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September 10, 2019

Lucy and Haiku each have three votes. As sitting president,
it is my duty to choose the– Is this the mortician’s club? [gasping] Lincoln? What in Hades’ handbag are you doing here? Oh well, I was hoping to join you guys. I’ve really taken an interest
in death lately. Ah, a dead snake! That was an excited scream. Really Lucy? Your normy brother? Why, I’m as surprised as you are. Very well. As a new member, I suppose
he may vote in our current– I vote for my sister, thanks. Wow, I guess that means I won. Yeah, officially Miguel’s worst idea. Yeah, these bacon cheeseburger
smoothies are… chewy. I’m sorry, I panicked. I didn’t want to make us late for Ms. C. She’s such a drillster. Drill sergeant. Just made it up. That’s brill! You’re learning. Hi, Leni. Oh, sorry about the smell.
I just dropped off Lynn’s softball team. Pew. How was work? Great, Ms. Carmichael
made me the temporary manager. Wow. You don’t sound happy about it. No, I am. It’s just Miguel and Fiona think
Ms. C is a zero fun drillster. I don’t want them to feel
that way about me. I wanna do a good job
and be a good friend. Is that even possible? Of course it is. Look, as long as
you’re getting the work done, you can be as fun a boss as you want. Wow Laurie, you know
absolutely everything. [laughing] I literally do. Wait, what’s a drillster? Good morning, Royal Woods Elementary! Clyde McBride here with my side kick,
your school mascot, give it up for Ricky the rooster! Ricky, how about giving the students
a good morning cock-a-doodle-do? Ow. Ricky wait, remember your– [muffled screams] Listen Dante, if I win the presidency, I’m planning a field trip to Casket Con. Really? Tickets are so hard to get. You got my vote. [screaming] Still got my vote. So, I can guarantee we’ll serve
funeral potatoes at every meeting. My dad’s recipe is to die for. OK, I’ll vote for you. Wash first. Matching capes would be nice,
but I’m still voting for Haiku. – Sorry.
– But why? She wrote a very beautiful
haiku about my pet crow, Thorn. But writing a poem doesn’t
make you a good president. There’s a lot more that goes into it. [squawking] Thorn is very fond of the haiku. If I’m elected president, I’m gonna move some club money around
and buy you a new keyboard. That would be amazing, Lucy. But if you’re looking for my vote,
it’s too late. Haiku promised she’d take
the club for a ride in her hearse. It’s just her parent’s
station wagon painted black. Well, what can I tell you? So, exciting news. I’ve been selected to represent
our district at this weekend’s sock folding conference. While I’m away, one of you
will cover as temporary manager. Congratulations. Wow! You want me to read the name
of the new manager off your clipboard? Oh, it’s me? [squealing] This is like a dream come true! We did it, Fangs. Ms. Loud, is this come kind of joke? Gasp, my ice sculpture. Ricky gave us a lifetime of service. And you honor him by making
him look like a giant thumb. It looked just like him this morning. I didn’t know it would get this hot today. You didn’t check the weather? What the heck, Lucy? What? Is something wrong
with the refreshments? Chicken nuggets? Gasp. Lincoln, what happened? I told you explicitly to get popcorn,
Ricky’s favorite. The microwave in the teacher’s lounge
was on the fritz, so I got these instead. And it didn’t occur to you
that serving chicken at a rooster’s funeral
might be inappropriate? OK, now I see it. My last gift to Ricky will be
to send him to the heavens in this. [gasping] Finally he will get to experience
the joy of flight. – A trebuchet?
– What? Time to go home, sweet prince. Fare thee well. [screaming] Hey, he was supposed to go
to the big bird in the sky, but you put him on
the 10 AM to Cincinnati! Hey, what is all this? Jam and scallion scones with
lemon herb sev? My fave breakfast. Iced chai latte with organic coconut milk? Did we die and go to retail heaven? Good morning fashion makers! Leni, did you do all of this? Just something to help my fave
friend-ployees to get through the day. Store… Funager. What’s a funager? This gal right here. Like a manager, but fun. I’m gonna make sure work is totes amazing. – Well, you’re off to a great start.
– I’ll say. [laughing] – What?
– Nothing. I called in a favor for the grand finale. ♪ Ricky, Ricky the Rooster ♪ ♪ He was such a morale booster ♪ ♪ Now he’s gone and we’re feeling blue ♪ ♪ But we’ll never forget
His cock-a-doodle-do ♪ ♪ Time to let this old bird fly ♪ ♪ Come on, everybody
Let’s tell him goodbye ♪ [sobbing] It’s so tasteful. Welcome to the mannequins fashion show. Featuring celeb stylist, Miguel! And here’s Tonya all glammed up
for some Royal Woods night life. She really dazzles in
a fandangle pink romper and kinky vinyl boots. Runway selfie! Get in here, Tonya. We still think you’re
the best boss in the universe. And I so think so too! You guys are the best. So, food? I know just where to go. Ah, now our dumpling dreams
really are coming true because we’re all here together. Are you ready to order? I was wondering if we could
split the dumpling combo? Absolutely, shouldn’t be a prob…lem. Oh, Tonya. [laughing]

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