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Traditional Chinese Medicine Dietary Therapy : Traditional Chinese Medicine: Cold & Flu Recipes

November 20, 2019

One of the things many of my patients ask
me is there some remedies that they can use at home. Out of the things that they may find
in their grocery store or are already in their refrigerator. So one that I often times recommend
is for colds and flu. It can be wonderfully effective. So we need a couple simple ingredients.
One is scallions and we particularly want the roots on the end. Ginger, garlic, and
fresh thyme, although you can use dried thyme. And some people even like to add in some hot
pepper. So it?s fairly easy to make. What we want to do is cut off about three half
dollar sized pieces of ginger and drop those into a pan and then an easy way to break open
your garlic is to give it a good smack and we can put in three cloves of garlic. Then
we just want to take what will end up being about two tablespoons of thyme. You can chop
it a little bit if you want, but it?s not really necessary. And then if you want to
put in a couple of hot peppers that will really make you break a sweat. Drop those in. We
can pour boiling water on top of this. Let it steep for about 15 minutes, strain it off
and then drink it and you will break a sweat from this. Make sure you avoid any strong
breezes, cover up and you should be better in the morning.


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    uh so what happened to the spring onions?

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    thanks sir

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