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Top 5 Essential Oils for Allergies & DIY Vapor Rub

November 10, 2019

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here and welcome to Ancient Medicine
Today. Today, we’re going to be talking about the
top five essential oils to help you overcome chronic allergies. And if you’re an allergy-sufferer, I know
that allergies can make a person absolutely miserable and so if you want to get some natural
relief you’re going to want to try these essentials oils here today. Also hey, do me a favor, help me spread the
word that food is medicine. Take a minute right now. Punch that Share button, click that Like button. Let’s help teach people how to use this rather
than some of the conventional treatments that have severe side effects on the immune system
and the gut microbiome. And I’ve got a great DIY vapor rub recipe
for you at the end here that’s sure to help your seasonal allergies. Number one here, peppermint essential oil. You know, peppermint oil contains menthol
which has cooling properties and also has the ability, according to medical research,
to open up the bronchial airways in the sinuses. And so if you’ve ever used peppermint oil
you know it gives you that cooling sensation. You feel it in your mouth, your neck, even
into your lungs and stomach sometimes, you notice that cooling and that opening effect
of peppermint. Now, something unique here just to know, peppermint
contains menthol which has the cooling sensation and acts on your capillaries. Capsaicin, which is a compound found in hot
pepper such as cayenne pepper, actually acts on nerve receptors the very same way that
menthol does, only it gives you a warming sensation. Both of them actually have a lot of similarities. But peppermint, again, one of the best ones
for opening up your airwaves. And one of the things that a lot of times
that’s taught in Chinese medicine is it’s actually good to actually to combine a cooling
oil with a warming oil, so a cooling oil like peppermint and a warming oil like a black
pepper oil or a cinnamon or a ginger oil, mixing those together actually can sometimes
really help open up your sinuses. So you might consider making that type of
blend. But, again, peppermint has been shown to have
benefits, so many things from improving focus, supporting digestion, and also supporting
seasonal allergies here as well. All right. Number two oil is basil oil and basil oil,
one of the most common ways it’s used today is for ear infections. People use basil oil. And listen, you never want to put the essential
oil in your ear. You want to put it around the outside of the
ear canal there and that upper part of the neck. But basil oil is actually a really well-known
oil. Both basil and holy basil oil in Chinese medicine
are known to subside something called wind in the body. Now, wind in Chinese medicine is when your
body is having too much movement, especially when you have those watery sinuses. Some of that can be a combination of cold
and wind that has got in your system. What you want to do in Chinese medicine is
you want to calm the wind, you want to warm your body as well often times, and boost your
immune system. And basil can actually calm that wind. It can be effective on the drippiness. So if you have allergies and part of your
symptoms is not just congestion, but if your nose is, my dad used to say, “It’s dripping
like a sieve there,” it’s just really dripping, if that’s happening, basil oil is one of the
best oils you can use. You can actually rub it on the outside of
your nose and right on the bottom of your nose and your sinuses. So basil oil is really good for that allergy
symptom of those drippy sinuses. And let me ask you a question. Are you a person right now watching this video
and you struggle with seasonal allergies and sinus issues? I’d love to hear from you and also would love
to hear some of the natural remedies that you use for fighting allergies naturally. Also, hey, I wanted to mention this about
essential oils. If you guys have not checked out the new book
that myself, Jordan Rubin, and Ty Bollinger have written, make sure you go on
and check it out, or It’s “Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine.” We cover over 100 health conditions and over
60 essential oils and their benefits. So again, I just wanted to mention that you
might want to check that out there. Number three, eucalyptus oil. Now, eucalyptus oil is the king of opening
up the respiratory airways. It also has some really powerful anti-microbial
benefits at potentially fighting off different types of bacteria or viruses that may invade
the lungs and the sinuses. And this is one of the key ingredients I’ll
share with you as part of a natural vapor rub here at the end. But eucalyptus oil has a lot of pretty powerful
compounds, one of those being cineole which actually gives it many of its benefits. Well, actually I want to jump back and say
this about basil too. A lot of times with basil oil I’ve seen people
recommend something called an allergy bomb which is a mixture of frankincense, lemon,
and lavender. I actually think basil is actually more beneficial
than lavender in certain circumstances, but I do want to say actually basil uniquely,
very similar to lavender, has linalool. One of the main compounds in lavender is also
found in basil which is why sometimes lavender can also be beneficial for your allergies. But, again, when using basil, rub it there
on the bottom of your nose, eucalyptus, good to rub on the lymph nodes, the front of your
neck and your chest area, really helps open up those airways. And number four is lemon oil. Now, lemon oil acts as an expectorant which
means it actually helps your body get rid of excess phlegm. You know, one of the ways that lemon oil has
been used for quite some time is for supporting lymphatic drainage and one of the things you’ll
notice if you have allergies or a cold is these lymph nodes in this upper part of the
neck that run down as well, you tend to get those swollen lymph nodes. Lemon oil may in fact, help you drain those
lymph nodes and also it helps thin out mucus. So if you tend to be very mucus-y as well
and it’s starting to get thick in your nose and even up in your chest, lemon oil is a
great thing to do. What I love with lemon oil is I’ll tend to
do just a few drops in like a hotter warm herbal tea, like a ginger tea with lemon oil
is perfect for allergies. You can also add a couple of drops to Manuka
honey and just sort of suck on that. But, again, lemon oil and ginger tea, a great
natural way to help get some relief for those allergy symptoms. And I want to mention this as well with the
eucalyptus oil and basil oil. These are great to rub on your chest and also
take a hot shower, letting it sort of hit your neck and your sinuses there. It can also help get some relief. And number five is tea tree oil. Now, tea tree oil is very high in different
types of terpineol and terpenes and these oils tend to be gentle on the body, yet have
really strong anti-microbial properties. So if you know you’ve been exposed to some
sort of bug and that’s what causing your symptoms as well or contributing, tea tree oil is effective. But the other big thing that a benefit about
terpenes and tea tree oil is they tend to have anti-fungal and anti-mold properties. You know, a lot of times during certain times
of the year when people have allergies, oftentimes there’s also mold in the air and if that’s
the case, tea tree oil can be really effective to diffuse around your house. Now, I never recommend tea tree oil internally. You can definitely use it topically, but my
favorite way to use this oil, again, is to diffuse it in the air throughout your home
during allergy seasons, helps cleanse the air. You can also use it for naturally cleaning
your house down on stainless steel appliances, even on wood countertops, it’s a great thing
to use. But tea tree oil, again, a great thing to
diffuse in the air during allergy season. And here is a recipe for a homemade vapor
rub. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
on allergies, take a minute right now, punch that Share button and click that Like button
for me. You know how many people there are suffering
with allergies? In fact, in national right now it’s usually
not the time of year where people suffer with this, but there are a lot of people here that
are suffering with allergies who typically never have allergies. So hey, help me spread the word. This year more than ever people need to know
the secret remedies for fighting allergies naturally and here’s a great natural vapor
rub as well. Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to combine a cup of olive oil,
coconut oil, beeswax, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil. You’re going to pour these ingredients in
a glass jar. And what you’ll need to do with the coconut
and beeswax is you’ll need to warm those over a low heat in a saucepan and the mix them
all together. So again, essentially pretty easy. You’re going to melt the beeswax and coconut
oil together. You’ll pour it in a jar then pour in the olive
oil, peppermint, eucalyptus, put it in the fridge, let it sit for about two hours and
then bam, it’s ready to use there as well and store on a regular basis. But this vapor rub, again, great to rub right
on the chest, great to do before you get in the shower as well, really help open up those
airways and sinuses here. And remember, these are the top five essential
oils. And other essential oils definitely can have
some benefits as well. You know, ginger oil is definitely at the
top of my list of essential oils that can help with allergies. Thyme essential oil is also very powerful
and then sometimes lavender and frankincense as well. And hey, if there’s an essential oil you love
for allergies let me know that right now on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. And hey, do not forget, check out my brand
new book here. It’s “Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine.” You can check it out on,
as well. We’ve got over 50 essential oils we cover,
over 100 different recipes including DIY, and a lot of natural remedies. For instance, if you want to know, hey, what
are the best essential oils for the thyroid? We have it in here. The best essential oils for hormones, the
best for digestion, the best for immunity, we cover all of that in this book. Check it out there, “Essential Oils: Ancient
Medicine.” Guys, also do not forget to subscribe here
to our Facebook and YouTube channels and our Instagram account as well. I’ll see you next time.


