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Track spread of deadly coronavirus with this Digital Map💊China(Wuhan) Virus Precautions to be safe💊

February 7, 2020

Track the spread of deadly coronavirus with
this map Every few years, a dangerous disease emerges
in the world and spreads rapidly enough to warrant international attention. But now, a rapidly-spreading virus has emerged
within China that has health officials around the world concerned. If you want to keep track of
this new disease’s spread, this digital map can help. The Chinese government confirmed the spread
of a new strain of coronavirus in the city of Wuhan. Coronaviruses are a family of pathogens that
contains a few familiar faces like SARS and the common cold. This particular virus is a respiratory illness
with symptoms much like a cold, and can be moderate to severe in intensity. Youths, elders and immunocompromised people
are most at risk. Currently, no vaccine exists for 2019-nCoV. How do you know where the virus is? Because global diseases are of international
public concern, folks across the internet have put together resources to help educate
and inform people about this dangerous pathogen. One particularly useful resource is this digital
map from John Hopkins University. It lists all of the confirmed cases, as well
as the current rate of progression and fatalities. If anybody observe symptoms then make sure
to contact your doctor immediately. Some of the victims outside of China have
made a complete recovery without issue, and support similar to what hospitals provide
for severe flu victims seems to do the trick. In the meantime, keep washing your hands and
get far, far away from people who cough without covering their mouths.


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    China Virus Precautions to be safe:

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    Pretty handy map.

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