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Travel Vietnam – Corona Virus update 16-02-2020

February 18, 2020

HELLO welcome what is it Sunday the
16th of February 2020 2020 and we are at another beautiful cafe in Saigon called
savoir cafe …one of my regulars because it’s very comfortable and relaxing and I
get to have some good coffee and good food so, a little bit westernized,
actually it’s not really Vietnamese it’s more Western… coronavirus welcome to coronavirus update for today so I’ve seen something very interesting so
firstly the good news is that there are no new cases in Vietnam here is a map I
think so that map they have over that map there the meal so there you go it’s
on my phone here is a map of the 16 cases in Vietnam as you can see that
there are three in Ho Chi Minh City one in notching and if I could just turn it
around for a second there are there was one in Hanoi and the other 11 cases were
all in that little vinh phuc province which is north of Hanoi
now that is significant because in the last day or two
the government has isolated the community of ving foot province on
suspicion that the girl who came back from Wuhan may have spread it around
that community but the good news is that as I understand it the three people in
the three people in Ho Chi Minh City have now recovered so essentially there
is no coronavirus in HCMC definitely I do know that the one girl
in Nha Trang has recovered so therefore there is no cases of coronavirus in Nha Trang and as I believe most of all all of the cases in in Hanoi which is one I
think wasn’t it’s also recovered so so essentially there is no coronavirus in
vietnam at all bar that little vinh phuc province which has had direct current
with Wu Han which is all good there are some people isolated which they do which
they have in every country who have had contact suspicions but as yet as of
today the 16th of February nobody has shown signs of any virus which is
fantastic so the good news is that everything is improving at a site here
in Ho Chi Minh City and all across the country country except for that little
vinh phuc province which is just above annoying but foreigners and tourists
essentially don’t go there it’s just the a small farming factory community small
and add little by province so you really wouldn’t go there so in that case I did
have a question from someone to say should we go to Sabah you know if I
could just show you this map again so here’s the map here I put on this side
sorry miss LAN you have Hanoi there here you have been foot and up here right at
the top there you have supper so you don’t go through vim fruit to get things
get to supper but you kind of like go near it the question was should we go to
supper my answer was or I don’t know I really if it for me I probably wouldn’t
choose to travel north of Hanoi at this stage for one reason it’s too close to
the Chinese border for another reason all the cases of active coronavirus are
north of Hanoi not that it’s dangerous if you have a reason to go then yeah
she’ll go there if you’re a young adult and you’re fit and healthy it should be
okay if you’re an old person or a person with other illnesses I probably wouldn’t
go too close to the Chinese border and I certainly wouldn’t go above north of
Hanoi just as a risk factor for no other reason chances of getting something is
really low but you know stay away so for those people coming to Ho Chi Minh City
nah Chang Danang fan teat boomtown Cantor or any other places in between
everything is running very smoothly albeit we have sold out of masks so
those surgical masks with your masks but yeah she’s not wearing it so she’s not
wearing it she doesn’t care so the old surgical masks that they have here these
things they’re basically this sold out so if you’re coming be good to buy a box
or two of them and bring them with you if you know someone in Vietnam they
would be the perfect gift right now to bring it to the country and say hello
welcome here is a mask oh yeah oh that’s so exciting thank you all
so yeah so that’s it everything’s going fantastic enjoy your travels welcome to
Vietnam soon I hope and we’ll stay in touch any comments please put them below
and I will reply to you if you have any specific questions and I’ll try to
answer them in upcoming videos which should be on Tuesday all right enjoy
have a great day enjoy your Sunday I’m getting back to my very Western


  • Reply lord david February 16, 2020 at 6:51 am

    Thank you for the update πŸ‘

  • Reply Michael Taiwan February 16, 2020 at 8:16 am

    Thank you for updated info, we want to go to Vietnam for visiting Danang beginning of March

  • Reply Yesh N Shah February 16, 2020 at 1:36 pm

    Hi, thank you for the videos. I am in Da Nang currently, all is good here. Is ti safe to do Hanoi and Halong bay ? We are 15 people, please let me know

  • Reply David B. February 16, 2020 at 5:37 pm

    Are there many risks in central or northern areas ? –
    Where are risks highest in your opinion ? Indications are that there could be s spike in confirmed Corona virus cases soon – perhaps wise to give it 3 weeks before booking ?
    Thanks for update – I’m a Brit considering 3 week your in early May from south to north – ,Just a bit concerned the trip might be spoiled by masks, quarantines etc – Any updates gratefully received πŸ‘ many thanks

  • Reply Thao Brewster February 17, 2020 at 3:25 pm

    We have One and ahalf million Chinese tourists a year who come to Nha Trang . The Vietnamese government has done a great job in containing this virus. They kicked out all the Chinese a couple of weeks ago . The town looked more like a Ghost town as schools , universities , restaurants, hotels , and the tourist industry have been made redundant. Massive hit economically , but I did hear the incubation period lasts 24 to 28 days so we’re not out of the woods yet .

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