melissa: a lot of people are going to enjoy
beaches right now. What about jellyfish? Sometimes you hear of someone trying to race
around and find a cigarette to put tobacco on. What do you suggest you do to a jellyfish
sting? All you can do is flush it with salt water. Urine is not effective. Neither is the meat tenderizer. Use some antibiotic ointment and cover the
area with a light dressing such as non-stick pads or rolled gauze. Melissa: what about poison ivy? There is nothing more miserable like that. Poison oak, sumac, the list goes on and on. Yes. With poison ivy, you want to clean the area
as soon as possible, preferably within the first 10 minutes. It contains an oil that can cause intense
itching and burning within the first 10 minutes. You can — for treatment, use oatmeal baths
or cool compresses, calomine motion. The rash can last up to a couple of weeks. With poison ivy, you want to make sure that
you remove your clothing carefully. The oil can penetrate the clothing. Melissa: you want to get it off as quickly
as possible. Yes, ma’am. Melissa: be careful with that. Okay. Let’s talk about what to do with our kiddos
in the summertime. They’re probably swimming more than usual
and here come the ear aches. They always hit at midnight. How can you prevent that? After the kiddos are swimming, make sure their
ears are dry. Do it with a towel. Tilt their ears side to side. Make sure they’re dry. There’s over the counter solutions to help
with the drying and to prevent bacterial growth such as swimmer’s ear. If you don’t have that, you can use half rubbing
alcohol, half white vinegar. Use a dropper. Put a few drops in the ear. Tilt your ear side to side. That should be fine. Melissa: that’s every time you swim. Can’t just be one or two times. Every time you swim. Melissa: make it part of your habit when you’re
driving off. Add the ears. In a perfect world, we’re putting on our nice,
high, spf sunscreen and not getting burned. We know it doesn’t always happen. How do you treat a painful sunburn? The best way is to put cool compresses, aloe
vera. You want to take over the counter pain relief
such as tylenol. You want to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is key. If you do notice a severe burn such as increased
sweating, dizziness, or you do not feel well, definitely see your healthcare provider immediately. Sometimes you see some blisters. Leave them alone. Do not pop them. They’re barriers to prevent infection. Always wear an spf of at least 30 or above. Apply it every two hours. More often if you’re swimming or if you’re
sweating. Always use a wide brim hat. Make sure you use your eye protection. Melissa: got to have your list out there to
try to protect yourself and hopefully you don’t have to deal with. Now we have tools in our toolbox if it happens. Thanks for coming in. Happy summer. Thank you so much.


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