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Tosillectomy and UPPP – Matt Edwards and Dr. David Opperman

December 5, 2019

(light music) – Hi, my name’s Matt Edwards and I recently came to
Presbyterian/St. Luke’s to have a tonsillectomy and a UPPP done. So, last summer I had back
to back bouts of strep. I’d never had any type of
throat issues in the past and after that, I had one tonsil that was just staying swollen. And I just consistently had
throat issue after throat issue and some of the ENT’s I was
seeing were a little concerned with the asymmetrical
tonsils and ultimately we just made the decision, let’s get these things taken
out and see what’s going on. So after having some consistent
throat issues over time I decided I needed to seek out
some more professional advice beyond what a general
practitioner would do. Did some research online,
found this great gentleman, Dr. Opperman and decided to go visit him and see what we could do. – So when he presented at the clinic, he had had issues with
consistent throat pain and frequent infections,
some snoring issues and sleeping problems and
when we did a physical exam we found that one of his tonsils was bigger than the other side which is a concerning
thing as we get older. We talked about the options
of treatment with antibiotics or observation. Ultimately decided to deal
with the problem surgically. So he was one of the first
patients we’ve actually done with the new robotics
system by medrobotics which is a flexible robot
that allows us to get better exposure to the actual
area we’re operating on thereby being more precise. Being better in the way we
approach the surgery in terms of less cuts, more
precision with those cuts equals better outcomes, less
pain and quicker recovery. And he did remarkably well. Within ten days, you were back to normal? – Yeah, ten days I was
feeling pretty good. I could tell I was
definitely getting better. I would say 14 days I was
pretty much back to normal. I have to say, in my experience
at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s was fantastic. From the concierge to the
nurses to the anesthesiologist to my surgeon, Dr. Opperman,
they were all great. Through this procedure my
wife had a pregnancy here, that care was also great. I would absolutely recommend this hospital for any needs you may have. I would say the biggest thing
I remember from my experience is when you’re actually
going back into the OR, it’s really chilly. They keep the OR at a
pretty low temperature but you’re actually using this blanket they call a bear hugger. It’s pumping warm air,
like flowing through it. It’s a really cool apparatus
and really it keeps you quite comfortable even
though it’s pretty chilly. What I’d say with any adult
facing a tonsillectomy, you can go online, you
can ready horror stories about the recovery process. I won’t sugar coat the recovery process, day five through nine are rough. It’s going to hurt, there’s gonna be pain but what I would say is that my recovery definitely went a lot
better than what I can say that I’ve heard in the
past from other adults who’ve had this procedure. And I have to think that
this new robotic process probably has something to
do with it, cause I know Dr. Opperman told me that
after I came out of the OR, that my recovery was not going to be fun. My tonsils were in pretty
bad shape and it was quite an invasive procedure that had to be done but within ten days I
was feeling a lot better. Within two weeks I was
feeling 90% back to normal. If you have to face a tonsillectomy, I can tell you it’s not gonna be fun but I would highly recommend Dr. Opperman, this procedure and
Presbyterian/St. Luke’s. (happy music)

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