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Top 6 Itching During Pregnancy Causes and Treatments

August 18, 2019

welcome to my channel health for you Don’t forget to subscribe our youtube channel
by pressing a subscribe button below Itching During Pregnancy Causes and Treatments When you are pregnant, you tread all waters
with extreme caution. Anything even minorly deviant from your normal
body functioning can cause the alarms to start blaring in your head. We can imagine the stress you must be going
through when you start to experience severe itching. Not to forget, the irritation from that sensation. If you are on the lookout for safe and effective
home remedies for this, you have landed on the right Video. Itching is a common problem during pregnancy,
but it is definitely not untreatable. There are a number of home remedies that can
cure this condition. What Causes Itchy Skin During Pregnancy? The most common causes of itching during pregnancy
are weight gain and hormonal changes. The gain in weight can stretch your skin and
reduce its hydration, while the hormonal changes can wreak havoc internally, which reflects
on the surface on your skin. There are also other ‘not so common’ causes
for this itchiness during pregnancy. These are given below: 1. Pruritic Urticarial Papules And Plaques Of
Pregnancy This is a condition that is also commonly
known as PUPPP. It is a skin rash that is similar to hives,
and it usually appears on the belly of pregnant women. PUPPP usually develops during the third trimester
and is more common among women who are pregnant for the first time, or those who are pregnant
with twins. This condition does not pose a threat to the
mother or baby. However, it can cause a lot of discomfort. 2. Cholestasis
This is a condition in which pregnant women develop liver problems. The normal flow of bile throughout the body
is affected. With cholestasis, pregnant women experience
severe itchiness all over their body, but without any visible rashes. This condition poses a threat to the unborn
baby and needs to be treated immediately. 3. Yeast Infection
Some women experience itchiness or irritation in the vagina. This is caused by a yeast infection in the
genital area. Hormonal imbalance or a poor diet with excess
carbohydrates and sugar can cause fungal growth. Doctors prescribe pregnancy-safe antibiotics
to women who develop this infection while they are pregnant. 4. Prurigo Of Pregnancy
This is a condition that usually occurs during the late part of the second or early stage
of the third trimester of pregnancy. It starts out as spots that appear similar
to bug bites and can turn into tiny cuts that crust due to scratching. This is a rare condition that can cause itchiness
that affects the torso or limbs . Antihistamines and topical medication are usually prescribed
to treat this condition. In rare cases, oral steroids may be required
to treat it. The condition does not pose any threat to
babies or their mothers, and it usually disappears after birth. However, in some cases, it can last up to
three months after childbirth. 5. Pemphigoid Gestationis This is a very rare condition in which pregnant
women develop eruptions that are highly itchy. They begin like hives and slowly turn into
blistering lesions that are large. This condition usually occurs during the second
or third trimester. However, it can begin at any given time, including
one or two weeks after delivery. The eruptions start appearing around the belly
button area and spread to the other parts of the body, including the soles and palms. Oral steroids are the most common medication
used to treat the condition. It has risks, such as growth problems for
the fetus, premature birth, or stillborn babies, which is why it is imperative for pregnant
women to get treated immediately if the condition is diagnosed. Close monitoring of pregnancy is also a must. 6. Impetigo Herpetiformis
This is a condition that rarely occurs. It is a form of psoriasis that develops while
a woman is pregnant. Although it can start earlier, this condition
normally develops during the third trimester. It causes extensive areas in the body to redden
with small rashes filled with pus. These rashes may turn into large pus-filled
areas that turn white. The rashes appear on the groin area, thighs,
armpits, under the breasts, around the navel, etc. They can cause pain but are itchy only in
a few cases. This condition causes vomiting, fever, chills,
and diarrhea. Pregnant women and their unborn babies are
closely monitored if they develop this condition as there can be complications. Systemic corticosteroids are used to treat
it. In some cases, depending on the condition,
patients may be prescribed other medications. It disappears after delivery, but can occur
again during another pregnancy. Don’t forget to subscribe our youtube channel
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