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    Well, it's been nearly 5 years now, and each May comes and goes without much more then the occasional itchy nose, maybe some sneezing if I'm outside in the wind for a long time, and maybe a runny nose under those conditions as well. I feel like I've gotten a month of my life back each year.

    I've read that others have had the same result when they stopped consuming ALL dairy products. The other benefit of being dairy free is in how the skin become soft and nice again, even elbows, knees, feet, and hands.

    For those that like Milk, yogurt, and ice cream, Flax Milk made by a company called "Good Karma" tastes just like regular milk, and the coconut yogurts and "ice creams" taste exactly the same as dairy yogurt/ice cream. If you like cooking with butter, switch to coconut oil, and enjoy those many benefits, as well as what it does to your skin. If you still eat bread, and like toast, (pancakes/waffles/english muffins, etc) "butter" it with coconut oil, and give it a little sprinkle of Himalayan salt, or sea salt, and it tastes very much like toast with butter. A little sprinkle of cinnamon and you'll never know. So you don't have to go without any of the foods you enjoy, and the potential health improvements are huge.

    If you're concerned about calcium for you, or your children, you might do a little research on how much calcium the body actually needs, as compared to what the US Gov/FDA who are funding dairy production say…… and what plant sources are excellent providers. Flax Milk for example, actually has more calcium than cow milk.

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