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Top Seven Easy Home Remedies To Cure Sore Throat

December 4, 2019

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new videos. Sore throat may be due to the bacterial, viral
or fungal infections and that might be some sort of allergic reactions. In some case excessive
shouting, dry air, pollution, smoking or acid reflux may lead to the sore throat which may
kill you even passing water through your throat. Sore throat condition may worsen because it
may go with the fever, cold and swallowed glands in the neck. Sore throat is the result of the inflammation
of the pharynx. Pharynx is the tube that extends from your mouth to the esophageal opening. In today’s video, we will discuss about
Top Seven Easy home remedies to cure sore throat. People suffering from sore throat feel so
restless and painful. It is highly recommended to adopt some of the easy home remedies to
cure sore throat rather than visiting a physician. As it is related to the treatment of swell
pharynx and swallowing is better to treat with remedies rather than medications. However
if the condition are getting more critical for you, that you have fever, headache and
some other issues with the sore throat then you can go to the physician for consultation. If your sore throat is killing you then you
should try these easy home remedies to get an instant relief. 1. Gargle with the salt water. This home remedy is the most common yet the
most handy and effective to treat sore throat. It is popular from the ancient times and approved
by our parents and grandparents too. Take half tea spoon of salt in eight ounces
of warm water. Use this salt water to gargle any time to get an instant relief from pain.
You can gargle at different time intervals depending upon the pain intensity. This remedy
also help to bring irritants to the throat surface and your body can deal better with
them at that place. 2. Fenugreek gargling. Fenugreek seeds also have anti-inflammatory
properties in it. More than that, the most effective mucus dissolving properties in these
seeds made them more valuable to treat sore throat. Take six cups of water and add in it two table
spoon of fenugreek seeds. Boil this water mixture for about half an hour. Strain that
water and gargle with this solution three to four times a day. 3. Turmeric tea. It is the most powerful herb to speed up the
healing process in the human body. Turmeric tea has strong anti-septic and anti -inflammatory
properties. It is not only useful for the treatment of sore throat. It is also very
effective to treat swallowing in any part of the body and healing wounds. Before going to bed take one glass of warm
milk with the addition of one teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of black
pepper powder. This milk will help to soothes all the pain and heal wound while sleeping.
Take one cup of warm water and add in it one teaspoon of turmeric and salt. Gargling with
the warm water mix is very worthy. In the morning with the empty stomach try
a glass of warm water with the quarter tea spoon of turmeric powder for few days. 4. Honey healing. Honey helps to fight for infections and speed
up healing process. It has antibacterial properties in it and it acts as the hypertonic osmotic.
It takes out water from the swallowed tissues and lessens swelling. Take one tea spoon of honey before going to
bed helps to get sound sleep and soothes your pain.
Two table spoon of honey in one cup of hot water or your favorite herbal tea can do wonders
in treatment of your sore throat. Take this several times a day to get fast recovery. 5. Garlic treatment. Garlic is popular because of its anti-septic
and antibacterial properties. This property makes it useful to treat sore throat. It has
a chemical compound known as allicin in it. Allicin helps in killing bacteria that cause
the sore throat infection. Eat a raw garlic clove daily may fight for
the sore throat bacterial infection. Garlic oil is the other option. Gargling with
the garlic oil in the warm water is also very effective.
If you have an issue with the raw garlic taste and smell then you can take garlic pills. 6. Cinnamon cure. Cinnamon is a great herb which is very good
for you. It is also very good and effective in treating sore throat. Take a glass of warm water and mix in it one
tea spoon of cinnamon powder and one tea spoon of black pepper. You can also add in it one
tea spoon of cardamom powder in it if you want. Gargle with this water thrice a day
to get good results. Alternatively you can mix few drops of cinnamon
oil with one tea spoon of pure honey. Using this mix two times a day may help you to treat
inflammation and pain at the same time. 7. Lemon water treatment. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin c and good
to remove mucus. You can also use this to get relief from sore throat pain. Take one cup of warm water with one tea spoon
of honey and half lemon squeezed in it. Drinking this water gives a n instant soothing effects
and helps to remove mucus. You can also use lemon juice in warm water
to gargle. It is also very effective. Next time when you suffer from sore throat
try any one of these home remedies to get a relief from pain. In addition to these home remedies we also
have some recommendation for you to adopt if you want to get early recovery. If you have sore throat then says no to acidic
foods. Most of us suffer from sore throat due to acid reflux. The use of acidic food
may worsen the condition and lead to temperature, headache, and stomachache. So try to avoid
such foods like carbonated soda water and fried food.
Try some extra cold liquids during sore throat. It may sound weird but the fact is these extra
cold liquids may numb your throat pain and can calm inflammatory tissues. If you like this video give it a thumbs up,
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    Top Seven Easy Home Remedies To Cure Sore Throat
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